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17. If you are referring
Thu Jun 4, 2020, 04:43 PM
Jun 2020

To Trump, how is it a coup?
He is in charge.
He doesn’t need to overthrow the government. He is already in charge.

As far as not believing the results if he loses, well, he will be escorted out in January.
The Secret Service will abide their oath over a desperate imbecilic man-child dictator-in-chief.

I have to believe that for my own sanity.

Not paranoid JustAnotherGen Jun 2020 #1
who is overthrowing who... Thomas Hurt Jun 2020 #2
That is my question I dont doubt it but the traitor cant do a coup, he is in power Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #8
If you are paranoid, you have a lot of company, including me. alwaysinasnit Jun 2020 #3
I hate being uninformed. Sogo Jun 2020 #4
Really? -NT- jayfish Jun 2020 #5
Could it be the unidentified "so-called" military in the streets lined up opposite protesters? not_the_one Jun 2020 #25
Practice for not having or refusing to accept results of the election rzemanfl Jun 2020 #6
Yep, I had the same thought. War games. BannonsLiver Jun 2020 #9
There is no question, none, that he wont accept the loss , that is if we are allowed to vote or Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #11
Except most everything done by Dotard this year weakens him. Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #7
Context would be good. Caliman73 Jun 2020 #10
Drills For Locking Down DC When... jayfish Jun 2020 #12
Quite simply Dotard and his people are not smart enough to conduct a coup. Sneederbunk Jun 2020 #13
Keystone coups soothsayer Jun 2020 #14
heh Alacritous Crier Jun 2020 #21
They Could Get A Whole Lot Of People Killed Though. jayfish Jun 2020 #16
Remember how Trump said he wouldn't abide by the election results if he lost to HRC? Mr. Ected Jun 2020 #15
If you are referring Karma13612 Jun 2020 #17
No: the Constitution and the entire Federal system provide a deliberately divided government struggle4progress Jun 2020 #22
Not true -- President Biden will be President Biden obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #24
From the beginning of the Republic, Presidents have bemoaned the limits of their powers. The notion struggle4progress Jun 2020 #28
I don't think Trump thinks that far ahead. Kablooie Jun 2020 #18
The republicans are doing the coup I_UndergroundPanther Jun 2020 #20
Please elaborate. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jun 2020 #19
Yeah. No doubt. Mc Mike Jun 2020 #23
There will be an election marie999 Jun 2020 #26
If Trump loses in November ScratchCat Jun 2020 #27
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