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305. That statement presumes an absolutely God-like knowledge & understanding of ALL of the factors.
Tue Sep 11, 2012, 03:17 PM
Sep 2012

I wouldn't mind that presumption if people would admit it up front.

If whatever caused 9/11 is real, then n/n is a real probability too. Does pretending that that is not true reduce or increase drone strikes?

I don't know the details of CPS, but often there are admins that could be let go. NYC_SKP Sep 2012 #1
Top heavy admin salaries could be reduced. ananda Sep 2012 #2
You want other people laid off so you can get a bigger raise? nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #228
I'd like to see someone answer this. Joe the Revelator Sep 2012 #243
That was a huge leap from 'cut some of the salaries of administrations' to 'so you want to see sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #258
DIRECTLY from post 2 Joe the Revelator Sep 2012 #266
they can. rube goldberg designs too many central offices. Check the roguevalley Sep 2012 #286
end financing schools with property taxes. Make it roguevalley Sep 2012 #287
The devil is always in the details. Tansy_Gold Sep 2012 #9
This is not about salaries... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #176
Actually, that's part of it, according to a poster teacher here on DU yesterday, and news reports. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #227
I agree there are multiple... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #239
Correct. Triloon Sep 2012 #276
Yep. n/t YvonneCa Sep 2012 #279
If you think education is expensive wait til you see how much stupid costs. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #3
the cme doesnt trade stock they trade commoditys rdking647 Sep 2012 #5
Not if NY stock transactions are taxed as well. Which should be the case. JaneyVee Sep 2012 #7
its a pretty easy assumption to make when your tax burden is maong the highest in th ecountry rdking647 Sep 2012 #18
You know what happens when you assume...? JaneyVee Sep 2012 #40
You're making assertions not in evidence. What is the effective tax rate in Chicago? leveymg Sep 2012 #204
sales tax in chicago is 9.5% rdking647 Sep 2012 #222
Surprise Me, Sir, And Tell Me How Much Of that Goes To the City.... The Magistrate Sep 2012 #223
The state rate is 6.25%. The city and county charge an additional 3.25% hack89 Sep 2012 #224
Is there a transactions tax on trades on the CBT? leveymg Sep 2012 #229
ive heard this suggested alot rdking647 Sep 2012 #256
Only "problems" if one doesn't want solutions. On-screen transactions can be taxed, and as for the leveymg Sep 2012 #289
how does chicago tax on screen transaction if the cme moves to another city? rdking647 Sep 2012 #292
SEC regulatory change: all trades have to be transacted through a specified exchange - CBT - to leveymg Sep 2012 #298
the cme is not sec regulated. its regulated thru the cftc rdking647 Sep 2012 #299
What percentage of sales tax funds education in Illinois? LiberalAndProud Sep 2012 #255
"...how much stupid costs." randome Sep 2012 #215
WRONG!!! U4ikLefty Sep 2012 #273
and what city is that? rdking647 Sep 2012 #285
Why are the teachers and kids always the ones to suffer when budgets are tight gollygee Sep 2012 #4
chicago teachers are the highest paid in the country rdking647 Sep 2012 #6
Maybe they are paid more highly but teaching in Chicago Public Schools is a tough venue. snappyturtle Sep 2012 #8
Do teachers salaries in a jurisdiction change according to the toughness of the school? Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #231
Your logic doesn't hold up. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #277
Ahhh yes, the good old "according to one study".... 99Forever Sep 2012 #12
Actually the union is quite proud of this fact. Robb Sep 2012 #17
And what? 99Forever Sep 2012 #27
actually its the teachers union itself that proclaims teacher there the 2nd highest paid in the coun rdking647 Sep 2012 #38
So fucking what? 99Forever Sep 2012 #45
when i pointed out the fact the teachers where among the highest paid in teh country you replied rdking647 Sep 2012 #49
Who do you think you are fooling? 99Forever Sep 2012 #54
"ANTI-... "maybe, maybe not... sweetapogee Sep 2012 #102
There's no fucking "maybe, maybe not" about it. 99Forever Sep 2012 #128
This sub-thread makes me sad joeglow3 Sep 2012 #134
it seems MrDiaz Sep 2012 #301
This obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #137
