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Does he need another kick from the mule? The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #1
"In 21 days President @realDonaldTrump is moving forward building the wall with or without Ferrets are Cool Jan 2019 #2
Didn't Dirty Donny (R) say something about Mexico once? Achilleaze Jan 2019 #7
I think he wants to snatch it from the military budget. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jan 2019 #29
Congress holds the purse strings..... Historic NY Jan 2019 #3
These people, including Sanders, are talking out of their you know what. brush Jan 2019 #21
Clarification Zambero Jan 2019 #4
Once the check from Mexico arrives he won't need the Democrats mart48 Jan 2019 #5
Even if Mexico sent the money and wrote on the check "for the big beautiful wall". bullimiami Jan 2019 #12
Nah. I bet that over the next three weeks, more and more Achilleaze Jan 2019 #6
Weaker and Losier!! leftieNanner Jan 2019 #8
Losier is a good word to coin! lunatica Jan 2019 #15
#losier going micro-viral Achilleaze Jan 2019 #19
Time for another battering from Nan I guess, she's happy to oblige. sunonmars Jan 2019 #9
Will he or won't he vlyons Jan 2019 #10
need public to hound GOPers over committees Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2019 #16
National emergency? The Republicans don't want that either. dem4decades Jan 2019 #11
Ive got a few real emergencies for the next D pres if that's how we are going to do. bullimiami Jan 2019 #14
yes they do rockfordfile Jan 2019 #30
I'm beginning to wonder if 45's "bad heart" report wasn't leaked intentionally. Laffy Kat Jan 2019 #13
It's a good thought to consider lunatica Jan 2019 #17
I know. nt Laffy Kat Jan 2019 #18
What bad heart problem? I don't remember reading anything about this. Mayberry Machiavelli Jan 2019 #25
Speaker Pelosi should pull a lawsuit out of her note pad. Delmette2.0 Jan 2019 #20
Three weeks of "Trump Time" is the equivalent of two years for mature, healthy Democrats. VOX Jan 2019 #22
If the Congressional Republicans duforsure Jan 2019 #23
He's building the wall? I'd like to see that out-of-shape blivit Sugar Smack Jan 2019 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author Kajun Gal Jan 2019 #26
How does eminent domain work if he tasks the U.S. military with building the wall. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #27
He'll declare a national emergency bearsfootball516 Jan 2019 #28
Maybe rockfordfile Jan 2019 #31
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