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What a bunch of loud, whiny, nasal, privileged, nasty, ignorant womanbabies. Grow TF up, cow. CurtEastPoint Apr 2020 #1
Apparently, Karen is having second thoughts about motherhood. Luckily Coronavirus provides Squinch Apr 2020 #2
CPS should seriously be involved. LoveMyCali Apr 2020 #13
clicked the link. it was a staged protest by the Idaho Freedom Foundation IcyPeas Apr 2020 #3
And then there's this: demmiblue Apr 2020 #5
Even worse: it was an astroturfed coordinated protest. demmiblue Apr 2020 #4
I feel bad for the cops who have to deal with these idiots. The cops should be wearing PPE. Hassin Bin Sober Apr 2020 #10
The idiocy required to argue Cartaphelius Apr 2020 #6
That does not make the mom's look good. Plus it teaches their kids that laws do not matter. Tech Apr 2020 #7
Exactly! And I bet not a single child there has been vaccinated for anything. displacedtexan Apr 2020 #12
Bring in the paddy wagon Bev54 Apr 2020 #8
Those women were just looking for drama. I can't believe how patient he was smirkymonkey Apr 2020 #9
The officer showed great restraint Chainfire Apr 2020 #11
Should have smashed her head into the car bluecollar2 Apr 2020 #14
As Trump suggested lame54 Apr 2020 #22
Exactly...n/t... bluecollar2 Apr 2020 #25
Bringing a homeless person point of view into it... Lady Freedom Returns Apr 2020 #15
The Idaho Freedom Foundation has $$$ ties to the Kochs, DeVos, Coors & Walton families; & BIG corps. VOX Apr 2020 #16
Wow -- thanks for compiling this information, VOX. crickets Apr 2020 #21
Rightwing Crisis Protesters sop Apr 2020 #17
That woman in black shirt and striped wrap around is as dumb as a box of rocks. Goodheart Apr 2020 #18
I, too, want the officer's name and badge number. Goodheart Apr 2020 #19
Good Call ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #20
After he cuffed one wrist... lame54 Apr 2020 #23
Bluffing A Cop Into Arresting You ProfessorGAC Apr 2020 #24
Ah, this was an organized "Playdate Protest"... not surprised. Alex4Martinez Apr 2020 #26
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