When NO ONE gives on any of the other substantive issues, you go for the biggest "weapon" you have. patrice Sep 2012 #152
That's a pretty poor standard since teachers in the US are very poorly paid compared to other sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #260
not true rdking647 Sep 2012 #262
Lithuania, Slovakia, (where the unemployment rate was 40%) sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #270
You were WRONG about the Chicago sales tax rate being the "highest in the nation" U4ikLefty Sep 2012 #274
I hope you're not a teacher. nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #232
I hope you.. 99Forever Sep 2012 #245
Good for them. That's why we need Unions. Teachers are the lowest paid of all the professions, so sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #259
Easy cowboy, we're on the same side here. Robb Sep 2012 #41
Ssshh, we are on an anti-union binge today on this Democratic forum. sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #119
Not so sure about that anymore milwaukeelib33 Sep 2012 #120
I don't consider the Third Way that has infiltrated the party and is in lock step with sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #122
Since the Repukes don't run the city of Chicago hack89 Sep 2012 #123
Lol! One word 'Rahm'! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #125
Rahm wanted to take down the teacher's union obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #139
Does he have a history of being anti-union or is this a quirk of Chicago power politics? nt hack89 Sep 2012 #163
Rahm has a history of being an asshole - TBF Sep 2012 #190
Put it this way, Paul Ryan came out in support of Rahm today! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #244
When you're losing pro-union Democrats on an issue, the PR has to be pretty bad. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #234
No one is losing pro-Union Democrats. The Third Wayers however who have infiltrated sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #249
Maybe you should read some of the posts in this thread. Everyone in DU is pro-union, as far Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #278
The only people in this thread I see opposing the strike, are not people I would call pro-union sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #282
I agree. Chan790 Sep 2012 #281
thats a good attitute rdking647 Sep 2012 #284
See... Chan790 Sep 2012 #295
The highest paid in a high stress, low pay job gollygee Sep 2012 #22
from the teachers union itself rdking647 Sep 2012 #39
So? gollygee Sep 2012 #42
like someone said -- the tallest midget leftyohiolib Sep 2012 #78
Some numbers guardian Sep 2012 #89
Compare the cost of living in Chicago proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #144
Chicago cost of living index guardian Sep 2012 #209
60%? gollygee Sep 2012 #219
two differences guardian Sep 2012 #272
The US national average can't be made up just of people with Master's Degrees gollygee Sep 2012 #291
And? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #147
My only point was in response to a poster that claimed guardian Sep 2012 #210
Teachers in big cities make more than teachers in small towns because gollygee Sep 2012 #171
+1 proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #216
chicago is an expensive city dsc Sep 2012 #246
I support teachers. My sister is one. But they are not in the low pay category. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #235
This is patently untrue. ancianita Sep 2012 #51
actually it is true rdking647 Sep 2012 #201
YOu haven't linked ONE claim you've made today. ancianita Sep 2012 #63
Maybe they're paid highly because the cost of living in Chicago is considerably higher Chorophyll Sep 2012 #99
Good, hopefully one day all teachers will be as highly paid obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #135
And hopefully those of us in the private sector will be as highly paid, too, right? Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #236
And the teachers don't have bachelors and masters degrees? neverforget Sep 2012 #247
That was already said. That's what I responded to. It's not just about YOU, is it? It's about the Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #280
Yeah it's all about me. I want the teachers to neverforget Sep 2012 #308
Public sector jobs pay less than private sector jobs obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #294
