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Wed May 29, 2019, 08:53 PM May 2019

Check In if You're One Of The "Small Number Of Democrats" Calling For Impeachment [View all]

Let’s show Madam Speaker how many of us there are!

Do we have an “ironclad case” yet?

Or is it how many Democrats are calling for impeachment?

I’d say Mueller already have us the ironclad case and no matter how convincing it was some Republicans are never going to convict.

It’s time to do what is right!


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We don't have an ironclad case yet bluecollar2 May 2019 #1
There is no such thing. berni_mccoy May 2019 #13
The votes in the house are not there to impeach says James Clyburn.. I think he knows!! Thekaspervote May 2019 #115
Which DEMS are not for impeachment? RiverStone May 2019 #189
4 rebe303 May 2019 #204
Many readers at DU and Trump appear "confused about impeachment" real Cannabis calm May 2019 #206
He's in the Senate. gldstwmn May 2019 #221
Glad rebe303 May 2019 #230
I agree... bluecollar2 May 2019 #131
You have it EXACTLY right!! Start the impeachment process NOW... there's no time to waste!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #226
And you never will unless you make the case. nt Xipe Totec May 2019 #27
An "ironclad case?" We have more than enough solid evidence of obstruction of justice. Nitram May 2019 #212
Something tells me Pelosi doesn't care too much what a few posters on DU think/want bearsfootball516 May 2019 #2
She better care what Democrats at large think berni_mccoy May 2019 #8
Certainly most of the Democrats I talk to & most of the top-tier Democratic presidential candidates. InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #139
Well most of the Democrats our candidates and Electeds I talk to don't... brooklynite May 2019 #144
You do realize that you are not in a demographic that is typical of most voters in PufPuf23 May 2019 #173
Not what I mean... brooklynite May 2019 #177
If we do not get rid of Trump, there will be more GOP PufPuf23 May 2019 #180
Something tells me Pelosi doesn't care too much what a few posters on DU think/want LenaBaby61 May 2019 #39
African-American Voters, Middle Eastern Voters, Latino Voters, POC Voters in General.... LovingA2andMI May 2019 #101
I hear what you're saying ... LenaBaby61 May 2019 #217
Wow. I truly do not get this not voting thing. Tipperary May 2019 #132
How do you know that by not impeaching watoos May 2019 #145
Not impeaching is what will keep the GOP in power. PufPuf23 May 2019 #170
Post removed Post removed May 2019 #53
Lololol pangaia May 2019 #123
Same mistakes over and over again infinite_wisdom May 2019 #162
Strange thing. PufPuf23 May 2019 #3
It probably depends on where you are and who you're talking to StarfishSaver May 2019 #9
Every Democrat I know outside of DU berni_mccoy May 2019 #16
As I said, i depends on where you are and who you're talking to StarfishSaver May 2019 #18
Maybe in a red state. I'm from MA berni_mccoy May 2019 #22
rw and kremlin think tanks use a few hundred certainot May 2019 #146
I was one who joined 9,999,999 others who signed the MoveOn petition. sinkingfeeling May 2019 #4
impeachment ***PROCESS*** not impeachment ***VOTE***. The KGOP is working hard to conflate uponit7771 May 2019 #5
So announce that the House will BEGIN hearings on impeachment berni_mccoy May 2019 #10
+1, they can announce impeachment process's and not consolidate other investigations. uponit7771 May 2019 #12
I'm all for impeachment of this gold-plated turd. SeattleVet May 2019 #6
Yeah. You just made sense. nt emmaverybo May 2019 #99
This is what I assume Pelosi and Dem leaders are aiming for. BlancheSplanchnik May 2019 #155
itmfa mopinko May 2019 #7
"anyone still on the trump train should be tested for signs of electrical activity in the brain." orleans May 2019 #45
You could also check their bank accounts rpannier May 2019 #51
Oh yes. MontanaMama May 2019 #97
Right? Ligyron May 2019 #58
