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Thu Jun 27, 2019, 10:16 AM Jun 2019

The Supreme Court case on gerrymandering is a disaster [View all]

The Court just ruled federal courts have no role in second-guessing "partisan gerrymandering" - so legislatures can use as many racist and discriminatory standards for redistricting it wants as long as they claim it's "political."

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Not Political? montanacowboy Jun 2019 #1
citizens united and this. when the REAL chips are down-- fuck john roberts pangaia Jun 2019 #9
+1, they had ... NO ... problem deciding Bush V Gore and stopping the recount in Florida !!! uponit7771 Jun 2019 #58
They had no problem striking down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #69
...and They Knew They Wrong in Doing So. The_Counsel Jun 2019 #87
We need to win the Presidency ChiTownDenny Jun 2019 #63
THIS! YES! kag Jun 2019 #82
Both and StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #90
+1 -K&R onetexan Jun 2019 #92
Big loss for opponents of gerrymandering, unfortunately. n/t PoliticAverse Jun 2019 #2
Big loss for people who love Democracy, you mean. Eliot Rosewater Jun 2019 #5
+++ agree iluvtennis Jun 2019 #44
Absolutely agree!!! pazzyanne Jun 2019 #67
Strange reply SlogginThroughIt Jun 2019 #93
This is what happens when people WHINE about our prez candidate Eliot Rosewater Jun 2019 #3
Yes StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #7
Democrats can play that same game . . . Iliyah Jun 2019 #4
First, Democrats have to get control of state legislatures StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #8
Which is happening . . . . Iliyah Jun 2019 #10
and repubs have been working on it since before 1980... pangaia Jun 2019 #11
California - Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Duncan Hunter NewJeffCT Jun 2019 #19
These aren't state legislators StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #20
Democrats in the California state legislature NewJeffCT Jun 2019 #28
No, but CA & NY have Dem control and can affect GOP trolls now bigbrother05 Jun 2019 #38
Yeah but, watoos Jun 2019 #68
Yes! True Blue American Jun 2019 #56
Dems need to get control and pass legislation elias7 Jun 2019 #83
Yet another WTF! Absolutely stupid and incredible ruling! Day by day, the democracy gets ripped RKP5637 Jun 2019 #6
Supreme Court Says Constitution Does Not Bar Partisan Gerrymandering. elleng Jun 2019 #12
Then it's time for California NewJeffCT Jun 2019 #13
Agree! True Blue American Jun 2019 #16
The only way to turn this around. Baitball Blogger Jun 2019 #17
They are all gerrymandered districts because we have those states set up for maximum Dem wins. Ace Rothstein Jun 2019 #32
Most blue states like CA NewJeffCT Jun 2019 #53
Illinois is done by state legislature. Ace Rothstein Jun 2019 #54
You can simply draw a box that encompasses every R voter in the state Takket Jun 2019 #64
+1, its also time for California to demand representative electoral votes. uponit7771 Jun 2019 #41
Thank goodness True Blue American Jun 2019 #14
I hope you are correct. N/t Mach1miles Jun 2019 #21
The AG True Blue American Jun 2019 #47
welcome to DU gopiscrap Jun 2019 #75
Thank you. Mach1miles Jul 2019 #94
A lot of heinous fuckery occurs at the state level The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2019 #15
to #15 - you are absolute correct. We MUST strengthen our local and statewide GOTV efforts. northoftheborder Jun 2019 #31
Exactly treestar Jun 2019 #43
This really is a States rights issue True Blue American Jun 2019 #48
Yes it is, elleng Jun 2019 #57
A Court has ordered Ohio True Blue American Jun 2019 #60
Absolutely correct. yardwork Jun 2019 #65
Disgraceful. Goodheart Jun 2019 #18
Remember in Bush v. Gore when the Supreme Court called off the recount Goodheart Jun 2019 #25
Yes. Court can strike down portions of the voting rights act StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #26
Does that prevent the state courts from making judgments? AJT Jun 2019 #22
Well, that accelerates the problem zaj Jun 2019 #37
Can't they bring these cases back on racial grounds... zaj Jun 2019 #23
The only silver lining I can see is that it will heighten the awareness about the importance of WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2019 #24
Hmmm, from MSNBC it says it leaves it up to congress and federal courts have to stay out of it... uponit7771 Jun 2019 #27
That won't work. Congress can't make voting laws for states, not even for presidential elections. Goodheart Jun 2019 #39
Can't congress make laws saying gerrymandering can't be political along with racial? tia uponit7771 Jun 2019 #42
I have heard too many True Blue American Jun 2019 #55
A comment from SCOTUSblog: WhiskeyGrinder Jun 2019 #29
Ohio already did True Blue American Jun 2019 #52
Interesting comment from scotusblog: rurallib Jun 2019 #30
yeah, but the supreme court was happy to decide the election in 2000.... unblock Jun 2019 #36
IKR !?!?! uponit7771 Jun 2019 #45
With legal gerrymandering and a citizenship question on the census... BKDem Jun 2019 #33
here's the problem with the majority decision: unblock Jun 2019 #34
+1, It sounds like the majority is going back to their "intentions" rulings as if intentions make uponit7771 Jun 2019 #46
This is going to be one of those decisions hated by both sides. Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2019 #35
Fledgeling steps of a really bad court B Stieg Jun 2019 #40
it has been a really bad court since Roberts came on rurallib Jun 2019 #59
Elections have consequences. RedSpartan Jun 2019 #49
Shocker: gerrymandering the Supreme Court produces gerrymandering state legislatures. nt NCjack Jun 2019 #50
Time we start to take out the republican governors. slater71 Jun 2019 #51
Does this effect state ballot initiatives? Takket Jun 2019 #61
No, States rights. True Blue American Jun 2019 #62
What's the matter? bucolic_frolic Jun 2019 #66
A big thanks to all the so-called progressives who complained about Hillary and stayed home in 2016. OrlandoDem2 Jun 2019 #70
Fuck the Supreme Court 5. We all know who they are. debsy Jun 2019 #71
SCOTUS supports individual states fixing their own redistricting problems FakeNoose Jun 2019 #72
Just an FYI - asiliveandbreathe Jun 2019 #73
Dreadful ruling! dhol82 Jun 2019 #74
yup gopiscrap Jun 2019 #76
Wonderful. old guy Jun 2019 #77
Look at what Michigan did and pass similar gerrymandering killers everywhere Dorn Jun 2019 #78
States can and should fix gerrymandering. aquamarina Jun 2019 #79
Make it backfire Traildogbob Jun 2019 #81
Since it is a political process, Democrats should play the same game dalton99a Jun 2019 #80
It Will Take Congress Passing Anti-Gerrymandering Legislation dlk Jun 2019 #84
The phrase that should always be used: political hacks in robes Hassler Jun 2019 #85
So now Dems will have to... Kablooie Jun 2019 #86
"What's good for the goose is good for the gander" dalton99a Jun 2019 #91
Campaign issue Johnny2X2X Jun 2019 #88
It was another 5 -4 decision. I think i can guess whom the 5 were! Mr. Sparkle Jun 2019 #89
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