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Kid Berwyn

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16. Remember when CIA withdrew Agent in Putin's office?
Sun Jun 28, 2020, 04:49 PM
Jun 2020

CIA feared Drumpf would reveal the Agent’s existence to Putin and compromise a vital mission vacuuming all he or she could from Putin’s literal desktop.


LOCK HIM UP! Lock him up. Jun 2020 #1
He sure ignored a lot of important stuff in that same time period soothsayer Jun 2020 #2
Gawd dammit . . Iliyah Jun 2020 #3
Not only is it his job to know about this C_U_L8R Jun 2020 #4
Trump knew. dalton99a Jun 2020 #5
👍 uponit7771 Jun 2020 #7
Yes, Trump knew..& he ignored it. Stuart G Jun 2020 #10
That would make a nice succinct bumper sticker. Another Jackalope Jun 2020 #40
Trump favors Putin over OUR military. oasis Jun 2020 #6
Well, when he needs to flee the US, who does he want to protect him? erronis Jun 2020 #9
He should be careful leftieNanner Jun 2020 #15
Ah, yes. That 66th floor of that virtual skyscraper. Long fall. Big splat. erronis Jun 2020 #17
Trump denied it Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #8
I'am concerned the civil war TRE45ON wants is R's vs D's and that's wrong on so many levels. KS Toronado Jun 2020 #11
It is fascists against everyone else Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #19
If Trump is removed over this, wnylib Jun 2020 #27
Agreed Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #29
To be sure, Putin does not want wnylib Jun 2020 #33
Putin will push Trump to not leave even if defeated Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #34
Cannot agree with the nukes order. wnylib Jun 2020 #35
I hope you are right Miguelito Loveless Jun 2020 #36
Just you wait Traildogbob Jun 2020 #12
I predict a Pulitzer in the future wolfie001 Jun 2020 #13
RT! TY, sunonmars! Cha Jun 2020 #14
Remember when CIA withdrew Agent in Putin's office? Kid Berwyn Jun 2020 #16
Resignation on the horizon? I don't think the GOP would want pence to head the ticket. He's Karadeniz Jun 2020 #18
Just to rattle Trump and the GOP Mr.Bill Jun 2020 #22
No. Pence is not tainted by association padah513 Jun 2020 #32
It's great when the NSA gets its licks in through the NYT. ancianita Jun 2020 #20
The problem isn't that he knew though the problem is that he did....nothing. Not one thing. cstanleytech Jun 2020 #21
Even worse! zorbasd Jun 2020 #23
Kick again for visability... Stuart G Jun 2020 #24
trump is incapable of being president spanone Jun 2020 #25
Trump is incapable of caring about anyone but himself too. Stuart G Jun 2020 #26
So It Was Even Funded By DallasNE Jun 2020 #28
Sickening. Donald Trump needs to resign. Joinfortmill Jun 2020 #30
He'll say he was too busy handling the looming COVID-19 pandemic. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #31
Yeah. Blue_true Jun 2020 #37
We're not being led at all. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #39
You are right. It feels like being tied to a truck that a psycho is driving up the wrong way on Blue_true Jun 2020 #41
Two questions for reporters: whttevrr Jun 2020 #38
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