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Yep us old people (I am 72) have no cares for the future and are no use to the young. We should get wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #1
Yes, those young people who live in the world we leave behind mokawanis Dec 2018 #5
We're 70, and we don't have children, but we do have nephews and nieces that we worry about. George II Dec 2018 #53
LOL, she didn't say any of that. Mariana Dec 2018 #29
Then why did she toss in age difference? GemDigger Dec 2018 #32
Why shouldn't she? It's a fact. Mariana Dec 2018 #36
She's implying (very close to saying outright) that the older members of Congress..... George II Dec 2018 #55
"implying" is the problem when used this way. LiberalLovinLug Dec 2018 #79
She's "implying" (btw, I know the definition) that most Democrats in the House... George II Dec 2018 #90
George II .... you're right on. Her "inference" is that old folks don't care. trueblue2007 Dec 2018 #132
Exactly. Al Gore is older and he cares. She could learn R B Garr Dec 2018 #140
I suppose you could interpret it any way you like. LiberalLovinLug Dec 2018 #312
You just described what many here are upset with, people jumping on fellow Democrats (plural).... George II Dec 2018 #327
Right. Seventy-five-year-old Virginia Foxx (R-NC)... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #138
There are 435 members of Congress, and you zero in on one extreme. George II Dec 2018 #143
Ha ha, George. I could present a state-by-state list... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #147
What "double standard"? Earlier today I posted the complete list of all 62.... George II Dec 2018 #167
Excellent post, George. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #301
A non stop attack of mainstream Democrats is coming AGAIN, we could understand Eliot Rosewater Dec 2018 #344
That one sentence is not necessary to make her point. Delete the sentence and I would agree. GemDigger Dec 2018 #59
Oh bullshit jberryhill Dec 2018 #78
That's quite a stretch. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #366
These comments are picking at something the tweet didn't say. FromMissouri Dec 2018 #273
Agreed!! A genuine progressive speaking her mind... oh, the horror!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #282
If there is shit to be stirred Voltaire2 Dec 2018 #300
Prove your ridiculous accusation that the Discussionist Cha Dec 2018 #324
Still waiting for your Proof that you assert Cha Dec 2018 #337
This message was self-deleted by its author Eliot Rosewater Dec 2018 #345
proof? FromMissouri Jan 2019 #424
So you can't.. just as I figured. Cha Jan 2019 #425
AOC is a threat to the power structure obviously... but, she will NOT be silenced!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #281
'But to delay large action on climate doesn't include the wisdom of elders nor the urgency of youth' SMC22307 Dec 2018 #215
I am not arguing her point. This old person agrees with her vision. GemDigger Dec 2018 #250
Also what's with the LOL? You have a minority opinion here LOL. wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #86
LOL (n/t) SMC22307 Dec 2018 #136
Same old story, same old song and dance... AOC is right, as usual. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #278
We agree on this point. guillaumeb Jan 2019 #429
Let's face it, the issue she is passionate about have NOT been addressed. pdsimdars Dec 2018 #52
We have addressed them here in CA and have been doing it for years now. Let's face it the rest of wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #81
BINGO! KPN Dec 2018 #96
That's why anyone taking offense at AOC is deflecting from the issue pdsimdars Dec 2018 #141
Hillary Clinton addressed it, not in a tweet...but her platform. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #144
Hillary Clinton is not congress Tiggeroshii Dec 2018 #154
Oh. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #164
No. It just has nothing to do with what the person you responded to is saying. Tiggeroshii Dec 2018 #180
Yet she never specified which party she was talking about. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #187
It is a valuable point. Tiggeroshii Dec 2018 #206
The average age of a US voter is right under 50 FreeState Dec 2018 #251
It looks like 65 is the average age of congress Tiggeroshii Dec 2018 #275