what I see too. stopdiggin May 2019 #195
The "collusion" outcome is explained in the Report angrychair May 2019 #210
Now is the time. n/t Tom Rinaldo May 2019 #11
Either we impeach, or we give up and accept Trump as the new normal Azathoth May 2019 #14
It may not be clear yet to you, but it's clear to every would-be dictator in the country, marylandblue May 2019 #46
Navy-speak: Damn the torpoedoes, full speed ahead!1 UTUSN May 2019 #15
I was Army and it's time for boots on the ground berni_mccoy May 2019 #20
We'll take you there!1 UTUSN May 2019 #24
'If You're Ready'... sprinkleeninow May 2019 #102
Full speed ahead, aye Smickey May 2019 #215
Count me in. Nitram May 2019 #17
I'm for it! rusty fender May 2019 #19
Yes, impeach . maryallen May 2019 #21
I am with Speaker Pelosi. She knows what she is doing. nt Blue_true May 2019 #23
Does She?? LovingA2andMI May 2019 #37
I trust her. nt Blue_true May 2019 #71
Okay.... LovingA2andMI May 2019 #72
Decades of experience, the confidence of her democratic peers to lead them for years. ehrnst May 2019 #194
I don't think she has the votes for Impeachment. If the House failed to vote for Hoyt May 2019 #91
... Blue_true May 2019 #95
I am for it no matter what marlakay May 2019 #25
100% colsohlibgal May 2019 #26
Trump Looks Ready! TheBlackAdder May 2019 #28
I told my wife on Election Night, 2016... VarryOn May 2019 #29
Impeached for what exactly? Tipperary May 2019 #133
For welcoming, aiding and abetting the Russian attack on our Democracy. SunSeeker May 2019 #201
Impeachthemotherfucker Martin Eden May 2019 #30
Impeach the bastid! n/t man4allcats May 2019 #31
Check. Blue Owl May 2019 #32
Impeach that traitorous, lying coward... ADX May 2019 #33
Checking In.... LovingA2andMI May 2019 #34
K&R... spanone May 2019 #35
Count me in. NRaleighLiberal May 2019 #36
This maybe the first "Check in" thread which I've offered a response. denbot May 2019 #38
Me! Sugarcoated May 2019 #40
checking in orleans May 2019 #41
I am all for impeachment proceedings and hearings to begin. democratisphere May 2019 #42
I say, "let's do it"! kimbutgar May 2019 #43
Me too! Or 42 or 43 or one million! JoeOtterbein May 2019 #44
responding to Mueller one of our candidates said if tRump continues on this path we must impeach yaesu May 2019 #47
Should we who want impeachment proceedings CALL Madame Speaker? I'll do it. ancianita May 2019 #48
THIS 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 LenaBaby61 May 2019 #59
I already wrote her two such letters and called her office. sinkingfeeling May 2019 #148
Ya Tiggeroshii May 2019 #49
Yes spike91nz May 2019 #50
Well stated. Ligyron May 2019 #69
Precisely! rambler_american May 2019 #147
Weeks ago I emailed my Dem mnhtnbb May 2019 #52
K&R BeyondGeography May 2019 #54
Just do it! JustFiveMoreMinutes May 2019 #55
ITMF Brogrizzly May 2019 #56
Bring it. volstork May 2019 #57
ITMFT!!! Impeachment Hearings Are Long Overdue!!! panfluteman May 2019 #60
Just wait. The DUsplaining is on the way. cwydro May 2019 #61
Tell us more about these "DU-splainers"... Steven Maurer May 2019 #111
Isn't it interesting being DU-splained about other people DU-splaining ehrnst May 2019 #192
I want screaming Midnightwalk May 2019 #62
Congress needs to move forward. TDale313 May 2019 #63
And Justice John Roberts, presiding over the Senate trial, will just be the one to remind them ancianita May 2019 #70
Lock him up! samplegirl May 2019 #64
Right here. BadgerMom May 2019 #65
I'm on board. IMPEACH the futhermucker! Twice, if necessary! lastlib May 2019 #66
Count me in! Karadeniz May 2019 #67
ITMF!!!! Start the process. 58Sunliner May 2019 #68
The Orange jackass needs to be fired, Ligyron May 2019 #73
checking in!!! Coventina May 2019 #74
What more does the leadership need? Ztolkins May 2019 #75
Check. dchill May 2019 #76
I've been calling for this motherfucker's ouster... RobertDevereaux May 2019 #77
Count me in. We have a duty as informed citizens to act. LastDemocratInSC May 2019 #78
