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Wed Apr 1, 2020, 11:34 PM Apr 2020

So, what's the DU consensus re: Mask, no-mask? [View all]

Haven't heard what the review by CDC has concluded, am aware of the arguments that they're not effective for general use & will deprive health care workers. However, construction workers and others use them for their jobs and some of us-randoms happened to buy a packet of a hundred paper ones back when (I forget why) and never used them so they're here (with some dust).

What does DU say? (I need to go to the grocery/pharmacy tomorrow.)

79 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Mask at the grocery store
73 (92%)
No mask
6 (8%)
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if ya feel better to do it, do it. homemade types tho, leave pro masks for the pros nt msongs Apr 2020 #1
Well, the ones I'm talking about are not "pro" just flimsy paper. I could home-make UTUSN Apr 2020 #3
This looks seriously doable, U: Leghorn21 Apr 2020 #7
Excellent coverage and looks "pro" - thanks!1 UTUSN Apr 2020 #9
sorry to be confusing, by pro I mean hospital type masks from med suppliers. lots of msongs Apr 2020 #5
's awRight, I'm a Pisces easily confused!1 UTUSN Apr 2020 #8
And nitrile gloves n/t shanti Apr 2020 #2
Yes! BigmanPigman Apr 2020 #26
I'm not feeling the need to do that. Kali Apr 2020 #4
Thanks, even in democracy, some voices count more than numbers: Yours. UTUSN Apr 2020 #6
oh yeah I am old and decrepit Kali Apr 2020 #10
Well, thanks a lot - SARCASM!1 UTUSN Apr 2020 #11
If you don't wear a mask, you're placing yourself in a risk group. lagomorph777 Apr 2020 #43
How are you not in a risk group for spreading it? You're human, no? greenjar_01 Apr 2020 #57
I am pretty isolated, not likely to aquire it it the first place. Kali Apr 2020 #61
I'm going to make a mask (haven't made it yet but) until Raine Apr 2020 #12
Am drawing the line at gloves for now. UTUSN Apr 2020 #13
Same Here ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #36
your choice.... quickesst Apr 2020 #39
Scare Tactics Are Not Productive ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #46
sorry, but what you call scare tactics..... quickesst Apr 2020 #49
The NYT directions are really complete karynnj Apr 2020 #54
I went to the grocery drive up today and saw a number of shoppers wearing masks. ooky Apr 2020 #14
Have seen some scattershot ones over the past couple of weeks, increasingly. UTUSN Apr 2020 #15
*****Hookay, *RESULTS* ---------- bowing to the overwhelming majority, *will* do the mask. UTUSN Apr 2020 #16
my personal opinion.... quickesst Apr 2020 #17
Alrighty then - done!1 UTUSN Apr 2020 #18
Totally agree - I will not go into a store without a mask womanofthehills Apr 2020 #19
Yes.. very important. Thank you! Cha Apr 2020 #29
excellent reply quickesst Apr 2020 #37
A selfish fool. It's not only to protect yourself. lagomorph777 Apr 2020 #44
Exactly quickesst Apr 2020 #58
COVID numbers are getting higher and closer to where I live. Totally Tunsie Apr 2020 #20
My family is using homemade cloth ones Withywindle Apr 2020 #21
Mask everywhere. To protect other people, not necessarily yourself. Progressive Law Apr 2020 #22
I sewed myself a mask even though I have my groceries delivered lunatica Apr 2020 #23
I live in Japan. Used to be in Korea. Wear the Mask! rpannier Apr 2020 #24
Wear the mask in public areas, like pharmacies and grocery stores. roamer65 Apr 2020 #67
Wear it for others, and for yourself. Buckeye_Democrat Apr 2020 #25
If you have a couple masks the germs on them will naturally BigmanPigman Apr 2020 #27
Very proud to wear the ones my GF made for me. safeinOhio Apr 2020 #28
From not knowing who has this virus , anywhere, duforsure Apr 2020 #30
I've started wearing one inside stores a couple days ago rictofen Apr 2020 #31
Found a box of dust masks at home Freddie Apr 2020 #32
This is the only kind of masks I could find, yes the have to dewsgirl Apr 2020 #34
I've been wearing a mask and gloves to the store for about dewsgirl Apr 2020 #33
Been doing it for 6 weeks here. lagomorph777 Apr 2020 #53
Mask provides limited protection. Igel Apr 2020 #35
The only question I have is can you safely reuse them Jersey Devil Apr 2020 #38
It's probably still better than nothing RhodeIslandOne Apr 2020 #40
Buy a UV light. roamer65 Apr 2020 #68
On my last foray the the grocery I did not wear a mask,but of course practiced distancing. Other Nay Apr 2020 #41
Our county in southern Oregon put out a MerryBlooms Apr 2020 #42
I'm wearing a mask anytime I'm in public and not in my car. aikoaiko Apr 2020 #45
... zackymilly Apr 2020 #47
*****FEEDBACK*** Did the mask thing for first time. It went fine. UTUSN Apr 2020 #48
! Kali Apr 2020 #62
It's virus theater. Codeine Apr 2020 #50
Yup obamanut2012 Apr 2020 #59
Yeah, I mean, what do these goofballs know? dpibel Apr 2020 #64
When used correctly. Codeine Apr 2020 #65
Homemade, don't take one that could save a healthcare provider. redstatebluegirl Apr 2020 #51
We need billions of masks awesomerwb1 Apr 2020 #52
I'm kind of having fun.. stillcool Apr 2020 #55
Masks are becoming fetishized by people who use them wrong. Jirel Apr 2020 #56
I was at a Grocery Outlet and saw a woman Codeine Apr 2020 #60
magical thinking and fool-yourself actions are popular Kali Apr 2020 #63
The problem is, it can hurt others. Jirel Apr 2020 #71
they are always among us Kali Apr 2020 #72
How do you stop your glasses from fogging up? spinbaby Apr 2020 #66
This message was self-deleted by its author elocs Apr 2020 #69
Mask. kentuck Apr 2020 #70
Masks are a given now. Found several good ones in our garage so my family each have a couple. jmg257 Apr 2020 #73
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