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Sun Mar 29, 2020, 06:57 PM Mar 2020

Does anybody else feel the stark realization [View all]

Last edited Wed Apr 1, 2020, 07:47 PM - Edit history (2)

that they could very well die form this?

I am in New York(staying in place) and I have come to grips that I will probably contract the virus. If or when I do, it could kill me.

It is a sobering experience.

Addendum: I live in Queens NY, where we have the famously overwhelmed Elmhurst Hospital. If I do get ill, I might have to decide whether to die alone in a hospital corridor, waiting for a ventilator than probably won't come. Or stay and die at home with my wife.

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I did today, ... I'm not going shopping. This is going to go on for 6 months uponit7771 Mar 2020 #1
I'm afraid it will be 12 more months minimum central scrutinizer Mar 2020 #14
At the rate it's going, it'll burn itself out. bearsfootball516 Mar 2020 #45
Yes, after 2 yrs looking at the R0 number. In the meantime we're screwed uponit7771 Mar 2020 #52
This! Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #88
Herd immunity only happens if EVERYONE gets exposed, right? Beartracks Mar 2020 #133
It's in the 90s in Florida. Has been for weeks. Still spreading. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #151
That's the point so many people are ignoring. Heat isn't doing away with this virus. BComplex Mar 2020 #197
No. If a critical mass of the population are exposed radius777 Mar 2020 #168
Earlier word was that recovered patients could indeed get sick again. Beartracks Mar 2020 #170
Various studies still in progress. radius777 Mar 2020 #171
What if the virus does reinfect, but people upon reinfection remain asymptomatic? Moostache Mar 2020 #203
I think the quarantine will be raised by the end of April. dhol82 Mar 2020 #134
There's no signs of Italy bottoming out infection cases, we're doing the same thing they're doing uponit7771 Mar 2020 #175
It's 90 degrees in Florida Sugarcoated Mar 2020 #218
They were saying 18, last I read. quakerboy Mar 2020 #112
They are working all over the planet for a vaccine,.. magicarpet Mar 2020 #140
Which will still take a year to prove, uponit7771 Mar 2020 #174
There is a saying,.. magicarpet Mar 2020 #186
We've done that before and it killed a crap ton of babies, I don't think they're uponit7771 Mar 2020 #187
Yup SheltieLover Mar 2020 #2
Most people don't die, or even get very sick. I'm trying to look at it that way. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #3
This is why I wish that MSNBC and CNN would add a 'Hospitalized' column HotTeaBag Mar 2020 #24
Depending on where you are, you probably can't get tested unless you are hospitalized The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #25
I respectfully disagree, there are most certainly not 33,700 people HotTeaBag Mar 2020 #37
It depends on the location, like I said. Where I am (MN) The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #47
Hey Velveteen.. diverdownjt Mar 2020 #68
As long as it takes... The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #72
I was scheduled for a perm Scarsdale Mar 2020 #173
I was just telling my husband that by the time this is at least calmed down, yellowdogintexas Mar 2020 #213
In my county Meowmee Mar 2020 #95
That's great that you have that information - they're not breaking it down like that here HotTeaBag Mar 2020 #207
the fact that some are surviving or are deemed mild doesn't negate what is happening hcs overwhelmed Meowmee Mar 2020 #216
Our county is reporting the recovered-those discharged home eilen Mar 2020 #221
As of today, in Florida you can't get tested in blue counties (PBC, Broward, Dade) Submariner Mar 2020 #212
We have drive up testing in my county/city in NY. eilen Mar 2020 #220
Its the pandemic equivalent to drmeow Mar 2020 #27
To be fair to Fox, they HAD to - at least for a little while HotTeaBag Mar 2020 #70
They "CHOSE TO", they didn't "have to". SergeStorms Mar 2020 #179
Of course there's control, they'll get fired if they deviate from the message. HotTeaBag Mar 2020 #192
+1 uponit7771 Mar 2020 #62