Research is your friend, red. GeorgeGist Sep 2012 #200
This is not about anyone's salaries. This is about... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #177
Are the administrators getting more than a 2% raise? nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #230
The first thing they need to do Drale Sep 2012 #10
^^THIS^^ ty, Drale. MerryBlooms Sep 2012 #19
One more thing, END Bush's NCLB program the most failed sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #199
Denver temporarily suspended COLA increases for administration. Robb Sep 2012 #11
Cut the administration. Cut the jobs in administration. Cut the pay of administrators. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #13
You're the 2nd person to suggest firing people so you can get a pay raise. Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #237
I don't think you really understand what this is all about. I'm judging only by your comments sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #248
I'm not a school teacher anywhere. I did not earn my living as a teacher. JDPriestly Sep 2012 #300
Anyone with any experience from RL tama Sep 2012 #310
There's no money elsewhere in the budget at all? porphyrian Sep 2012 #14
Yes there is lots of money elsewhere in the budget.. Millions of it has been paid by Rahm to outside sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #263
I thought so. Unacceptable. n/t porphyrian Sep 2012 #290
Break the parking meter contract, tax financial transactions, etc. There's always money available.. Scuba Sep 2012 #15
breaking the parking meter contract=huge damages in a lawsuit. at least the billion they were paid rdking647 Sep 2012 #23
You've fallen for bullshit scare tactics. The parking meter contract was rigged and can be broken.. Scuba Sep 2012 #28
how do you propose they break the contract? rdking647 Sep 2012 #35
I find it interesting michreject Sep 2012 #93
The parking meter contract was (allegedly) rigged, and therefore not legal. See the dif? Scuba Sep 2012 #106
No michreject Sep 2012 #194
You break the contract if the allegations prove true. Sheeeze. Scuba Sep 2012 #203
Sheeeesh................That's a big if michreject Sep 2012 #213
Not really. Any malfeasance during the contracting and a judge will throw it out. Scuba Sep 2012 #214
Finding irreglarties witht the meter deal michreject Sep 2012 #218
Exactly, thank you! sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #126
A) That's BS there is so much tax money floating around Chicago, the machine hires temp workers Egalitarian Thug Sep 2012 #16
Beaut post. ty MerryBlooms Sep 2012 #21
but they dont rdking647 Sep 2012 #26
So your point is to screw the teachers to support the graft? Scuba Sep 2012 #29
its not screwing the teachers rdking647 Sep 2012 #36
If their pay hasn't kept up with cost of living, it's only nominally "more." Robb Sep 2012 #48
Do you work? gollygee Sep 2012 #52
I would say breaking the promise of a raise is "screwing" and "paying them less than promised".... Scuba Sep 2012 #72
Which crooks? Where you from? alcibiades_mystery Sep 2012 #60
Cut the Chicago Police Department (being used as Rahm's 'enforcers' and coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #20
with the murder rate in chicago so highthats not going to happen rdking647 Sep 2012 #24
If the Chicago PD is so great, then why is the murder rate so high????? Q.E.D. - n/t coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #30
if the teachers are so great why are test scores so bad? rdking647 Sep 2012 #31
Maybe the kids are dumb. JVS Sep 2012 #43
Welcome to my Ignore list, scab - n/t coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #47
Seriously -- wtf is wrong with DU today? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #145
Should the MIRT team be alerted? proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #149
I really think something should be done for two main reasons obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #155
Maybe he's a devotee of Michelle Rhee and her ilk. No matter, he's now coalition_unwilling Sep 2012 #275
The rhetoric is even beyond Rhee is some ways obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #293
So you don't like teachers? Maybe it's because NCLB is a failure. Bush's NCLB is one of sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #131
Read... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #179