I don't think Congress being older than the voters is wrong treestar Dec 2018 #354
"It is supposed to be people with experience." melman Dec 2018 #356
According to the Constitution. KitSileya Dec 2018 #392
AOC is a doer, not just a talker... why she scares so many. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #279
where do you get that? She's not even sworn in yet treestar Dec 2018 #296
Gee, okay... so I guess, in your book, if you're a woman of color, running a masterful campaign... InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #298
your response is ridiculous treestar Dec 2018 #313
LOL... talk about ridiculous!! Your comment completely ignores the fact that InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #314
There was no chance she would replace Pelosi treestar Dec 2018 #355
Not "she," HE. There was a good chance CROWLEY woulda replaced Pelosi once she was ready 2 step down InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #363
She is talking about important issues that need to be addressed womanofthehills Dec 2018 #371
I agree with you. I'M 68. Why should I get out of the way for HER??? She sounds selfish. trueblue2007 Dec 2018 #131
That is not what she said Trumpocalypse Dec 2018 #133
Seriously!! Putting words in people's mouths has become a whole new art form when it comes to AOC. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #287
There does seem to be many Trumpocalypse Dec 2018 #303
It's laughable!! An unapologetic progressive knockin off an established party leader... InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #305
+ 1000 LiberalLovinLug Dec 2018 #342
Don't you know that NOBODY cares more than AOC? NastyRiffraff Dec 2018 #137
Well you have to admit that her generation invented PCIntern Dec 2018 #163
Right! she's perfect so nobody Cha Dec 2018 #203
hmmm LiberalLovinLug Dec 2018 #311
You need to look in the mirror before Cha Dec 2018 #316
No melman Dec 2018 #321
Yes.. alas.. I'm afraid she's not perfect.. Cha Dec 2018 #322
Nobody said she was melman Dec 2018 #323
Yes far from it. Cha Dec 2018 #326
Again melman Dec 2018 #328
Not sure why you think only young people are invested in the future. Cha Dec 2018 #331
Nobody said that melman Dec 2018 #333
If she doesn't want people to disagree Cha Dec 2018 #334
Who's Mike Heron? melman Dec 2018 #336
Wow. What political activism. Autumn Dec 2018 #396
What a weird thing for her to tweet. Surely it's possible to show how "passionate" she Autumn Dec 2018 #414
According to Leah melman Dec 2018 #415
Walking it back sounds like she's a member. Autumn Dec 2018 #416
You're right, LLL FromMissouri Dec 2018 #318
Who's saying AOC is perfect?! As she's certainly no Bernie!! haha!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #364
I've noticed customerserviceguy Dec 2018 #267
The old Monty Python would have ripped a skit on this. Blue_true Dec 2018 #219
Just put us all on an ice floe and set us loose... The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #426
This is an old post. Why is it being re-posted. We beat up on her enough when first posted. brush Jan 2019 #428
Yes.. she & colleagues are the future, but they don't know what they don't know hlthe2b Dec 2018 #2
My kids are pissed that the Baby Boomers were able to flourish and are extracting everything out. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #149
Your kids are going to watch one hell of a lot of Baby Boomers die miserably with little to no hlthe2b Dec 2018 #161
See my post below. #189 TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #201
Not scapegoating because your "oldest is establishing herself in the job market and has hlthe2b Dec 2018 #207
Whatever dude. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #211
I replied to what YOU wrote and frankly, I found it sickening. hlthe2b Dec 2018 #216
Conventiently ignoring: They know that many are disadvantaged, as they volunteer--as I teach them th TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #221
I repeat what you wrote--that your daughter makes "Serious money" so she couldn't be scapegoating! hlthe2b Dec 2018 #222
She has the "potential" to make serious money, but she works with constituents to help them. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #224
Just repeated verbatum what YOU wrote and repeated several times. hlthe2b Dec 2018 #227