I think that's the true metric people are worried about talking about. AtheistCrusader Mar 2020 #206
Same here. ananda Mar 2020 #83
I wish I knew cannabis_flower Mar 2020 #196
It would be great if there were enough tests to determine whether The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #198
Absolutely cannabis_flower Mar 2020 #199
John Prine really hits close to home. Walleye Mar 2020 #4
I'm so out of luck if I need a ventilator... Lars39 Mar 2020 #5
I don't understand what you mean. Control-Z Mar 2020 #28
Extreme triage, like in Italy, excludes those with cancer background, etc. Lars39 Mar 2020 #32
Really? Control-Z Mar 2020 #43
Thank you, and right back to you. Lars39 Mar 2020 #46
We have only a tiny fraction of the vents we're going to need. If you have 3 patients and one vent Hekate Mar 2020 #99
I'm right there with you Lars39 duforsure Mar 2020 #176
Well said, duforsure. Lars39 Mar 2020 #182
I am so sorry Oppaloopa Mar 2020 #185
Make it through the next couple months; therapies and outcomes will be better. And... blitzen Mar 2020 #6
yes ME I have Crohn's so I take chemo and also during the year found out I had Diabetes II demtenjeep Mar 2020 #7
Remember: Always think on the bright side. You might not die and have to live through another 16 LiberalArkie Mar 2020 #15
If that happened I'd figure I actually had died and was in Hell. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #21
When Dr Farci said 100-200,000 people might die marlakay Mar 2020 #8
Remember that's out of a population of 350,000,000 localroger Mar 2020 #20
I keep running the numbers Dan Mar 2020 #54
The numbers reported are misleading MyMission Mar 2020 #149
Hope you're right, I use the figures from this site....don't trust figures provided by the Fed. Dan Mar 2020 #157
Yes, high risk categories. uppityperson Mar 2020 #9
Yeah. I have a large circle of friends these days. Girard442 Mar 2020 #10
I am 72 with asthma, bad ticker. But my cardiologist and my respiratory doc say that I am LiberalArkie Mar 2020 #11
Imagine getting the virus mikalcharles Mar 2020 #12
I will think on that while I wash socks. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2020 #29
I would hate for that to be anyone's last thoughts but yes we need to escape out of the lunasun Mar 2020 #61
yes, and my wife as well rampartc Mar 2020 #13
Yes.... FarPoint Mar 2020 #16
Yes. 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2020 #17
Yup. silverweb Mar 2020 #18
Yes... Newest Reality Mar 2020 #19
Thank you for your perspective, Newest Reality. PWPippinesq Mar 2020 #53
Yes, and it's pretty terrifying lettucebe Mar 2020 #22
I've kind of vaguely thought about it treestar Mar 2020 #23
Yes. Bluethroughu Mar 2020 #26
Totally understand Dan Mar 2020 #65
I have been reading some good ideas here Bluethroughu Mar 2020 #181
Actually, yesterday I wondered if the virus would wipe us all out eleny Mar 2020 #30
I discussed this with our entire family malaise Mar 2020 #31
Did the same with my family. 2naSalit Mar 2020 #87
Our parents are long gone malaise Mar 2020 #90
It's been weighing heavily on me lately. 2naSalit Mar 2020 #98
Exercise malaise Mar 2020 #101
I know a lot about cracks qwlauren35 Mar 2020 #137
Thanks. I am more worried for my mom and baby 2naSalit Mar 2020 #144
Sorry to hear that. You should just stop reading about it to lower your stress. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #156
Same here. ancianita Mar 2020 #93
Right now I'm more worried about drmeow Mar 2020 #33
It has crossed my mind. I'm pretty healthy and close to 70. raccoon Mar 2020 #34
im 40. i have one lung. its not conjecture. I'm not worried. I've got to get as much done now as i Pillow talk Mar 2020 #35
can Pillow talk Mar 2020 #36
Yes. LizBeth Mar 2020 #38
I've have been predicting April 15 for my day getting the virus 4139 Mar 2020 #39
I've thought about it. smirkymonkey Mar 2020 #40
i was pronounced a death sentence June 2019 ... dweller Mar 2020 #41
Yes. nt tblue37 Mar 2020 #42
Yes. I had symptoms a couple of weeks ago. bamagal62 Mar 2020 #44
Yes, very much so. Mr.Bill Mar 2020 #48
Actually, yes CanonRay Mar 2020 #49
