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Be careful what you wish for. yortsed snacilbuper Dec 2018 #1
So much winning. Squinch Dec 2018 #2
K&R ismnotwasm Dec 2018 #3
Of course they are. President Obama was right.. Cha Dec 2018 #4
Correct Cha. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #7
Yes, Obama warned us. MBS Dec 2018 #8
Not just those farmers, but you and me and everyone else very soon.. pangaia Dec 2018 #18
I'm not. Drahthaardogs Dec 2018 #50
Trump Train... czarjak Dec 2018 #5
republicans have URGENT MESSAGE for America's farmers Achilleaze Dec 2018 #6
Another one of trump's stupid moves. By 2020 trump moves will have defeated himself... brush Dec 2018 #9
yes, there's only two choices: either Dumbo is phenomenally dangerously stupid and should be impeach CharleyDog Dec 2018 #23
I Think Both are Correct. OMGWTF Dec 2018 #32
Well,that last Bean order out of Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #10
People certainly believed all the anti-TPP crap. betsuni Dec 2018 #11
Honestly, I was one of them. phylny Dec 2018 #38
That's for sure - I remember when just about every DU OP was against the TPP airplaneman Dec 2018 #53
I was among those who thought Cha Dec 2018 #57
Me too. betsuni Dec 2018 #65
If they called you crazy, they let you off. They called others worse. Blue_true Dec 2018 #79
Well it was on DU Cha Dec 2018 #81
Yes correct I too was torn between wanting to believe Obama airplaneman Dec 2018 #142
I remember finally doing some research and deciding the TPP looked like betsuni Dec 2018 #63
Amazing how that works. Blue_true Dec 2018 #80
I think it was a very bad agreement as it was written then, and do not support it now. Celerity Dec 2018 #137
It was one of the ugliest scams Cha Dec 2018 #55
There was virulent TPP hate right here on DU. Blue_true Dec 2018 #77
Never EVER DFW Dec 2018 #119
Russia paid good money for that (nt) Recursion Dec 2018 #131
WINNING! snort Dec 2018 #12
Remember lots of Democrats opposed to TPP, particularly Sanders' supporters. Hoyt Dec 2018 #13
certain provisions where potentially noxious concerning national environmental regs. paleotn Dec 2018 #17
Well, those opposed helped defeat Clinton. So where do those "provisions" put us now with trump? Hoyt Dec 2018 #19
Yup. Skidmore Dec 2018 #22
yes, this will hit us hard, and will never be recovered and could worsen if China wants it to: CharleyDog Dec 2018 #25
Reminds me of the ol' ideology horseshoe: George II Dec 2018 #31
Never recovered is the correct terminology. dhol82 Dec 2018 #43
Also remember that Hillary Clinton opposed it Jim Lane Dec 2018 #125
After saying as SoS it set the gold standard for trade agreements BeyondGeography Dec 2018 #126
There has been a lot of analysis... MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #130
... BeyondGeography Dec 2018 #132
Yeah, you go with that. MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #134
So what was her stand on TPP again? BeyondGeography Dec 2018 #135
Your question was how did we lose to Trump. MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #136
Yes indeed. MrsCoffee Dec 2018 #129
Are you saying that Hillary Clinton was led astray? Jim Lane Dec 2018 #141
and? Who are US farmers again generally? We should make trade deals...we just shouldn't make shitty JCanete Dec 2018 #138
The TPP didn't do that, being the same as every agreement we and other countries signed since 1959 Hoyt Dec 2018 #139
bought it. own it. paleotn Dec 2018 #14
They? Sure. But - What about you, me and every other American pangaia Dec 2018 #20
Yup. dhol82 Dec 2018 #44
Looks like Trump outsmarted himself yet again. PatrickforO Dec 2018 #15
I don't think he is acting stupidly, by mistake. pangaia Dec 2018 #21
Well, with the help of McConnell and the rest of the republican commissariat. dhol82 Dec 2018 #45
I guess you are right there.. pangaia Dec 2018 #90
They seem tired of winning. JDC Dec 2018 #16
The "stable genius" strikes again. SergeStorms Dec 2018 #24
US farmers support Trump. guillaumeb Dec 2018 #26
If you recall the original TPP was a corporate give-away Crazyleftie Dec 2018 #27
This is what I remember. Perhaps I was wrong? Or did it change? phylny Dec 2018 #39
No such thing.. that was Cha Dec 2018 #68
Or at least, that's the line we were handed. Adrahil Dec 2018 #98
I like how it was a diabolical secret and yet they know it's a corporate give-away. betsuni Dec 2018 #102
"American wheat and beef producers have been particularly vocal" AJT Dec 2018 #28
Didn't congress approve bailouts for the farmers? Iliyah Dec 2018 #29
yep, they got YUGE bailouts, They all have big, red tRumpster signs on their elmac Dec 2018 #36
Yeah, that was a twelve billion dollar windfall for them. dhol82 Dec 2018 #46
Follow The Money Me. Dec 2018 #30
I'm sure tRump will bail them out, if their good, party members. nt elmac Dec 2018 #33
TPP was an unfair, unscrupulous and destructive treaty Farmer-Rick Dec 2018 #34
TPP was just another big corporate welfare program, would have just hurt the working class. nt elmac Dec 2018 #37
Yeah, the WTO and UN dispute rules are so corrupt that almost every Hoyt Dec 2018 #52
TPP is not good overall TheFarseer Dec 2018 #35
