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Never, and I've been a member since 2003. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2019 #1
Nope jberryhill Jul 2019 #2
Seriously? That's pretty crazy/ridiculous. Caliman73 Jul 2019 #43
Back when DU was a haven for 9/11 Truthers jberryhill Jul 2019 #47
I try to never say anything online, that I couldn't say to someone's face. Caliman73 Jul 2019 #50
Nope...and I don't hide my identity. brooklynite Jul 2019 #66
slad by any chance?... SidDithers Jul 2019 #83
I had my suspicions at the time jberryhill Jul 2019 #92
Sometimes I miss the early Internet loons-- dawg day Jul 2019 #105
Call you on the phone? You've got to be kidding me. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #54
I think calling you on the phone crosses the line. n/t pnwmom Jul 2019 #82
Nope. Got cussed at once, but I don't consider that the same thing. dameatball Jul 2019 #3
I consider all abuse, no matter how subtle, as bullying Cary Jul 2019 #14
Bullying has a definition though. Caliman73 Jul 2019 #48
Same here Sherman A1 Jul 2019 #33
Yeah,I didn't think it was a big deal. It happens. dameatball Jul 2019 #41
Wow. That hasn't happened to me yet. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #57
I was stalked by a gungeon member yellerpup Jul 2019 #4
What's gungeon? zaj Jul 2019 #6
Local slang for Gun Forum. n/t yellerpup Jul 2019 #8
I don't know what counts as bullying in my case. Aristus Jul 2019 #5
Do threatening posts count as cyber bullying? mobeau69 Jul 2019 #7
I have been called out for a post or two..... ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2019 #9
You feel posters here address you with an appropriate tone? Cary Jul 2019 #10
There is far more civility here, even when discoussions get heated. ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2019 #18
Yes, the people on here tend to be very civil. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #59
"I have been called out for a post or two That was insensitive on my part" mitch96 Jul 2019 #60
You need another option: "They tried, but they DID NOT SUCCEED." n/t TygrBright Jul 2019 #11
YEP!!!! and I reported them and blocked their ass.... samnsara Jul 2019 #12
cyber bullied on a discussion forum? Kali Jul 2019 #13
One can have good manners. Cary Jul 2019 #15
you are correct Kali Jul 2019 #17
You are no darkangel that's for sure... Phentex Jul 2019 #46
! Kali Jul 2019 #68
Hehe... SidDithers Jul 2019 #84
Yes and i have the PM/Email ! stonecutter357 Jul 2019 #16
Borderline, some years back unc70 Jul 2019 #19
I have felt bullied by the self-appointed word police - people who won't let others use certain word Shrike47 Jul 2019 #20
Yes. But I'm still here, and they're not, for the most part. MineralMan Jul 2019 #21
Yes but some are returnees Cary Jul 2019 #67
I have no information about returnees. MineralMan Jul 2019 #69
Serve a term on Mirt Cary Jul 2019 #73
I have served on MIRT. MineralMan Jul 2019 #76
Pffft pintobean Jul 2019 #86
.. MineralMan Jul 2019 #87
You have the ability to block anyone bugging you... SidDithers Jul 2019 #22
I tried that at one point. However, it didn't work, because I was still posting. MineralMan Jul 2019 #27
You and me both. I've never blocked anyone on here. I value opinions different from mine PatrickforO Jul 2019 #63
I disagree, Sid Cary Jul 2019 #72
Expecting civility on DU is different from cyber bullying... SidDithers Jul 2019 #77
I still disagree Cary Jul 2019 #95
I have been stalked at DU. sheshe2 Jul 2019 #100
A poster once googled my DU name... SixString Jul 2019 #111
They are cowards, SixString. sheshe2 Jul 2019 #112
They sure are. SixString Jul 2019 #113
I've never been stalked, but I've been alerted on for trivial things many times and... TreasonousBastard Jul 2019 #23
I was told that I "seem to need his attention" as a reason for the stalking Baltimike Jul 2019 #24