Yeah I sure as fuck am. 47of74 May 2019 #79
Anyone who says to wait for the election to get him out of the White House FightingIrish May 2019 #80
Impeach! Quackers May 2019 #81
Me sharedvalues May 2019 #82
Count me in leanforward May 2019 #83
+1 jalan48 May 2019 #84
Whether now or later I think it's inevitable lunatica May 2019 #85
Confrontation is inevitable and best ASAP Ponietz May 2019 #86
Yup me too... Time to play their game. Madtown May 2019 #87
If you are among those who have carefully listened, read and evaluated Enoki33 May 2019 #88
The Constitution can't wait until 2020 nt Fiendish Thingy May 2019 #89
Just fucking do it. dalton99a May 2019 #90
Call your own congresswo/man at all their offices WhiteTara May 2019 #92
I'm here, screaming for impeachment! Dem2theMax May 2019 #93
Checking in JeaneRaye May 2019 #94
Do it! eom sprinkleeninow May 2019 #96
Her official statement today was great. Her statement re only a small number of Democrats are KPN May 2019 #98
I think the first step in impeachment Dyedinthewoolliberal May 2019 #100
Unredact! eom sprinkleeninow May 2019 #103
Yes Trump needs to be impeached standingtall May 2019 #104
Highest office highest standards rwsanders May 2019 #105
Impeach the asshole! StarryNite May 2019 #106
Absolutely! Catamount May 2019 #107
I and my DH are both part of that "small number" Bettie May 2019 #108
the nation can die fighting or die waiting for numbers Hermit-The-Prog May 2019 #109
Mueller just told us on TV BlueWI May 2019 #110
Yes!!!! McKim May 2019 #112
I'm sure on board! Rhiannon12866 May 2019 #113
it is long overdue to open impeachment hearings rampartc May 2019 #114
Impeach the piece of crap already. onecaliberal May 2019 #116
If Donald Trump's actions don't merit impeachment democrank May 2019 #117
Impeach hearings should begin. Duppers May 2019 #118
Impeach! KT2000 May 2019 #119
Potential jury nullification by the Senate is no excuse not to impeach. Marcuse May 2019 #120
Here's the problem. She needs 218 votes for an inquiry of impeachment and so far, pnwmom May 2019 #121
Don't you think if Nancy says it's a go mainstreetonce May 2019 #153
No. That's not how it works. If she was CLOSE, yes, probably. pnwmom May 2019 #184
That is complete nonsense berni_mccoy May 2019 #188
Remember, they can charge him, but the Republicans in the Senate can let him walk. Lady Freedom Returns May 2019 #122
Checking in. Mike Niendorff May 2019 #124
We need public testimony Meowmee May 2019 #125
Start the process. SergeStorms May 2019 #126
+1 RGinNJ May 2019 #127
K&R. Use it or lose it. Don't expect a Democratic president to be afforded this same mercy ck4829 May 2019 #128
Impeachment proceedings are long overdue. DLevine May 2019 #129
Let the voices of loyal Americans ring forth across the land Achilleaze May 2019 #130
It's time. argyl May 2019 #134
Checking in. sarabelle May 2019 #135
Checking in Perseus May 2019 #136
Yes! It's time! ihaveaquestion May 2019 #137
Count me in as well nightwing1240 May 2019 #138
Agree BigOleDummy May 2019 #140
now, call your reps! robbedvoter May 2019 #141
Let's get it on... N_E_1 for Tennis May 2019 #142
House has a Constitutional obligation to begin proceedings right away many a good man May 2019 #143
I think Dems will look ineffective, cowardly and weak otherwise CousinIT May 2019 #149
I'm in! Nt Ninga May 2019 #150
Here. n/t Laelth May 2019 #151
For the sake of history....do it mainstreetonce May 2019 #152
Enforce the law HopeAgain May 2019 #154
Hell yes, impeach now. Magoo48 May 2019 #156
Can't remember who said it but if they don't use it for Trump, it will probably never be used again pdsimdars May 2019 #157
It will need to be done at some point or the Ilsa May 2019 #158
Just call them investigation hearings and start with public testimony from Mueller. Lonestarblue May 2019 #159
Definately for Impeachment Nevermypresident May 2019 #160
Trump is a thief, a liar, and a disgrace to the United States. lpbk2713 May 2019 #161