Apparently the police have failed in their duties in Chicago then. sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #261
CPD already down 2k officers AngryAmish Sep 2012 #57
Pay is Only a Minor Element, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2012 #25
lassuming they limit class sizes rdking647 Sep 2012 #33
Actually, No, sir, It Does Not Mean That The Magistrate Sep 2012 #37
i dont have a problem firing bad teachers rdking647 Sep 2012 #44
Why Is It No Surprise You Are a Charter School Groupie, Sir? The Magistrate Sep 2012 #69
if educational outcomes are the same rdking647 Sep 2012 #74
It Will Cost You The Same, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2012 #81
If it's really ONLY about money, shouldn't this question be, "Why doesn't money make a difference?" patrice Sep 2012 #161
Neither your nor Rahm's POV on this abumbyanyothername Sep 2012 #70
Please define "bad teacher". patrice Sep 2012 #90
You make it sound like there are so many 'bad teachers'... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #181
Someone just tried to hide this post ... holdencaufield Sep 2012 #97
So, union busting is "common sense"? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #151
Wow. proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #146
Advocating union busting on DU obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #153
I would have allowed it to stand. ieoeja Sep 2012 #307
You are advocating 'union busting'... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #180
So it finally comes out. LAGC Sep 2012 #297
I am glad there is a real discussion about not holding teachers accountable for ineducable children AngryAmish Sep 2012 #61
Each teacher ends up with ALL of the mistakes with each student that preceded him/her. It's not patrice Sep 2012 #98
You never know who ate the lead paint, who got an STD from mommy's boyfriend AngryAmish Sep 2012 #105
Parents aren't helping much either. The most common sense of what good curriculum is patrice Sep 2012 #114
There are SEVERAL other issues. Do we know that pay is exclusively the highest patrice Sep 2012 #32
EXACTLY. This is being spun as... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #183
The machine pays NO attention to anything but money, so that's the TOOL that teachers use for more patrice Sep 2012 #193
Use the exhorbitant cigarette tax that your city already charges. JVS Sep 2012 #34
your question misdirects the real responsibility.... mike_c Sep 2012 #46
they can resolve it easily rdking647 Sep 2012 #50
I suspect this is your answer to most labor issues. "fire that teachers." You are supporting Vincardog Sep 2012 #91
And that's what may happen. It comes with a cost... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #185
take a look at their corporate welfare leftyohiolib Sep 2012 #53
lol - there is plenty of money in this country TBF Sep 2012 #55
First of all, you don't know for a fact that Chicago's tax rate is astronomical. ancianita Sep 2012 #56
I lived most of my life in chicago rdking647 Sep 2012 #65
You obviously don't own property there. I have for over 25 years. ancianita Sep 2012 #75
What is "not high". Who are you comparing to? dkf Sep 2012 #124
Your base assumptions are wrong. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2012 #58
raise taxes??? rdking647 Sep 2012 #71
Ahh so that is where you are coming from Marrah_G Sep 2012 #116
Do you have some numbers on that Charter School claim? You do realize that while sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #130
Figured you were a charter school advocate obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #159
How about this. How about taking all those millions of dollars Rahm is pouring into Private sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #265
Here we go again. Welcome to the new DU. woo me with science Sep 2012 #59
Sometimes individuals do have questions. It's not all about political ideologies. People can just be patrice Sep 2012 #62
Sometimes I wonder treestar Sep 2012 #303
I too wonder about that, because there's no greater threat than validly informed understanding. patrice Sep 2012 #304
some people dont automatically bow down to unions all the time rdking647 Sep 2012 #66
If you want us to regard that as anything more than just your opinion, you should support it with patrice Sep 2012 #73
Oh, please, labor expert, 'splain to us how that has happened? ancianita Sep 2012 #77
Explanations are useful. patrice Sep 2012 #79
We get it. geardaddy Sep 2012 #132
