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Response to DonViejo (Original post)

based on what? Liar in cheif's word? Bolton's word? beachbum bob Jun 2019 #1
Don't they have one of those cages for Norman Bates? Sneederbunk Jun 2019 #2
Someone's itching to nuke Iran for taking over the American Embassy 40+ years ago. no_hypocrisy Jun 2019 #3
Trumpsky has practically said he'd like to use them. Harker Jun 2019 #9
FFS, here we go again. Iraq warmed up. n/t RKP5637 Jun 2019 #4
Iran would make shanti Jun 2019 #17
Definitely! No matter what the fool in the WH thinks, Iran is no push over. n/t RKP5637 Jun 2019 #18
Here's the thing: shanti Jun 2019 #19
We have so many mentally ugly people in the US. That and what you said is truly RKP5637 Jun 2019 #21
fox this morning, Rep from Texas, supports everything about trump empedocles Jun 2019 #5
The rabid warmonger Harker Jun 2019 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2019 #7
Well said!!! K&R!!! I am so fed up with America and its F'en wars!!! My whole life the US has RKP5637 Jun 2019 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jun 2019 #16
Let's see. We want to start a world war so oil prices will skyrocket democratisphere Jun 2019 #8
Such a pathetic little man he is. n/t BlueStater Jun 2019 #10
War monger. Amercan wasn't attacked. Nothiing American was attacked. Liberal In Texas Jun 2019 #11
We knew MF45 was going to start a war, most likely with Iran. smirkymonkey Jun 2019 #12
Tehran Tom has a primary challenger backtoblue Jun 2019 #13
Good news!! nt SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #20
It is a republican primary. The other person is likely crazier than he is. nt Blue_true Jun 2019 #23
I don't think we're anywhere near done with this lunatic BannonsLiver Jun 2019 #25
Molly Jong-Fast: Leghorn21 Jun 2019 #15
The danger of Tom Cotton struggle4progress Jun 2019 #22
Funny how much they love BIG government when they're in power. VOX Jun 2019 #24
"Shock and awe" trev Jun 2019 #26
I wish somebody would end this before it's too late. Doodley Jun 2019 #27
Can't the Rump take some pictures in front of the "Mission Accomplished" banner ProudLib72 Jun 2019 #28
Fuck you, Tom Cotton and all your war monger buddies. walkingman Jun 2019 #29
++ CentralMass Jun 2019 #30
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