Same here Boomer Mar 2020 #113
Yes, I've wondered if this is what will kill me... liberalla Mar 2020 #50
When GOP says a few million should die, they mean you and me IronLionZion Mar 2020 #51
This one will take out some very rich folks as well malaise Mar 2020 #142
Oh yes. Not paranoid - just cautiously realistic. Marie Marie Mar 2020 #55
Yes, the reality is hitting home Chainfire Mar 2020 #56
You can put that to good work jberryhill Mar 2020 #57
We do that edhopper Mar 2020 #66
I was awake into the wee hours wondering if I should write goodbye letters to my family members now. Grasswire2 Mar 2020 #58
That's a good idea, Grasswire. Lars39 Mar 2020 #59
I've been getting requests to do wills jberryhill Mar 2020 #60
I need to get one done, JB. KY_EnviroGuy Mar 2020 #222
My wife and I revised/added to our 'Letter of Instruction' empedocles Mar 2020 #75
I am more concerned that this could be the beginning of the end of the world. Doodley Mar 2020 #63
Also worried about trump being stupid enough to nuke China over this nt maryellen99 Mar 2020 #80
The total collapse of the economy is assured...this may not be the only trigger though... Moostache Mar 2020 #82
possibly more bugs, pandemics and growing antibiotic resistance appalachiablue Mar 2020 #110
Nice post---I forgot about Jubilee. mtngirl47 Mar 2020 #111
Yes.... Heartstrings Mar 2020 #64
April is Shelter in Place Month Shermann Mar 2020 #67
Yes, feel the reaslization. BUT, we gotta think positive. Stay in (except to get food & meds), iluvtennis Mar 2020 #69
It has forced me to confront my mortality. totodeinhere Mar 2020 #71
i've recognized that since February. barbtries Mar 2020 #73
I'm an overweight diabetic with high blood pressure in my 60s. MarianJack Mar 2020 #74
Yes. I just had a brief talk with my family. slumcamper Mar 2020 #76
It's certainly a possibility but I don't dwell on it captain queeg Mar 2020 #77
Every day. I just turned 63, have asthma, and work in a clinic. Laffy Kat Mar 2020 #78
We just talked to our niece and her fiancee in Hoboken mcar Mar 2020 #79
A haircut is a "risky" situation Turbineguy Mar 2020 #81
not going to get one edhopper Mar 2020 #84
Yes. I have felt that all along. I'm 72 & feel I have so much unfinished business in this life... Hekate Mar 2020 #85
Yep. If I contract this virus, I'm not likely to survive. nt WhiskeyWulf Mar 2020 #86
I worry the virus could wipe out most of my family. procon Mar 2020 #89
If you smoke. STOP SMOKING. I really need a haircut too underpants Mar 2020 #91
I'm rocking a hippie braid down my back these days Warpy Mar 2020 #92
Yes easttexaslefty Mar 2020 #94
Stay safe. cwydro Mar 2020 #96
Dear Ed, this is how you feel today. Tomorrow could feel altogether different Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #97
Yes, and it's scary Curtis Mar 2020 #100
Yes. You're not alone. ancianita Mar 2020 #102
Yes Mickju Mar 2020 #103
I'm having a COPD episode coming on, the first in 2 years A HERETIC I AM Mar 2020 #104
Get a prescription for inhalers. Many are available. Combivent is THE best for COPD. ancianita Mar 2020 #190
Way ahead of you! A HERETIC I AM Mar 2020 #201
Cool. Happy for you, then. I didn't read that you said that, so thought I'd suggest it. ancianita Mar 2020 #210
No worries. Stay safe and well. A HERETIC I AM Mar 2020 #211
I am not handing out medical advice,.. magicarpet Apr 2020 #223
Trumpvirus chart keithbvadu2 Mar 2020 #105
My brother has seen COVID patients. Initech Mar 2020 #106
I'd thought about it. liberalmuse Mar 2020 #107
Once or twice during Feb. I left the house to go to dr office. Alwaysna Mar 2020 #108
Yes jpak Mar 2020 #109
Been there, done that... keithbvadu2 Mar 2020 #114
Absolutely. warmfeet Mar 2020 #115
This chart breaks down the cases: efhmc Mar 2020 #116
As a 62 year old baby boomer--I haven't thought about me dying. mtngirl47 Mar 2020 #117
Updated and filled out my will Botany Mar 2020 #118
Ah Yes.. I'm still going out to forage for food. Cha Mar 2020 #119
Forage for food? dhol82 Mar 2020 #154
Yes, there are three of us here Marrah_Goodman Mar 2020 #120
My sister is getting tested tomorrow. mommymarine2003 Mar 2020 #121