No, the TPP is needed to counterbalance China's massive influence. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #42
Don't buy that argument TheFarseer Dec 2018 #58
That doesn't change the reality whether Cha Dec 2018 #60
It also doesn't change the fact TheFarseer Dec 2018 #66
Those who tried to Demonize TPP were Wrong. Cha Dec 2018 #69
Very obviously only your opinion TheFarseer Dec 2018 #76
Not "only mine". Cha Dec 2018 #78
+1 SunSeeker Dec 2018 #100
Mahalo, Cha Dec 2018 #114
+2 betsuni Dec 2018 #103
Mahalo, betsuni! Cha Dec 2018 #116
+3 ismnotwasm Dec 2018 #115
Mahalo, ismnotwasm! Cha Dec 2018 #117
Your understanding of the TPP is factually incorrect. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #93
You are dead wrong about the TPP. And since you brought up Vietnam... SunSeeker Dec 2018 #91
If it would have reigned in corporations TheFarseer Dec 2018 #101
The TPP would have helped US companies sell their products in Asia. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #104
No. I dont want the provision Electrical Arc Dec 2018 #82
Fine. Strike any provision that is unfair. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #88
Those provisions also let AFL-CIO sue countries that stop unionization efforts Recursion Dec 2018 #133
Do you prefer to be Shot or Hung Option. MarcA Dec 2018 #49
That's a silly analogy.. President Obama was Cha Dec 2018 #71
Wrong. Electrical Arc Dec 2018 #84
You're Wrong. Cha Dec 2018 #85
Saying something makes it true! betsuni Dec 2018 #86
Why, of course.. trump and others Cha Dec 2018 #120
The TPP would have benefited labor and the environment. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #95
And what about ISDR provision? Electrical Arc Dec 2018 #96
The solution was to negotiate a fairer provision, not abandon the whole process. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #99
The TPP would have been better than the nothing we have now. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #94
And just like with the Affordable Care Act, the Public Option was never offered. MarcA Dec 2018 #105
ACA passed Congress with a public option. betsuni Dec 2018 #109
Lieberman is why we don't have the public option, not Tester. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #110
+1 betsuni Dec 2018 #106
Yeah, can't imagine why any country would agree to WTO and UN dispute mechanisms Hoyt Dec 2018 #54
Not quite TheFarseer Dec 2018 #64
WTO rules require agreements like TPP to have acceptable dispute mechanisms. In any event, do you Hoyt Dec 2018 #70
Yeah, BS and his buzzwords. Cha Dec 2018 #72
The dispute mechanism went above and beyond TheFarseer Dec 2018 #87
Same dispute mechanism we and other countries have used since 1959. You didn't answer my question. Hoyt Dec 2018 #89
No TheFarseer Dec 2018 #97
I remember how much Trump bashed Hillary for supporting the goals of the TPP. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #40
But the farmers are going to win BIGLY in the end, according to Donald. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #41
Pity. Lessons learned, maybe. NurseJackie Dec 2018 #47
Those people who were at the DNC with "No TPP" LisaM Dec 2018 #48
The news just keeps getting better and better. ooky Dec 2018 #51
American wheat and beef producers have been particularly vocal. ananda Dec 2018 #56
Half this board was ready to haul out the guillotines Codeine Dec 2018 #59
More than half I'd say. I felt Cha Dec 2018 #61
Yes, I remember your bravery and admire you for it. SunSeeker Dec 2018 #111
Oh good.. a witness! Cha Dec 2018 #118
I was always pro-TPP tammywammy Dec 2018 #67
I get it. The opposition, particularly the Jackpine Radical folks, were brutal even if they had no Hoyt Dec 2018 #74
It really is amazing. We've gone from bashing Obama and perhaps costing Clinton the election, to Hoyt Dec 2018 #73
it was the cool thing to be JI7 Dec 2018 #107
The TPP was negotiated in secret by a coalition lutherj Dec 2018 #62
Big secret, we knew everything in it, not to mention it was like just about every other Hoyt Dec 2018 #75
You forgot the Illuminati, they were there too. betsuni Dec 2018 #83
You would know about that. -- Lori Wallach, the director of Global Trade Watch, made numerous lutherj Jan 2019 #144
True. But many including some on DU prefer personal attack distractions. n/t MarcA Dec 2018 #92
Trump is hurting AMERICAN farmers Gothmog Dec 2018 #108
Yes, and he's helping Putin and China. nt SunSeeker Dec 2018 #112
Absolutely! Cha Dec 2018 #123
Oh the Irony of reading all the pro-TPP posts and blaming trump for it. GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #113
The TPP was happening with or without us, and Obama tried to seize the opportunity to make sure we.. Cha Dec 2018 #121
Perfect is the enemy of good... WePurrsevere Dec 2018 #128
Exactly, WePurrsevere! Cha Dec 2018 #143
"Sanders joined by Rust Belt Dems, praises trump for nixing TPP" Cha Dec 2018 #122
I'm still proNAFTA tirebiter Dec 2018 #124
Good luck. Both group of supporters seem to think we'll be better off trading among ourselves Hoyt Dec 2018 #140
the tpp redistributes wealth upward. Kurt V. Dec 2018 #127
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