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27. Will Pitt Owns a Chunk of Traitortrump..
Tue Jan 1, 2019, 07:41 PM
Jan 2019

He's like Susan Sarandon according to this poster who read his FB posts..

243. I saw with my own eyes on his FB his statements he would vote Trump Over Hillary. He said it many times, and urged people NOT TO VOTE if they wanted to vote for Hillary, because TRump would be a better President than her.

What fresh hells? William Rivers Pitt [View all] bluescribbler Jan 2019 OP
* * * Hekate Jan 2019 #1
If a poster has posting privileges revoked because they worked long and hard against Squinch Jan 2019 #2
Thank you. cwydro Jan 2019 #4
??? cilla4progress Jan 2019 #14
I wish people would leave Pitt alone CatWoman Jan 2019 #15
LOL. MrsCoffee Jan 2019 #19
I wish Pitt would leave us alone. Squinch Jan 2019 #30
We would, if only people would stop Codeine Jan 2019 #49
Couldn't Agree More RobinA Jan 2019 #62
Terrible. People don't like a guy who threatened a woman repeatedly in writing. Imagine. Squinch Jan 2019 #78
And called Obama a POS used car salesman obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #93
I Am Well Aware RobinA Jan 2019 #113
Will Pitt "rode" him damn self outta here with Cha Jan 2019 #124
Pitt was "Disgusting" urging voters Not to vote for the Democratic Cha Jan 2019 #86
And, Pitt was also "Disgusting" when he Cha Jan 2019 #87
He did it publicly, too obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #94
Mahalo, obambanut.. I didn't Cha Jan 2019 #115
HAHAHAHAHA obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #92
Don't forget threatening to beat up a homeless woman and DU member. NYC Liberal Jan 2019 #17
+ infinity MrsCoffee Jan 2019 #18
+1 itsrobert Jan 2019 #77
What SQuinch said obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #91
3 Business Days. Saboburns Jan 2019 #116
Oh, God! Remember that idiocy? Squinch Jan 2019 #132
This message was self-deleted by its author iamthebandfanman Apr 2019 #137
Wherein a whole lot of posts will be posted about his shitty outburst, forgetting demmiblue Jan 2019 #3
Which time was that? Ms. Toad Jan 2019 #7
Oh...one of the dozen Texasgal Jan 2019 #47
How about the time he OPed that President Obama Cha Jan 2019 #9
The part where he threatened a woman with violence via PM? WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #12
He was Flagged for Review during the Primaries. The thing with Bobbi was before your time. Autumn Jan 2019 #35
Oh, I've been here before. Passwords/emails get lost, you know how it is. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #36
Yes they do get lost. nt Autumn Jan 2019 #40
There was a hack on election day, and people were encouraged to change there passwords, and at that still_one Jan 2019 #52
That sucks hen you lose a password. Drives me crazy. Btw, what was your previous screen name? Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2019 #114
And? sheshe2 Jan 2019 #74
FWIW, He was tombstoned for repeatedly threatening another member with physical violence emulatorloo Jan 2019 #13
Actually the last and final hide was for saying he did not vote for Hillary. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #53
Wow! What a total asshole! NurseJackie Jan 2019 #60
Yep. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #61
Pitt is toxic like Susan Sarandon.. and now Cha Jan 2019 #64
Yep. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #66
What is POSUCS? PJMcK Jan 2019 #90
I believe UCS is used car salesman. n/t Yonnie3 Jan 2019 #107
That's good, thanks! (n/t) PJMcK Jan 2019 #112
There were multiple temporary tombstones before that. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2019 #67
There were. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #72
Thanks for the correction emulatorloo Jan 2019 #84
Sorry, no one is gonna buy that shit. MrsCoffee Jan 2019 #20
and yet it turned out the ACA was not the cause of the problem treestar Jan 2019 #39
So the logical thing to do is go on a Democratic message board mcar Jan 2019 #45
Oh...and then the apology thread. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #79
Yes, the "apology" thread mcar Jan 2019 #98
After a lot of posts from DUers attempting to ascertain the facts of the matter, turns out .... Hekate Jan 2019 #48
Whenever I get scared for my wife Codeine Jan 2019 #50
Threating to beat up a homeless woman was years before the incident with his wife. n/t Ms. Toad Jan 2019 #68
I'm aware of this. Codeine Jan 2019 #70
We already lost an American city to climate change, onecaliberal Jan 2019 #5
I know a married couple in Paradise. WeekiWater Jan 2019 #65
Happy to hear your friends received assistance. The situation is dire for so many still. onecaliberal Jan 2019 #76
Have they talked to the Red Cross since they left the shelter? catrose Jan 2019 #83
Isn't today a common day for people to take a polar bear plunge? Bleacher Creature Jan 2019 #6
It's almost as if this president really is Codeine Jan 2019 #8
Pretty big words for someone who thought an email server was a bigger deal than a Trump presidency. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #10
Will Pitt Owns a Chunk of Traitortrump.. Cha Jan 2019 #27
Will Pitt. LOL...nt SidDithers Jan 2019 #11