Yet, highlighted one small facet of what I wrote, ignoring the rest. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #234
Much of what they're "extracting" they produced. Igel Dec 2018 #173
I have no problem with inheritance. I told my uncle, before he died to spend it all. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #189
Mine too FromMissouri Dec 2018 #274
They SHOULD be pissed... pissed as all fuckin' get out!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #365
Hey,we have had Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #3
There are 62 new members in the House and Senate.... George II Dec 2018 #204
As Mr.Wellstone once said Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #209
I'm fascinated by the hostility directed toward a young Democratic POC woman speaking out. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #245
You're reading a lot into this discussion and talking quite a bit about what simply doesn't exist. George II Dec 2018 #255
It's because she beat Joe Crowley. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #256
Ah, so you ARE reading something into this that doesn't exist. George II Dec 2018 #260
Yeah, no, that's not it. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #263
Certainly not in this discussion, you're the first to mention Crowley or challenge of an incumbent. George II Dec 2018 #265
Crowley has been mentioned in other threads about AOC womanofthehills Dec 2018 #380
No it's not, it's not "taken for granted" here. But whatever.......................... George II Dec 2018 #382
There was a bigger picture in the election. We needed every Dem seat... brush Dec 2018 #407
i wish my rep would speak out more - I feel like i know AOC better than my own rep womanofthehills Dec 2018 #370
ALL of the Democratic representatives of my state (5 of 5) and both Senators are quite outspoken... George II Dec 2018 #376
Like it or not she's right (and I've got quite a few decades on her). Vinca Dec 2018 #4
Me too FromMissouri Dec 2018 #319
I think so too Raine Dec 2018 #335
Ah, the ignorance of youth... Squinch Dec 2018 #6
My response to you is itself an eyeroll. TSheehan Dec 2018 #12
What did she say that isn't true? Mariana Dec 2018 #13
My guess is if you are AOC fan you won't understand. wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #88
I'm not an AOC fan, and I'm not a young person. Mariana Dec 2018 #95
You can be you and not understand. wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #101
She needs a mentor. Her word choices are not wise. Bringing age into it... brush Dec 2018 #110
Funny you say that - her mentor up until now is 77 years old. George II Dec 2018 #200
I meant a Democrat as a mentor. brush Dec 2018 #228
. George II Dec 2018 #233
I wonder what the reaction would be here if EffieBlack Dec 2018 #208
Whoa! If you think these AOC threads are causing a ripple here... brush Dec 2018 #238
Similarly, FromMissouri Dec 2018 #320
How does that football team comment relate to the post? brush Dec 2018 #390
just a response to 208. Kind of adhd. Forget where I am from time to time. FromMissouri Jan 2019 #423
Yeah, more man-splainin' is all AOC needs... if only she got those pointers. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #383
Let a woman rep mentor her then. She needs allies to help her learn the ropes. brush Dec 2018 #389
Actually it's AOC, a WOC wise beyond her years, who probly shud be the 1 doin the "woman-splainin" InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #393
Call now and with your order receive a set of steak knives ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!11111111 betsuni Dec 2018 #394
OK, she doesn't need any help and knows all the ins-and-out of Congress already. brush Dec 2018 #406
It's certainly not rocket science... I think AOC wil be just fine and have more influence on current InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #410
Ageist much? TSheehan Dec 2018 #160
Nothing... but an inconvenient truth!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #293
Yes, truth is ignorance Autumn Dec 2018 #68
Ummm. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #199
Exactly. NastyRiffraff Dec 2018 #247
Yep. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #257
I wish they were not so quiet and more would speak up esp. my rep womanofthehills Dec 2018 #377
Not only is the alt-right petrified of AOC, seems that many establishment types are too Tarc Dec 2018 #360