Yes, I feel the same. but... Knicks007 Mar 2020 #122
That I do. paleotn Mar 2020 #123
I felt that weeks ago. Even more for my family. ooky Mar 2020 #124
I'm not sure Corgigal Mar 2020 #125
No, I am not at all worried. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #126
While I share your attitude on not worrying, Italy and Spain are not 3rd world countries. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #159
Yes, Italy and Spain are not 3rd world countries PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #161
No one is doomed. But an extremely contagious disease with a 1% death rate is worthy of concern GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #163
I guess the survival rate is simply meaningless. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #167
There is very, very little more stark than having this become fatal for you or anyone you know. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2020 #127
63, obese and have had pneumonia 3 times TexasBushwhacker Mar 2020 #128
Lets see, I've had pneumonia, have cancer, am old, my wife is old and during January and marble falls Mar 2020 #129
Right on! dhol82 Mar 2020 #138
Yes, with a serious auto-immune issue. pazzyanne Mar 2020 #130
I have Joinfortmill Mar 2020 #131
Yes. I think about it often. wnylib Mar 2020 #132
Yes McCamy Taylor Mar 2020 #135
yes. gay texan Mar 2020 #136
I picked a great time Lord Ludd Mar 2020 #139
Yes, Definitely Dorian Gray Mar 2020 #141
Well look on the bright side Lokilooney Mar 2020 #143
I've had that realization for a few weeks now... uriel1972 Mar 2020 #145
Yes Owl Mar 2020 #146
Yes, definitely Dale Neiburg Mar 2020 #147
No way I'm dying ThoughtCriminal Mar 2020 #148
Other than customerserviceguy Mar 2020 #150
Yeah glad I retired. Turned out to be god timing captain queeg Mar 2020 #165
There are now videos on line on how to cut your own hair. nt Blue_true Mar 2020 #152
My SO gave me a trim late last week... Hugin Mar 2020 #153
I'm kind of ambivalent. ecstatic Mar 2020 #155
I know this sounds so cliche, but think positive Rorey Mar 2020 #158
But of course misanthrope Mar 2020 #160
Never thought I would consider having had bladder cancer a blessing. Bit now it is. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #162
I am high risk and so I am very worried Gothmog Mar 2020 #164
While I'm not particularly worried I recognize it's a possibility captain queeg Mar 2020 #166
Yes Lulu KC Mar 2020 #169
Yes MFM008 Mar 2020 #172
Most certainly. SergeStorms Mar 2020 #177
no big deal to me catsudon Mar 2020 #178
Two days ago when I felt suddenly too weak to even stand and nauseous lostnfound Mar 2020 #180
Yes, with 2 kids as doctors, I know despite the precautions taken in the house OhioChick Mar 2020 #183
Yes, I came to that realization some weeks ago lillypaddle Mar 2020 #184
I'm 62 so that is a sobering realization but ... jimlup Mar 2020 #188
If I am infected with Covid 19 ... which I am doing everything to avoid... littlemissmartypants Mar 2020 #189
I, too, am determined to keep living. . . Collimator Mar 2020 #215
I'm reminded of the time I got my melanoma diagnosis presented to me... Wounded Bear Mar 2020 #191
Every sniffle or cough worries me TrogL Mar 2020 #193
This message was self-deleted by its author Initech Mar 2020 #194
It's why I didn't get much sleep on Saturday night Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2020 #195
NYC here too (Inwood) bpcmxr Mar 2020 #200
My grocery store was exposed a worker tested positive Dukkha Mar 2020 #202
Yes. murielm99 Mar 2020 #204
I feel this way every time I get on my bicycle or motorcycle and ride in Seattle traffic. AtheistCrusader Mar 2020 #205
Yup. orangecrush Mar 2020 #208
I need to write my will. Been putting it off. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #209
Yes. NT mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2020 #214
Dude, a haircut is the least of you worries right now. Grow your freak flag and keep your distance. Nitram Mar 2020 #217
I am a nurse. I live in central NY eilen Mar 2020 #219
Yes. And my spouse is worried about that as well. Ilsa Apr 2020 #224
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