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Significant that Scotus took the case. empedocles Dec 2019 #1
Gorsuch and Kavanaugh won't recuse. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #2
maybe bench scientist Dec 2019 #3
Neither one will recuse. Nor should they StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #6
I like your prediction. Roberts has a history of doing what you have predicted. shockey80 Dec 2019 #4
Every now and then, Roberts gets a 2 a.m. Dickensian visitation from the Ghost Of Historians Future hvn_nbr_2 Dec 2019 #22
I also think the decision could very well be unanimous StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #5
I agree, no one will recuse themselves. shockey80 Dec 2019 #7
knowing the gop..... getagrip_already Dec 2019 #8
What do you mean by "it will be 5-12"? Polybius Dec 2019 #10
I was joking they would cheat.... getagrip_already Dec 2019 #18
The issue of whether the president can be indicted will not be an issue in the case onenote Dec 2019 #13
I said indicted.... getagrip_already Dec 2019 #19
I misspoke. But, no, the issue of indictment absolutely is not raised in any of the cases onenote Dec 2019 #25
Nys is attempting to get financial records for grand jury... getagrip_already Dec 2019 #29
I will quote the Second Circuit decision: onenote Dec 2019 #32
Fair enough... but? getagrip_already Dec 2019 #34
Typically the court will not rule on a question not addressed by a lower court. onenote Dec 2019 #35
Hopefully, you're not a betting person n/t Polybius Dec 2019 #9
That was my immediate thought Awsi Dooger Dec 2019 #11
Why would they recuse? onenote Dec 2019 #12
At least four justices voted to hear the case andym Dec 2019 #14
So the best it can be is 5-4 to release? Tiggeroshii Dec 2019 #15
Not necessarily... getagrip_already Dec 2019 #20
The outcome of this case could be the most critical we've seen in many, many decades. coti Dec 2019 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Nature Man Dec 2019 #17
I predict 5-4 in Trump's favor. Garrett78 Dec 2019 #21
And the ruling will only apply for Republican presidens exboyfil Dec 2019 #31
I wonder if any of the justices will address the "president can't be indicted while in office" BS Goodheart Dec 2019 #23
Your words to God's ear sandensea Dec 2019 #24
Somehow, some way the returns will not be released before the election. Sneederbunk Dec 2019 #26
I wonder if Trump having promised to release the tax records numerous times weakens his brewens Dec 2019 #27
You are far more optimistic than I am Va Lefty Dec 2019 #28
5-4 for Trump edhopper Dec 2019 #30
They'll never recuse. Doing so would set a precedent for all future Justices Calista241 Dec 2019 #33
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