Snicker. Establishment types, huh? Now lets see you use "corporatist" in a sentence. Squinch Dec 2018 #369
Sure thing Tarc Dec 2018 #411
Ah, so its a generic term used by some to describe those who don't swoon for specific Squinch Dec 2018 #412
+1 jberryhill Dec 2018 #413
Bingo! EffieBlack Dec 2018 #421
what does the first sentance have to do with the last 2? Takket Dec 2018 #7
She is right, especially given how Repubs and GreenPartyVoter Dec 2018 #8
Simple point... funny how some refuse to acknowledge it. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #385
GET OFF MY LAWN!!! progressoid Dec 2018 #9
Reccing because she's right. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #10
What she said is true. Mariana Dec 2018 #17
Yep. And look at the many OPs/posts about... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #24
That's specifically about old white men. Old white women are OK apparently. jalan48 Dec 2018 #35
Biden's an old white man. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #38
Yes he is. I was thinking more about our Congressional leaders. jalan48 Dec 2018 #39
Folks sure are defensive over this. Deep-down they know AOC is right... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #121
Certain old white women but not all of them. Autumn Dec 2018 #94
Yes, funny how those absolutes don't apply to everybody. jalan48 Dec 2018 #105
This crazycatlady Dec 2018 #122
Exactly. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are DU heroes... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #135
AOC is right alright... as usual. It's what born leaders do... lead! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #280
"Well-behaved women seldom make history." SMC22307 Dec 2018 #291
Especially true for women of color... love that AOC will not let herself be silenced!! She rocks!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #292
Ayana Pressley is a WOC, Sharice Davids is a WOC, Jahana Hayes is a WOC, Deb Haaland is a WOC... George II Dec 2018 #330
Most of us would sacrifice everything for our children and grandchildren. badhair77 Dec 2018 #11
Most older voters cast their ballots for Trump in 2016. Mariana Dec 2018 #42
a lot of them are dumb enough to believe there is no treestar Dec 2018 #74
There are a lot of other problems in addition to climate change. Mariana Dec 2018 #82
And most young people don't even show up to vote jberryhill Dec 2018 #80
That has ever been so. Mariana Dec 2018 #92
Plenty of older people don't vote for Trump, and there is ZERO excuse for not voting then BITCHING. LBM20 Dec 2018 #157
The way this poll is written skews a balanced result, IMHO. Sunriser13 Dec 2018 #272
Is she saying older Congress people murielm99 Dec 2018 #14
I bet they all... tonedevil Dec 2018 #19
Do you know the answer to the questions I posed, murielm99 Dec 2018 #23
Post removed Post removed Dec 2018 #25
Not good to personally insult another member Cha Dec 2018 #84
I said in an earlier post she needs a mentor to help her on diplomacy. brush Dec 2018 #117
Apparently everybody over 30 has not given one shit. nt UniteFightBack Dec 2018 #20
She said the oldest Congress people Mariana Dec 2018 #26
It's funny how DU hails 15-year-old Greta Thunberg... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #43
At this time this is all performance art. Autumn Dec 2018 #69
Yeah, with a side-show of Bernie v. Beto. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #97
Stop being rational, it's not allowed on AOC OP's. dae Dec 2018 #118
Seriously. DU cheers David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #130
LOL!! SO true!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #283
She's saying, indirectly, that older members of Congress aren't concerned.... George II Dec 2018 #57
No, she's not. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2018 #60
Yes she is, read it again. Nice try though. George II Dec 2018 #61
Nope. She states two facts. None of which have the meaning you seem to want. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2018 #63
She didn't say anything about Congress members' race or gender. Why throw those in? George II Dec 2018 #102
Some people don't read English too good. Mariana Dec 2018 #62
One wouldn't think it would be too hard, Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2018 #64