I know. Now I have to re-familiarize myself with the trash/ignore options. grantcart Jan 2019 #16
Excellent read. Owl Jan 2019 #21
+1 Go Vols Jan 2019 #121
Will Pitts. Also known around here as "Will Tits'" because of his fondness for talking about them. Kaleva Jan 2019 #22
Go on... WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #23
Calls Democrats "establishment liberals" "the old bulls only like change if it comes in coins betsuni Jan 2019 #24
Ew. The "POSUCS" guy. ismnotwasm Jan 2019 #25
POSUCS - trash thread pintobean Jan 2019 #26
Truth-Out is on Prop or Not's list of websites that reliably echo Russian propaganda. lapucelle Jan 2019 #28
what is "propornot"? Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #29
Sounds like Prop Or Not would mean a Propaganda-checking site Hekate Jan 2019 #54
Here's a review of the shady organization. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #89
That's the most WTF article about any organization I have ever read. Autumn Jan 2019 #103
Maybe PropOrNot is just another Russian effort to confuse and weaken. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #135
Hard to tell but I wouldn't believe anything that site says. Autumn Jan 2019 #136
Lotta lotta DU members friend and follow WP on FB. nt Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #31
Were those the same one's who appllauded the asshole Pitt when he called President Obama still_one Jan 2019 #33
real names over there Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #38
Not "irrelevant".. Turns out Pitt is the POSUCS he Cha Jan 2019 #42
Not that old and not irrelevant. n/t pnwmom Jan 2019 #44
Not only did Pitt accuse Pres Obama of Cha Jan 2019 #43
Yes.. here's one.. Cha Jan 2019 #41
that particular comment is denied by other comment downthread. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #51
Fact. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #55
But that alleged quote from FB says that he urged others to vote for Trump. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #56
nevermind. Too long ago to matter. nt Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #58
Ah, that must have been some OP.. Cha Jan 2019 #63
I know and trust the poster. Evidently he Cha Jan 2019 #59
Is this the PITT who called President Obama a "POS used car salesman", and said "fuck you" about still_one Jan 2019 #32
Oh... the purple prose guy. I remember him... barely. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #34
Why come up with a new thought when regurgitating the same old one in flowery prose will do? WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #37
I'm glad he's no longer a member here. Texasgal Jan 2019 #46
I refuse to go to the site and give him clicks. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #57
And, Pitt urged others Not Cha Jan 2019 #71
Just like Sarandon, Cha. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #73
Post #2 nailed it: "If poster has privileges revoked... why link (to them)?" UTUSN Jan 2019 #69
Yup Andy823 Jan 2019 #75
Prolly a surrogate for The Great (next) Restoration!1 UTUSN Jan 2019 #81
I marched against the war with Will Pitt underpants Jan 2019 #80
My wife was sick with cancer when he blamed Obama GusBob Jan 2019 #82
Good for you.. that was 2002.. In 2016 Pitt Cha Jan 2019 #85
I corresponded with him via PM when he set out for Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas... Hekate Jan 2019 #88
He was against wars. MrsCoffee Jan 2019 #95
+1 obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #96
Is that the guy who used to get hundreds of automatic recs all the time on here? LexVegas Jan 2019 #97
It seems entirely possible that he is back under another name. cwydro Jan 2019 #109
Sure do miss that guy around here. PDittie Jan 2019 #99
I miss him too, I read Truthout daily for his articles and others and donate to the site. Autumn Jan 2019 #108
Are you calling The Admins, "Centrists"?.. Will Pitt Cha Jan 2019 #118
Will Pitt to be indicted ..... H2O Man Jan 2019 #100
smartass! coeur_de_lion Jan 2019 #101
He made Baby Jesus cry!!! QC Jan 2019 #102
and he beats his mother. Raven Jan 2019 #105
At chess? H2O Man Jan 2019 #106
You MuseRider Jan 2019 #110
My sources say the indictment comes down in 24 business hours. tritsofme Jan 2019 #119
LOL CatWoman Jan 2019 #120
Consider the sources. H2O Man Jan 2019 #129
Is Arlo Guthrie still a registered Republican? VOX Jan 2019 #127
Hard to say. H2O Man Jan 2019 #128
Woody Guthrie would be so proud! VOX Jan 2019 #130
What a fucked up thread. Ellipsis Jan 2019 #104
I Like Will Pitt flotsam Jan 2019 #111
Will Pitt shoud be "ashamed" for urging voters to Not vote Cha Jan 2019 #117
Where did he urge voters to Not vote for Hillary in that July16 article you linked to? Autumn Jan 2019 #122
"He said it many times, and urged people NOT TO VOTE if they wanted to vote for Hillary Cha Jan 2019 #123
He's a creepy dick. ismnotwasm Jan 2019 #125
Oh yes, he has his following.. I think Cha Jan 2019 #126
They are over at JPR ismnotwasm Jan 2019 #131
Sad, but tRump and all that's happened since are his biggest legacy. Hortensis Sep 2022 #138
"Esteemed?" No. I think he is a piece of shit used car salesman. But that's me. Squinch Jan 2019 #133
It is. Ellipsis Jan 2019 #134
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