I'm like a leather duck. Throck Jul 2019 #25
Yes. Brainstormy Jul 2019 #26
I have the skin of a rhino ripcord Jul 2019 #28
There are a few people here who Bettie Jul 2019 #29
It happens quite a bit I think. Not to just me but to wasupaloopa Jul 2019 #30
Nope Everyman Jackal Jul 2019 #31
A while ago and that person left RIGHT after this last election. Tikki Jul 2019 #32
Being insulted or disrespected by strangers on an internet message board The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2019 #34
Doxxing and stalking, though, do occur. MineralMan Jul 2019 #36
I have no doubt that it's happened, but the question that the OP survey asked was The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2019 #37
I don't recommend that. MineralMan Jul 2019 #51
I'd still call it bullying Bradical79 Jul 2019 #40
I wouldn't. To me, bullying is aggressive behavior toward someone The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2019 #42
I don't get bullied easily MuseRider Jul 2019 #35
Yes Bradical79 Jul 2019 #38
I have very strong opinions that I state forcefully. hunter Jul 2019 #39
Not unless you count the Sports Forum. bluedigger Jul 2019 #44
Please stop bullying Mos Eisley. Dr. Strange Jul 2019 #49
those people in C and B are bad ass! Kali Jul 2019 #71
They have knives!!... nt mitch96 Jul 2019 #90
As a New England fan True Dough Jul 2019 #97
Thank you, sir! bluedigger Jul 2019 #99
Nope but Sunsky Jul 2019 #45
Never. But then, I am quite capable of calling someone out if they go over the line. PatrickforO Jul 2019 #52
Yes and here is the latest example of it: sagesnow Jul 2019 #53
i'm sorry that you experienced this Cary Jul 2019 #62
Why would you think that's aimed at you? muriel_volestrangler Jul 2019 #78
Thanks, You are right sagesnow Jul 2019 #79
Yep. Ms. Toad Jul 2019 #55
Never been bullied Caliman73 Jul 2019 #56
No, though I've noticed some posters like to make things personal. jalan48 Jul 2019 #58
How is that not bullying? Cary Jul 2019 #64
I guess it just didn't seem like bullying to me. I thought of it as an attempt to change the subject jalan48 Jul 2019 #65
Agree Cary Jul 2019 #74
When one was a low count poster and one dared to stand up to PillWitt or MadTru..... GusBob Jul 2019 #61
Everyone has a right to their own opinions and thoughts Niagara Jul 2019 #70
A lurker put several facts together and tracked xmas74 Jul 2019 #75
I apologize to anyone who feels I have bullied them ProudLib72 Jul 2019 #80
There's that post where you told me I have a face only a mother could love True Dough Jul 2019 #101
Did I really say that?!?! OMG I am so sorry! ProudLib72 Jul 2019 #102
Now I'm really in a huff! True Dough Jul 2019 #103
Not on DU, but on a different site about my post on DU. Lady Freedom Returns Jul 2019 #81
They're brainless pintobean Jul 2019 #91
Ha! Cary Jul 2019 #96
Their still at it too. Lady Freedom Returns Jul 2019 #106
Oooh. sheshe2 Jul 2019 #104
But they are helping my off site views on YouTube. Lady Freedom Returns Jul 2019 #107
... sheshe2 Jul 2019 #109
Do you mean doxxing and stalking? If so then no I have not been. EllieBC Jul 2019 #85
How does one bully a person hiding behind a fictious name? Kaleva Jul 2019 #88
I've had stalkers, alert stalkers, been ganged up on pintobean Jul 2019 #89
Pinto, I just want Democrats to win Cary Jul 2019 #93
Remember amnesty? sheshe2 Jul 2019 #114
Yes - even death threats jpak Jul 2019 #94
Not really bullied, but harassed. DFW Jul 2019 #98
I felt bullied during the 2016 primaries. madaboutharry Jul 2019 #108
I've encountered many really unpleasant people here at DU comradebillyboy Jul 2019 #110
Point in fact. sheshe2 Jul 2019 #115
? jberryhill Jul 2019 #117
85% Sanders 15% Clinton supporters sheshe2 Jul 2019 #118
blog bullying, but ignorable. i grew up w/ uncles. i am impervious. pansypoo53219 Jul 2019 #116
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