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27. Can you help me with that? HOW? "... wouldn't (it) have happened"??? The only answer I can think of
Fri Sep 14, 2012, 11:49 AM
Sep 2012

is that a President Romney would have instituted such a regime of oppression throughout the whole region, and understand the means by which that would be accomplished would be Saddam Hussein-clones at ALL levels, correct??

He's saying there'd be no violence, because he'd have Uncle Sugar pay people to "prevent" other people in the region from acting democratically, because that could eventually result in an attack.

So, essentially he's saying he'd set us up to "have to" go into ________________ (again) to rein in another one of our monsters.

Go Charlie! goclark Sep 2012 #1
. n/t porphyrian Sep 2012 #2
Has Anything Rmoney Said In The Last Couple Of Days Since This ME Uprising...... global1 Sep 2012 #3
you heaven05 Sep 2012 #11
This was a planned terrorist attack. mick063 Sep 2012 #20
Protesters set fire to American school in Tunis - @Reuters reporter dixiegrrrrl Sep 2012 #40
It's not just on Russia. He put all our interests in jeopardy by accusing US Embassy in Cairo... Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #4
+100000! jillan Sep 2012 #5
That is the crux of this story and is not really being discussed Oilwellian Sep 2012 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author CJCRANE Sep 2012 #10
First Amendment glockenstein Sep 2012 #12
It depends who made the video and why. CJCRANE Sep 2012 #13
What about "aid and comfort"? Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #25
Great point ArcticFox Sep 2012 #47
He and his handlers are too crass and amateurish to parse it diplomatically BumRushDaShow Sep 2012 #16
Exactly. nt snappyturtle Sep 2012 #17
The embassy statement is covered by the same 1st Amendment Rights that cover the film... Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #23
Sooooo........ kestrel91316 Sep 2012 #41
I already have one right here... Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #21
And now McCain PatSeg Sep 2012 #44
Mitt's comments about Russia and Putin's response vlyons Sep 2012 #7
You know who is going to kill R/R on this??? Biden. Just wait until the debates. jillan Sep 2012 #9
I can't wait to see Biden debate Ryan! Rob H. Sep 2012 #15
Release the Kraken!!! vlyons Sep 2012 #26
+1 for unambiguous imagery !!! WheelWalker Sep 2012 #50
Kerry demolished Bush in the debates... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2012 #45
True. Indpndnt Sep 2012 #48
Work hard until it is over... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2012 #51
I definitely will. And thanks for the welcome! Indpndnt Sep 2012 #55
Russians aren't burning down our embassies because they have been insulted on their most core belief Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #24
Reagan and the Beatles vlyons Sep 2012 #29
Good job on the levity. Welcome to DU. Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #35
He said the same thing a couple of days ago aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #8
Wouldn't that require that OldEurope Sep 2012 #14
I wouldn't dismiss them so lightly. As America goes so goes......just sayin'. nt snappyturtle Sep 2012 #18
On the ground, no, but the clerics ginning this up are always looking for an angle... Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #36
Besides killing most of Americans I think one of the Iliyah Sep 2012 #19
+1google!!! The entire objective being to clone some more Saddam Husseins to run the region for them patrice Sep 2012 #30
Nailed it! Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #38
Considering Romney's spokesman said that "under President Romney the attack wouldn't have happened" progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #22
Can you help me with that? HOW? "... wouldn't (it) have happened"??? The only answer I can think of patrice Sep 2012 #27
Republicans these days aren't all that enthusiastic vlyons Sep 2012 #34
Aren't they also measuring the value of things in people dying for __________ , which actually turns patrice Sep 2012 #37
He wants the whole World to burn. tridim Sep 2012 #28
He's seriously into Fire for Fetuses! with the help of some very addled TEAterrorists. nt patrice Sep 2012 #31
a.k.a. Moloch patrice Sep 2012 #32
And Missouri. Indpndnt Sep 2012 #49
REMEMBER: Egypt is the apple of PNAC -ian eyes! nt patrice Sep 2012 #33
As one character says in "Top Gun", he (Romney) is worse than the enemy. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2012 #39
+1000000 Blue State Bandit Sep 2012 #42
Obama should take his beer, sit around a table with Putin. They can laugh at Rmoney jokes. n/t jtuck004 Sep 2012 #43
Rangel has his issues but I still support him. nt BootinUp Sep 2012 #46
Can't wait for the debates flyguyjake Sep 2012 #52
I think he got his 3am call test tavalon Sep 2012 #53
Wish I'd seen that! MADem Sep 2012 #54
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