It's pretty hard, what they're doing. Mariana Dec 2018 #70
She is saying no such thing - AND older members of Congress haven't done enough womanofthehills Dec 2018 #373
I respectfully suggest you reread what she said. George II Dec 2018 #375
She's just pointing out the truth. Truth can be uncomfortable. Autumn Dec 2018 #72
Inconvenient, even. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #146
I don't see anything uncomfortable about murielm99 Dec 2018 #310
She is asking questions about why Congress has not adequately addressed these issues womanofthehills Dec 2018 #374
Democrats have certainly addressed those issues. murielm99 Dec 2018 #408
I suppose they have not, but that is not because of their treestar Dec 2018 #76
You got to admit FromMissouri Dec 2018 #329
What issues? murielm99 Dec 2018 #341
I'm 69. She's right. Her focus is exactly where it should be Tom Rinaldo Dec 2018 #15
The best response to this tweet: EffieBlack Dec 2018 #16
Excellent response from Maria Hernandez to AOC's tweet about Cha Dec 2018 #75
Thank you. Dividing us into different demographic groups is not a winning strategy redstateblues Dec 2018 #99
Well said, redstateblues.. here's another response Cha Dec 2018 #109
Boom! mcar Dec 2018 #148
It was a weird Cha Dec 2018 #151
She has a lot to learn mcar Dec 2018 #159
Yeah, Al Gore has her Cha Dec 2018 #165
Cool, at least mcar Dec 2018 #220
Yeah, it's been coolish here, too.. Cha Dec 2018 #236
We went to Disney yesterday mcar Dec 2018 #242
Awww.. that is so Cha Dec 2018 #244
AOC was in elementary school last time Gore held public office crazycatlady Dec 2018 #266
Yes, it was weird, Cha. The embellishments are interesting. R B Garr Dec 2018 #232
I understand where she's coming EffieBlack Dec 2018 #128
When I was her age, I was into writing (essays and poems) and I remember writing about.... George II Dec 2018 #142
Brava! George II Dec 2018 #93
She is going to see that it is easier said than done. nt UniteFightBack Dec 2018 #18
I agree with her. And i'm old. pwb Dec 2018 #21
Embrace the Diversity, AOC. MineralMan Dec 2018 #22
She didn't say anything against the older members. Mariana Dec 2018 #27
They know that melman Dec 2018 #41
Of course... where have we seen this before?! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #288
It's pathetic and dreary. Voltaire2 Dec 2018 #307
Yup, we can't have a repeat of 2016...this country won't survive anotha 4 years of this shit-show. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #309
She must have been sort of implying something treestar Dec 2018 #46
Yes, because the young will be left behind with the ramifications... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #58
That's always so treestar Dec 2018 #87
Fifteen or twenty-nine, truth is truth... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #107
You could find climate change deniers among the young too treestar Dec 2018 #270
Environmentalist Al Gore has been sounding the alarm since when? The late '70s? SMC22307 Dec 2018 #271
Since when do facts matter?!?! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #285
None of that negates the fact that... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #44
Paul Ryan is a young speaker JI7 Dec 2018 #28
"That's why I focus on our future"... MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #30
how about ones like Paul Ryan ? that sure did the country good JI7 Dec 2018 #33
Yeah, I have a few choice opinions about him. MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #34
Paul Ryan. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #174
I disagree, I think Barbara Lee was just fine and hakeem Jeffries could have waited JI7 Dec 2018 #31
Oh FFS leftofcool Dec 2018 #37
She should just sit down and shut up? Voltaire2 Dec 2018 #308
She is including her fellow Democrats in this screed? The kindest thing I can say about her attitude Hekate Dec 2018 #40
Did she mention her fellow Democrats or any Democrat for that matter? Did she lie? Autumn Dec 2018 #106
That's the problem. She needs to start using the word Republican in her disses... brush Dec 2018 #126
No she doesn't, she's doing fine. People should stop putting words in her mouth. Autumn Dec 2018 #129
Are you forgeting all the incumbent Dems she went after during the primaries? brush Dec 2018 #145
What incumbent Democrats other than Lacy Clay in MO, did she go against in the 2018 primaries? Celerity Dec 2018 #350
