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27. There's only ONE problem that really matters to the Tea Party. That's why they are so confused
Mon Sep 3, 2012, 12:23 PM
Sep 2012

and counter-productive and hypocritical on all of the examples that you site, 20score.

Racism is the only thing that they actually care about. Here is their racist genealogy, researched by a gentleman who has studied racists and white supremacy all of his life: http://www.irehr.org/

Perhaps you have noticed, 20score, when someone isn't being honest and up front about their true agenda, they produce all kinds of crazy mixed-up ignorant contradictory bullshit, just like all of the stuff that you accurately ascribe to the Tea Party. All of that Tea Party chaos is the result of attempts to obscure their true identity: Racists.

Nice rant! punkin87 Sep 2012 #1
Thanks! 20score Sep 2012 #2
Full disclosure. punkin87 Sep 2012 #6
The Ts will go wherever their corporate masters lead them. They bought and paid for them. nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #3
Their function is to subdue Labor by means of Racism. nt patrice Sep 2012 #29
Yes!!! Duchess St.Rollins Sep 2012 #4
Thanks Duchess! 20score Sep 2012 #5
Guess we have a mutual friend. 20score Sep 2012 #17
We do... Duchess St.Rollins Sep 2012 #44
+ 1000 is right! Well done! suede1 Sep 2012 #7
Thank you! 20score Sep 2012 #8
Welcome. suede1 Sep 2012 #13
.... Duppers Sep 2012 #9
Duppers! 20score Sep 2012 #11
thank you... oldhippydude Sep 2012 #10
Welcome! 20score Sep 2012 #14
K&R nt abelenkpe Sep 2012 #12
Tea baggers lovemydog Sep 2012 #15
Exactly! 20score Sep 2012 #16
You could use a kick. punkin87 Sep 2012 #18
+1 freshwest Sep 2012 #35
Two thumbs up! hbskifreak Sep 2012 #19
Thanks my man! 20score Sep 2012 #20
Triggered by the attack on unions. 20score Sep 2012 #21
RIGHT!! Which in its most recent incarnation actually preceded Reagan. patrice Sep 2012 #28
Thanks for the info! 20score Sep 2012 #33
Kick. suede1 Sep 2012 #22
Another kick. suede1 Sep 2012 #23
Thanks. Would like to have some teabaggers see this. 20score Sep 2012 #24
And do you Flashmann Sep 2012 #26
some will -- we have our own stalkers of DU grasswire Sep 2012 #30
Thank you! 20score Sep 2012 #32
One more. suede1 Sep 2012 #25
There's only ONE problem that really matters to the Tea Party. That's why they are so confused patrice Sep 2012 #27
Well taken. 20score Sep 2012 #31
Karl Rove read 'Mein Kampf' BarackTheVote Sep 2012 #34
1984. 20score Sep 2012 #36
K&R! smirkymonkey Sep 2012 #37
Dead dogma draggers. lonestarnot Sep 2012 #38
Yep. 20score Sep 2012 #39
Thought this was going to go main page, J. suede1 Sep 2012 #40
Thanks! 20score Sep 2012 #41
K & R n/t ihavenobias Sep 2012 #42
Tea Party terrorists. Initech Sep 2012 #43
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