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2. Did Joe Friday ever fire his pistol?
Mon Jun 8, 2020, 03:00 PM
Jun 2020

You gave me something to think about. Nothing in society is ever about only one thing.

oddly enuff british cops get by unarmed for the most part except for specialty squads nt msongs Jun 2020 #1
Am I wrong but people in Britain are not armed to the teeth are they? doc03 Jun 2020 #3
Did Joe Friday ever fire his pistol? marie999 Jun 2020 #2
I don't think Joe ever did but Pete and Jim did a good bit nt doc03 Jun 2020 #5
Yes, at least once. rsdsharp Jun 2020 #10
Thank you. marie999 Jun 2020 #12
It may have happened in the 1950s version, as well. rsdsharp Jun 2020 #18
I remember that now LOL doc03 Jun 2020 #16
Not buying it Johnny2X2X Jun 2020 #4
If a cop is out on patrol and comes up against an AR-15 what does he tell the bad guy to doc03 Jun 2020 #7
Who says the cops have to outgun people? Johnny2X2X Jun 2020 #11
In the 1930s, cops came up against heavily armed rsdsharp Jun 2020 #15
I think you have to look at the Second Amendment as a reason for why that happens genxlib Jun 2020 #8
Years ago I worked with the son of a small town cop, his dad stopped a car for a speeding violation doc03 Jun 2020 #27
There's a difference between issuing cops appropriate sidearms, Aristus Jun 2020 #6
They are at times going up against people with military combat weapons. If civilians weren't doc03 Jun 2020 #14
Yeah and they pal around with them. Voltaire2 Jun 2020 #24
That's what S.W.A.T. teams used to be for. Aristus Jun 2020 #28
+10000000 Nevilledog Jun 2020 #17
Yet we were happy to have them during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff ripcord Jun 2020 #19
It was less than a month ago sarisataka Jun 2020 #26
Chicago PD TV show Captain_New_York Jun 2020 #9
The show Cops made it all normal Johnny2X2X Jun 2020 #21
I know I have brought that up before are they portraying what cops actually do or are doc03 Jun 2020 #22
The militarization of police J_William_Ryan Jun 2020 #13
What the pro-gun people caused.... Historic NY Jun 2020 #20
Well finally someone gets the point. In today's society a cop would have to be downright insane doc03 Jun 2020 #25
I've lived for 29yrs Historic NY Jun 2020 #30
Excellent point. We need to de-militarize the civilians before doing so to the police. Kaleva Jun 2020 #29
yeah I saw how the cops in Minneapolis chased the armed nazi thugs out of the state house. Voltaire2 Jun 2020 #23
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