Nope, nor did she mention Republicans. She just used a very broad brush that included them all. Hekate Dec 2018 #156
She didn't mention the party of any of her "oldest" House members: George II Dec 2018 #198
Oh hell yes. Hekate! sheshe2 Dec 2018 #269
........ Tommy_Carcetti Dec 2018 #45
Many of us have been Progressives longer than she's been alive lunatica Dec 2018 #47
Does she think Matt Gaetz (b. 1982) ) represents young people better than Bernie Sanders? n/t pnwmom Dec 2018 #48
Good question mcar Dec 2018 #150
I lulz'd KG Dec 2018 #49
She's SOOOooooo good. pdsimdars Dec 2018 #50
She is. Collective knickers in a twist over one freakin' tweet. LOL SMC22307 Dec 2018 #196
So true!! AOC is unafraid... why her win was so impressive. She's beyond good...more like supa dupa! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #284
Doesn't she realize that most of those "old House members" have children, grandchildren... George II Dec 2018 #51
A lot of those old house members are Republicans. Mariana Dec 2018 #65
So you're tossing out dozens of Democrats? In the current Congress (not as of next month) George II Dec 2018 #77
Why don't you answer what I actually wrote? Mariana Dec 2018 #111
First of all, what I responded to didn't ask a question, and second you didn't answer my question. George II Dec 2018 #114
It seems AOC has something to say about EVERYTHING. But does she ever shut up listen to anyone else? WillowTree Dec 2018 #54
Good Question! Cha Dec 2018 #317
Those old not progressive folks helped PAVE THE WAY for the PRIVILEGE for her to serve. nt UniteFightBack Dec 2018 #56
I don't get the connection she is making. WeekiWater Dec 2018 #66
Get a grip everyone. BarbD Dec 2018 #67
We can discuss what we want on this Cha Dec 2018 #98
A little prickly are you? BarbD Dec 2018 #100
Sorry, telling us to "get a grip" is "prickly". Cha Dec 2018 #112
Point well taken. BarbD Dec 2018 #290
No worries. Cha Dec 2018 #315
Get a grip. (n/t) SMC22307 Dec 2018 #108
Seriously!! The mere mention of AOC throws some peeps into a tizzy. I think she's awesome!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #306
Within five years... TJKatd Dec 2018 #71
It's the DEMOCRATIC Party EffieBlack Dec 2018 #182
Thanks, Effie.... TJKatd Dec 2018 #214
Well then I will vote but let those redstatebluegirl Dec 2018 #73
This is truly sad. warmfeet Dec 2018 #83
Sad is right!! Instead of applauding the valid point AOC is making... InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #289
Post removed Post removed Dec 2018 #85
I wish she would stop Stargazer09 Dec 2018 #89
She didn't denigrate anyone. nt. Mariana Dec 2018 #104
She's getting a lot of pushback on that.. Cha Dec 2018 #113
Who's Henry? melman Dec 2018 #116
For that matter who are you to be worried about Cha Dec 2018 #120
Okay melman Dec 2018 #124
Henry is wise. Cha Dec 2018 #127
A nobody who thinks AOC is being mean to Nancy Pelosi!!! Autumn Dec 2018 #139
And whose single tweet represents a lot of pushback melman Dec 2018 #152
Hell No. That was only one tweet Cha Dec 2018 #172
Tear down? melman Dec 2018 #175
Oh good.. then you agree that Henry has Cha Dec 2018 #176
I never said he didn't melman Dec 2018 #178
Then don't try to disparage Henry as a "nobody".. Cha Dec 2018 #186
As a Latina I'm worried about Maria Hernandez, PhD. She seems to have a reading Autumn Dec 2018 #179
Maria Hernandez understands exactly what Cha Dec 2018 #191
Correct. I understand exactly what I'm seeing. The truth is sometimes insulting. Autumn Dec 2018 #212
Maria Hernandez makes an excellent point.. and Cha Dec 2018 #235
In your opinion. Mine greatly differs. nt Autumn Dec 2018 #239
THIS. BlueWI Dec 2018 #340
It's fascinating how they all went straight to Pelosi rather than Louis Gohmert, SMC22307 Dec 2018 #155
What silliness. Nancy isn't 60 years older than AOC. But the dip shit Henry pulls Nancy's Autumn Dec 2018 #181
There's a lot of smearing of Democrat AOC on Democratic Underground. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #188
People see the progressive movement making steady gains... change scares people, understandably. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #295
Of course they know AOC is right... she's wise beyond her years. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #286
Your pathetic attempt to kill the messenger Cha Dec 2018 #169