Up thread they advocate busting unions obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #160
Yep, I saw the "Just fire the teachers" comment. geardaddy Sep 2012 #166
I thought I saw the ghost of St.Ronnie in this thread. Autumn Sep 2012 #212
Yup -- it's the 80's again obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #220
Co-relation is not necessarily cause and effect. It can just be chance. patrice Sep 2012 #68
Seems to me anti union has frequently been an undercurrent here. davsand Sep 2012 #94
If you're against defending drone strikes, be prepared for an awkward moment at the ballot box. alp227 Sep 2012 #283
That statement presumes an absolutely God-like knowledge & understanding of ALL of the factors. patrice Sep 2012 #305
Some people are so obsessed with authority that everything is explained in terms of that, rather patrice Sep 2012 #306
And the alternative is...acceptable? KansDem Sep 2012 #64
hi Rahm Enrique Sep 2012 #67
+1 I'm heading over to kick xchrom's post. woo me with science Sep 2012 #80
Tell us "what they are demanding". Do you know? HiPointDem Sep 2012 #76
Yes! Kids are about a whole lot more stuff than just $$$!! So what is this about? patrice Sep 2012 #84
There is PLENTY of money. Zoeisright Sep 2012 #82
Are there union busters on this message board? The Link Sep 2012 #83
Some people really are just, uh . . . un-informed. I know I am. patrice Sep 2012 #87
The astroturfers do come out on specific issues. It's uncanny. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #143
Yes, literally so obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #162
Bad timing ~ goclark Sep 2012 #85
Unfortunately, the school year is not actually based on the election cycle. nt Chorophyll Sep 2012 #100
Solidarity and people's rights have no condition, no waiting period obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #165
Wrong, this is exactly the right time for them to speak out. Where did this idea that the people sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #267
83 replies and NOT ONE REC should tell you something. ancianita Sep 2012 #86
it tells me that my opinion is unpopular here rdking647 Sep 2012 #88
Facts aboutcity taxes and school budgets don't matter to you, either. ancianita Sep 2012 #92
I don't know enough about Chicago to make a claim jpbollma Sep 2012 #95
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Sep 2012 #197
Correction, anti-Union sentiment is unpopular with Democrats everywhere, not necessarily sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #198
Shocking discovery - take it back to Mayor Rahmney. He's not too popular here, either. leveymg Sep 2012 #207
All that matters to you is busting the union. neverforget Sep 2012 #250
I fully support unions. Alduin Sep 2012 #96
Why is it crap? jpbollma Sep 2012 #101
Also jpbollma Sep 2012 #103
One reason it could be "crap" is that people do not understand that teachers have very little power patrice Sep 2012 #108
Thank you. Alduin Sep 2012 #127
I taught high school for 8 years, mostly middle-&-upper-middle. I also still personally know patrice Sep 2012 #142
Thank you! And uninformed... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #175
Most of our culture has a bad habit of, "It's the other guy/gal!" Teachers don't have that luxury. patrice Sep 2012 #182
The OP has stated he is a union buster obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #167
Rahm has poured millions of funds into Private Corporations, some of them from outside sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #268
Educate yourself on why the teachers are striking lunatica Sep 2012 #104
Lunatica jpbollma Sep 2012 #107
Have you searched DU? A couple of pretty good articles were posted lastnight. patrice Sep 2012 #112
Here's a link to an overview: patrice Sep 2012 #118
Let's talk about that "no more money" HiPointDem Sep 2012 #109
Cut administrator positions and salaries nt abelenkpe Sep 2012 #110
The Illinois income tax rate is a flat 5%. Nye Bevan Sep 2012 #111
and chicagos sales tax is 9.5% rdking647 Sep 2012 #113
I did find some info on the test based jpbollma Sep 2012 #117
Why not bring it to a vote? former-republican Sep 2012 #148
They can make cuts elsewhere Marrah_G Sep 2012 #115
The points you make suggest that this might actually be an opportunity for authentic change.nt patrice Sep 2012 #121
Half what they spend on charters will reduce class sizes proud2BlibKansan Sep 2012 #129
