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It's a crime in California as well. onecaliberal Jun 2020 #1
She really has her finger on the trigger. Jesu! Walleye Jun 2020 #2
At least her idiot husband who doesn't know how to hold his AR-15 knows trigger discipline nt sweetloukillbot Jun 2020 #22
Or he doesn't know where the trigger is PatSeg Jun 2020 #23
That's possible as well sweetloukillbot Jun 2020 #29
Yeah, it was pretty comical PatSeg Jun 2020 #30
Oregon Timewas Jun 2020 #3
This? soothsayer Jun 2020 #4
Just for comparison-the NJ Aggravated Assault statute Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #5
I expect they'll be charged. PTWB Jun 2020 #6
How long before the charges are dismissed? Aristus Jun 2020 #17
Unlikely. PTWB Jun 2020 #20
I sure hope so. Aristus Jun 2020 #25
Even rich white people who stick their thumb in the eye of the state can get prosecuted.. PTWB Jun 2020 #26
they probably won't, they were on their own property Amishman Jun 2020 #32
They'll be charged. PTWB Jun 2020 #34
They were charged. PTWB Jul 2020 #42
People Control, Not Gun Control - these people should not have possession of a gun Sancho Jun 2020 #7
It kinda looks like hubby is pointing his weapon at wifey. AJT Jun 2020 #8
That's so bad! Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #13
Well, she's already wearing a striped shirt, so maybe she's ready for jail? MineralMan Jun 2020 #9
I forgot to mention "Scarface" McCloskey in the background Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #10
what is the back story to this? demtenjeep Jun 2020 #11
Just some peaceful protestors passing by Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #12
And good god, she has her finger on the trigger GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #14
The McCloskey Gang.... Laxman Jun 2020 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author redstatebluegirl Jun 2020 #16
Oh yes! Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #18
Yes 2golddogs Jun 2020 #19
it is a felony there, too -- and, look at her finger obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #21
Convicted felon safeinOhio Jun 2020 #27
Can you imagine if she had pulled the trigger, and killed someone...? First Speaker Jun 2020 #24
Hey, Douchebag! snort Jun 2020 #28
Oh, they went and shut their firm web site down. Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #31
NJ is also a Castle Doctrine state Azathoth Jun 2020 #33
Mad Dog and Scarface look like they're setting up that defense. Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #36
No "castle domain" if protesters are not on their property but just walking by. marie999 Jun 2020 #39
I wonder what they plan on doing BlueIdaho Jun 2020 #35
Her finger is ON the trigger! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #37
Video of the action figure couple csziggy Jun 2020 #38
What about this? marie999 Jun 2020 #40
It just hit me-maybe they watched Tremors a couple of times too many? Dread Pirate Roberts Jun 2020 #41
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