Kill Twitting Henry's message? Sorry, his message is bullshit that he pulled Nancy's name Autumn Dec 2018 #192
You disparage Henry as a "nobody".. what Cha Dec 2018 #197
A person with a valid opinion? Autumn Dec 2018 #261
Who are YOU? EffieBlack Dec 2018 #184
I'm Autumn, as in my DU profile. What's YOUR point? Autumn Dec 2018 #195
My point is that you're smearing someone as a "nobody".based on their number of Twitter followers EffieBlack Dec 2018 #202
Smearing? I'm giving my opinion on someone who is tweeting a bullshit smear about a Democratic Autumn Dec 2018 #217
You seem to have forgotten we can read what you wrote EffieBlack Dec 2018 #223
Is Henry a kind of big-time, highly influential somebody who thinks AOC is being mean to Nancy? Autumn Dec 2018 #226
Maybe he's a Russian bot smearing a Democratic Congresswoman instead of a nobody. Autumn Dec 2018 #231
Or maybe he just doesn't agree with you ... EffieBlack Dec 2018 #237
Henry from Twitter is free to disagree with me all he wants. I don't give a damn and won't Autumn Dec 2018 #240
No - instead you waste time whining that he's a "nobody" because he disagrees with you EffieBlack Dec 2018 #243
Stating that he's a nobody is not whining. Just like stating that he could be a Russian Bot Autumn Dec 2018 #249
Yes, more likely a Russian bot... people are SO gullible. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #297
The number of Twitter followers determines whether they are a "somebody" or "nobody"? EffieBlack Dec 2018 #183
Okay melman Dec 2018 #218
I have no idea who he is EffieBlack Dec 2018 #225
Okay melman Dec 2018 #229
The whole "Henry" exchange reads like bad performance art Mr. Quackers Dec 2018 #346
We never found out who Henry was melman Dec 2018 #348
Imagine that! Mr. Quackers Dec 2018 #349
Henry, the mysterious.......... womanofthehills Dec 2018 #384
It does on Twitter jberryhill Dec 2018 #352
He's from the pushback department, twitter division. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2018 #276
STOP PICKING ON RANDOM HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Quackers Dec 2018 #347
LOL!! Seriously!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #294
Henry is known for his lot of pushback jberryhill Dec 2018 #351
Fascinating. She did no such thing, but folks are sure defensive. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #115
Not expressly, in this particular tweet Stargazer09 Dec 2018 #123
I do. 75-year-old Virginia Foxx of NC is no friend of the environment... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #125
Please enlighten us on who she degraded womanofthehills Dec 2018 #379
Every Democrat that I know, and I know quite a few, care about the future Sloumeau Dec 2018 #91
She's getting a lot of pushback on her "60 year age gap" tweet.. Cha Dec 2018 #103
Everyone in congress should be 28 years old, apparently...nt SidDithers Dec 2018 #119
maybe congresscritters' ages should match the demographics of the country crazycatlady Dec 2018 #158
Where are they running? I'd vote for them if they were on my ballot. wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #170
Thanks to groups like Run For Something, the following millennials were elected to Congress crazycatlady Dec 2018 #190
Do you feel the same about African-American Member? EffieBlack Dec 2018 #193
Not necessarily quotas crazycatlady Dec 2018 #210
So, you're not part of the "no identity politics" crowd? EffieBlack Dec 2018 #213
And at 30 years old they must undergo the rite of carrousel. nt TexasTowelie Dec 2018 #246
Lord. NurseJackie Dec 2018 #134
Fine, but also LEARN from those older people and for Christ sake focus in YOUR district too. LBM20 Dec 2018 #153
What's to learn from people who aren't doing enough? SMC22307 Dec 2018 #168
Cortez erasing lots of older people who fought for women's rights and a level delisen Dec 2018 #162
Stick to the subject: CLIMATE CHANGE... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #166
What was the title of the OP? wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #171
I don't brake for authoritarianism. Subject is older members Congress. delisen Dec 2018 #230
If you read the full series of tweets... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #248
Older members? Isn't that EVERY member? fescuerescue Dec 2018 #177
