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17. To me, shows like that, "The Real Wives of..." "bad girls club" etc.
Sat Aug 25, 2012, 06:41 PM
Aug 2012

are playing on stereotypes of calculating, materialistic, irrational women without virtue or substance...I suppose urbanity could play into it as well...

But the point I'm making is not just on the entertainment appeal of shows that target a particular social group, although I think that is a worthy topic of discussion. It's that the specific hatred and bigotry extended towards people in Appalachia has some very real and very catastrophic effects, and has had those effects for a very long time. The massive, virtually unregulated resource extraction that has occurred in Appalachia over the last century and a half has been largely enabled by the attitude that these people were backwards, their homes and cultures were not worth saving, and even that they were "better off" because of the "progress" brought by the coal camps--outright land theft, underpaid and dangerous jobs, "education" and "healthcare" that served only to keep the people ignorant and sick, and of course, inescapable servitude through the issuing of company scrip and the violent suppression of any attempts at workers' organization.

This kind of oppression was virtually indistinguishable from slavery, and it has had the same kind of lasting effects that slavery had--including ignorance and a distrust for most institutions beyond the family, and perhaps the church. And while the more egregious violations have been outlawed (note that those laws did not save the 29 miners at Upper Big Branch, just as they did not save Judy Bonds), the reality is that the coal industry has barely changed in all these years--only finding new ways to keep the money rolling in while they rape the land and destroy the people, and meanwhile, the rest of the country gets a few laughs from a Deliverance reference here and a "reality" TV show there.

The first Mountain Dew commercial kentuck Aug 2012 #1
great find LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #3
They do proud2BlibKansan Aug 2012 #57
Thanks for another illustration of what I'm talking about. antigone382 Aug 2012 #7
That's as bad as the Frito Bandito add muntrv Aug 2012 #31
I'm from Western Pa LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #2
+1 antigone382 Aug 2012 #6
well if it makes you feel better arely staircase Aug 2012 #14
well if it makes you feel better LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #23
no problem arely staircase Aug 2012 #24
greenwich village performance art LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #62
never been to one arely staircase Sep 2012 #63
I'm a hillbilly (a real one - I'm from East Tennesse where the Fawke Em Aug 2012 #40
It depends on how it's said. antigone382 Aug 2012 #44
but they enjoy white privilege arely staircase Aug 2012 #4
Well, to some degree, I wouldn't necessarily say that they don't. antigone382 Aug 2012 #5
Well, if they voted right maybe we liberals wouldn't be so mean to them cthulu2016 Aug 2012 #8
I point you again to the example of Judy Bonds. antigone382 Aug 2012 #10
I'm sorry, but Pab Sungenis Aug 2012 #9
See post #10. n/t antigone382 Aug 2012 #11
Exactly.... ann--- Aug 2012 #12
Judy Bonds did not revel in ignorance. antigone382 Aug 2012 #13
but her opinions on mt removal are in the minority arely staircase Aug 2012 #16
Well of course they are. antigone382 Aug 2012 #18
thanks, i get where you are coming from arely staircase Aug 2012 #25
lol, I think that might have been a discussion between you and me... antigone382 Aug 2012 #38
Neither does my beloved wife, a sophisticated woman from eastern Tennessee. n/t Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #42
shows like "Bridezilla" target urban/city stereotypes along with the rural stereotypes Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #15
To me, shows like that, "The Real Wives of..." "bad girls club" etc. antigone382 Aug 2012 #17
I hear ya. I watched that documentary about Appalachia. It explained the source of one stereotype Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #20
True... ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #28
dump's not free. everytime you go you have to pay. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #35
We don't. ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #37
I'm in Maine and we have to pay to drop off certain items at the dump magical thyme Aug 2012 #49
The area I was talking about.... ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #56
we do. depends on jurisdiction & what you're dumping. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #55
Well, not everyone has access to a truck. antigone382 Aug 2012 #39
yep. big difference in poor rural areas and city in transportation availability. Another Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #43
Yep...used to catch a ride with friends, but it wasn't very easy... antigone382 Aug 2012 #58
I appreciate the responses to this thread, and will check back in tomorrow. antigone382 Aug 2012 #19
It always baffles me that people here in W.Va. celebrate the continuing Jesco White minstrel show Adenoid_Hynkel Aug 2012 #21
I just watched that mess on Netflix this morning, in fact. Codeine Aug 2012 #46
Great post. Reminds me of a few days ago when listening to a DJ on WDTW FM 106.7 muntrv Aug 2012 #22
Excellent article. Lifelong Protester Aug 2012 #26
For a corrective view, read Joe Bageant's "Deer Hunting with Jesus" Lydia Leftcoast Aug 2012 #27
America handed WV over to the coal industry and said "Here have your way with her." limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #29
For a better understanding...I do suggest everyone read Joe Bageant's books.. riverbendviewgal Aug 2012 #30
thanks for the suggestion limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #32
Exactly. n/t antigone382 Aug 2012 #45
Outstanding post. lumberjack_jeff Aug 2012 #33
Unfortunately, class bigotry is still considered more acceptable than racial bigotry eridani Aug 2012 #34
I get it all the time here in Montana sorefeet Aug 2012 #36
Thanks for all of the supportive responses... antigone382 Aug 2012 #41
Three of my Grandparents were "Hillbillies" who would have sooner eaten bees than vote Republican Burma Jones Aug 2012 #47
The words classy and sophisticated do not describe the Honey Boo Boo family. Initech Aug 2012 #48
The words classy and sophisticated also do not describe amusement based on class-based prejudice. nt antigone382 Aug 2012 #52
True. Initech Aug 2012 #54
No one held a gun to the heads of kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #50
Well, she's six...so she doesn't really have a say either way. antigone382 Aug 2012 #53
Cute Doggy in the first pic! smirkymonkey Aug 2012 #51
I come from a long line of hillbillies, probably one of the first in this country, MadHound Aug 2012 #59
That photo with the two rednecks and the Rottweiler RebelOne Aug 2012 #60
Thank you for this thoughtful thread. K&R myrna minx Aug 2012 #61
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