Impeach now Joediss May 2019 #163
I want impeachment Marthe48 May 2019 #164
Call your Reps bdamomma May 2019 #165
I'm in. This creep is clearly more criminal than Nixon. NNadir May 2019 #166
They need to start impeachment hearings IMO. Crunchy Frog May 2019 #167
An Impeachment Inquiry is what we need neohippie May 2019 #168
Impeachment now Mazeltov Cocktail May 2019 #169
Good read on Impeachment linked here neohippie May 2019 #171
Impeachment is your duty... the_sly_pig May 2019 #172
Has anyone noticed the Irony tiredtoo May 2019 #174
Throw the bum out! nt El Mimbreno May 2019 #175
The sooner tazkcmo May 2019 #176
Impeach the motherfucker now! FoxNewsSucks May 2019 #178
propud to belong to that "smal" group The Liberal Lion May 2019 #179
I am an independent voter and I am about to blow a gasket saljr1 May 2019 #181
I First Called For Impeachment DallasNE May 2019 #182
Peolsi needs to catch a clue ... traitors need to be impeached, all of them! NotHardly May 2019 #183
There is enough evidence of crimes humbled_opinion May 2019 #185
Here. nt Susan Calvin May 2019 #186
As many have said this is a constitutional situation and not a political one. jimlup May 2019 #187
IMPEACH - even if we fail, history must show we attempted to do the right thing. Runningdawg May 2019 #190
Recommended. H2O Man May 2019 #191
Impeach MamaCat May 2019 #193
Do you live in a Red district? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2019 #231
I wrote my Dem congressman and told him I trust Nancy to know what she's doing. (nt) ehrnst May 2019 #196
I'm for impeachment - and I called my Representative to let him know that csziggy May 2019 #197
Check Sunsky May 2019 #198
Yes - Time to open an impeachment Inquiry... Viz May 2019 #199
political costs or not, impeachment is necessary. paulkienitz May 2019 #200
Yup lakeguy May 2019 #202
Yes leftstreet May 2019 #203
IMPEACH! ElementaryPenguin May 2019 #205
I'm all in. bluescribbler May 2019 #207
Here! EOM TruckFump May 2019 #208
we will lose more than an election if we don't impeach WyLoochka May 2019 #209
Does DU represent a good cross section of Democrats across the nation? Nitram May 2019 #211
Fuck, yeah. intheflow May 2019 #213
She was talking about the Members of the Democratic caucus StarfishSaver May 2019 #214
Impeach! Catch2.2 May 2019 #216
It is so far past time... He should never have been allowed to take office to begin with! debsy May 2019 #218
Checking in. warmfeet May 2019 #219
Do your job Congress. Impeach. Evolve Dammit May 2019 #220
What would we gain? Removal won't happen and we could lose the house and the presidency in 20. Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #234
So what are you suggesting? Evolve Dammit Jun 2019 #235
We continue the investigations...and kill him with 1000 cuts which is what they did to Hillary...and Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #238
Won't argue with that. They sure did it to Obama. Evolve Dammit Jun 2019 #240
We will gain credibility and uphold the Constitution which calls for it. Evolve Dammit Jun 2019 #236
And what do you suppose will happen to the constitution if Trump gets another term? No thanks...I Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #237
Impeach already!!!! Catch2.2 May 2019 #222
Say it loud and say it proud...Hey, hey, ho, ho...the ass ferret has got to go!!!! (n/t) Moostache May 2019 #223
Pitch forks and styes! burrowowl May 2019 #224
For God's Sasha sake, it's time! krispos42 May 2019 #225
CHECK!!! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2019 #227
Impeach Generic Other May 2019 #228
Impeach Now! Enough already! tencats May 2019 #229
begin the impeachment investigation Achilleaze Jun 2019 #232
Not calling for impeachment...when there is no chance to remove the idiot, and we could Demsrule86 Jun 2019 #233
The Mueller Report alone is reason enough. Kid Berwyn Jun 2019 #239
Checking in! GreenEyedLefty Jun 2019 #241
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