"Old white men" in the Senate were the enemy during the Kavanaugh hearings. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #185
"the mentorship of elders is what got me here" KayF Dec 2018 #194
'But to delay large action on climate doesn't include the wisdom of elders nor the urgency of youth' SMC22307 Dec 2018 #205
YAAAAY! Another DU purity test! A HERETIC I AM Dec 2018 #241
In a world where there's no history before 2015. betsuni Dec 2018 #252
I used to like her so much... Mike Nelson Dec 2018 #253
Louie Gohmert, Virginia Foxx, Jim Sensenbrenner, Richard Shelby, Orrin Hatch... SMC22307 Dec 2018 #259
Communication Tech Dec 2018 #254
Many of us "old folk" are acutely aware what we do today and in the future affects our children and Cha Dec 2018 #258
And we care a lot more than Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL, born in 1982. pnwmom Dec 2018 #262
I'm not on Twitter but if I were here is my response to Becky Autumn Dec 2018 #304
First Henry, now Becky. Who is next? jberryhill Dec 2018 #353
Any other Twitter user who has their tweets posted who bends the truth Autumn Dec 2018 #357
Depends on the other animals jberryhill Dec 2018 #358
I don't think a Norwegian Forest cat would be used as a barn cat. Autumn Dec 2018 #361
Henry says they make good barn cats jberryhill Dec 2018 #368
Well bless Henry from Twitters little heart. Autumn Dec 2018 #395
Grandstanding. JNelson6563 Dec 2018 #264
So sad to see it constantly on here Power 2 the People Dec 2018 #268
AOC needs to be quiet, listen and learn. democratisphere Dec 2018 #277
LOL She took down a long-term incumbent. SMC22307 Dec 2018 #299
Misogyny much? Tarc Dec 2018 #359
Would be the same comment for a guy with the same lack of credentials democratisphere Dec 2018 #362
I have a few issues with Congress... BlueJac Dec 2018 #302
Most of those 'old' folks have children, grandchildren, neighbors and constituents they care about Cha Dec 2018 #325
Too much talking awesomerwb1 Dec 2018 #332
"You there, old person! Your papers! Why are you not at the Senior Relocation Center?" VOX Dec 2018 #338
She's special. Kurt V. Dec 2018 #339
Very special... will be fun watching AOC take an even bigger leadership role in Congress. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #367
Yes, will be fun to see her working IN the Congress with all of her colleagues... George II Dec 2018 #372
I don't want to go on the cart. betsuni Dec 2018 #343
Perhaps she doesn't realize she's only one seat of 435. nt fleabiscuit Dec 2018 #378
Wish the others would speak up more like she does......... womanofthehills Dec 2018 #386
They all represent their unique 700 thousand souls. That is who employs them. nt fleabiscuit Dec 2018 #391
She didn't have to bring up the age difference radical noodle Dec 2018 #381
AOC hasn't accomplished anything yet. Many of the older NoMoreRepugs Dec 2018 #387
The Democratic message is "we" (Yes, we can; Stronger Together), not "me" "I." betsuni Dec 2018 #388
AOC.. always k&r disillusioned73 Dec 2018 #397
Actually, her job is to uphold the Constitution, represent her district, and try to effect change EffieBlack Dec 2018 #398
Did you ever find the links of what Nancy did to make AOC's Congressional win possible? Autumn Dec 2018 #399
Oh, please, girl. Give it a rest. EffieBlack Dec 2018 #401
So there are no links then? Just something you made up to fit the current narrative about AOC? Autumn Dec 2018 #403
No, there are NONE... disillusioned73 Dec 2018 #417
It's sad when people like to pass off opinions as fact. Autumn Dec 2018 #418
Well, I keep hearing about not "attacking" disillusioned73 Dec 2018 #419
That's insulting. Not shocked that McCaskill would say something like that. As a Latina I feel Autumn Dec 2018 #420
Note the lack of "Give a Fucks" when an older Democrat calls a younger Democrat a "shiny thing"? Autumn Dec 2018 #422
K&R ck4829 Dec 2018 #400
Im quickly tiring of her... samnsara Dec 2018 #402
'QUICKLY', ?????? empedocles Dec 2018 #404
False equivalence no_hypocrisy Dec 2018 #405
Rec'ing in support of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Devil Child Dec 2018 #409
Oh, good god! GMAFB! NurseJackie Jan 2019 #427
Sometimes I love her, other times I can't stand her RandySF Jan 2019 #430
I thought she was supposed to do more than just be a provocateur. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #431
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