How much do the administrators make? obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #136
What the hell is this RW anti-union shit doing on DU??? Odin2005 Sep 2012 #138
I'm wondering the same thing. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #141
At least two big threads like this today obamanut2012 Sep 2012 #150
no one has objected... madrchsod Sep 2012 #158
Post removed Post removed Sep 2012 #140
Ever notice that RW propagandists NEVER ask this question... 99Forever Sep 2012 #154
i take it you live in chicago,cook county ,or illinois. madrchsod Sep 2012 #156
Oh, I'm naive, but I think teachers could be as well paid as defense contractors' executives and... CreekDog Sep 2012 #157
+1000000000 IMO, this is because "Pro-Life", as we know it, is a lie. nt patrice Sep 2012 #168
THEY HAVE MONEY IN RESERVE!!!! special snowflake Sep 2012 #164
Teachers know that this is about more than money; money is the last means available to them to patrice Sep 2012 #173
Money is the spin. Make the teachers look greedy... YvonneCa Sep 2012 #187
Clearly we shoud return to a feudal system of government. hunter Sep 2012 #169
Straight out, are you a union buster? nt patrice Sep 2012 #170
I wonder how much this scab gets paid. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2012 #172
I wish to goodness that this board would at least have them register, even if they don't tell us. patrice Sep 2012 #174
Seems to me, he asked a fair question badtoworse Sep 2012 #184
Karen Lewis said straight out last night that the compensation dispute is pretty small riderinthestorm Sep 2012 #178
Emmanuel said it was about the increased hours required for the 2% raise. nt Honeycombe8 Sep 2012 #238
Municipal bonds for my first guess. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #186
Bonds generally finance capital expense, not operating expense. badtoworse Sep 2012 #188
I believe it depends on whether the bond initiative is for a capital fund or a general fund. LanternWaste Sep 2012 #192
Chicago has more than enough money thelordofhell Sep 2012 #189
LOL, union bashing is alive and well today NiteOwll Sep 2012 #191
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Sep 2012 #195
I would suggest looking at the tax structure for Chicago, MadHound Sep 2012 #196
right now the chicago schools face a 665m deficit this year rdking647 Sep 2012 #202
There are other options. My favorite: surcharge tax on hot air and RW talking points. leveymg Sep 2012 #205
did you miss this little nugget from that report rdking647 Sep 2012 #208
I don't recommend the entire package, just that there are parts of a solution suggested within. leveymg Sep 2012 #225
I think you have me confused with somebody else, MadHound Sep 2012 #211
How about the millions that Rahm has redirected to the Private Corporations sabrina 1 Sep 2012 #269
"parents of Chicago schoolchildren were almost three times more likely to back the unions Zorra Sep 2012 #206
man i dig coming to DU to read anti-union threads KG Sep 2012 #217
Yep, they're coming out of the woodwork now. valerief Sep 2012 #254
Tweet from Tea Party Cat gollygee Sep 2012 #221
you can bet that if they needed a new football stadium, they would easily find the money spanone Sep 2012 #226
I think every worker in America needs to stop. Maybe B Calm Sep 2012 #233
*sigh* Lifelong Protester Sep 2012 #240
Best response in this silly thread. LAGC Sep 2012 #296
Thank YOU! Lifelong Protester Sep 2012 #312
"there is simply no more money " the CBOE has plenty of money Agony Sep 2012 #241
exactly how. rdking647 Sep 2012 #242
chicago isn't alone, public education could use some help in phiily or new york or even london Agony Sep 2012 #251
The problem isn't salary. It's healthcare. nt valerief Sep 2012 #252
Taxes. Property taxes. State & city taxes. geckosfeet Sep 2012 #253
raise taxes on rich fuckers like Rahm. rateyes Sep 2012 #257
Maybe they shouldn't have privatized the parking meters for 75 years? Pholus Sep 2012 #264
How do you propose teachers deal with situations like this? izzybeans Sep 2012 #271
This message was self-deleted by its author AnotherMcIntosh Sep 2012 #288
The DU answer will be to raise taxes on the other guy to pay for it taught_me_patience Sep 2012 #302
As opposed to who perchance? nt Pholus Sep 2012 #309
How about we all chip in and pay more? taught_me_patience Sep 2012 #311
I've never had a problem with my tax rate, so why not? Pholus Sep 2012 #313
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