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48. I must b the most pessimistic person here.
Tue Jun 30, 2020, 07:34 PM
Jun 2020

I am not sure about the election, maybe 750,000, but by the end of the flu season in 2021, I am putting it at least 2,000,000.

My niece got married last Sunday leftieNanner Jun 2020 #1
That is just plain stupid but people everywhere are leftyladyfrommo Jun 2020 #13
I hope your family remains healthy, but seriously jayschool2013 Jun 2020 #25
Well, back then FDR was President and he set the tone. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #29
So true. NT jayschool2013 Jun 2020 #30
setting the tone bdamomma Jun 2020 #52
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2020 #46
In the eight decades since then misanthrope Jun 2020 #49
I think we're experiencing a perfect storm here in the US... Hekate Jul 2020 #68
I think the civil unrest only seems more widespread misanthrope Jul 2020 #69
Good point Hekate Jul 2020 #70
All that advertising about what you deserve treestar Jul 2020 #73
Oh, completely misanthrope Jul 2020 #76
I'm sorry Danmel Jun 2020 #61
I have another friend whose daughter was married this summer leftieNanner Jul 2020 #75
I know exactly how you feel, Nanner Hekate Jul 2020 #67
It will easily be a total deaths well above 200k by November. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2020 #2
And barreling down on us without slowing it's pace, is climate change. CrispyQ Jun 2020 #7
Appears the sheets are going to chafe a bit misanthrope Jun 2020 #50
My drummer got married 2 weeks ago. ON ZOOM. No reported infections! BamaRefugee Jun 2020 #3
With so many... Newest Reality Jun 2020 #4
Well it took 4 months for us to get to 126,000... MontanaMama Jun 2020 #5
And that's when the numbers were lower than they are today ... aggiesal Jun 2020 #35
Father's day Tink41 Jun 2020 #6
Best wishes to your father... Wounded Bear Jun 2020 #8
Some of us have been shouting this at the top of our lungs. Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #11
I was out shopping today and ran into one my siblings at the market. Blue_true Jun 2020 #51
There's a particular irony in the sibling with the comorbities PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2020 #63
I told him to go get his damned mask. I honestly don't think that people think about Blue_true Jul 2020 #77
I will admit Tink41 Jun 2020 #53
Lots of someones. Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #56
I'm still sticking with... Alacritous Crier Jun 2020 #9
Yup. We're 126 days from Nov. 3. We're at 130k dead and losing 1,000 a day. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #31
Deaths have been declining, still Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #10
On That Point... ProfessorGAC Jun 2020 #12
There are things a lot worse than death..struggling with the aftermath of Covid is one of them Thekaspervote Jun 2020 #16
Absolutely. I bring that up everytime someone suggests the 40 & unders Ms. Toad Jun 2020 #21
We don't yet know the long term effects sarge43 Jun 2020 #43
Well and people who survive are often left with leftyladyfrommo Jun 2020 #14
I am wondering if just being infected by Covid, even if you survive it, will make people more smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #22
That's a really good point. leftyladyfrommo Jun 2020 #23
I read that too. "Ground glass" opacities showed up on asymptomatics' lung scans. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #36
Covid-19 really, really likes lung tissue.... paleotn Jun 2020 #45
What was seen with SARS was that people that required hospitalization Blue_true Jun 2020 #55
That is what is so frightening about this virus. smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #58
We might just as well be Sweden without the healthcare system they have Thekaspervote Jun 2020 #15
Yup, worst of both worlds! SunSeeker Jun 2020 #37
With the way the GOP and Trump have been messing with the numbers Jarqui Jun 2020 #17
THIS SunSeeker Jun 2020 #38
And it won't even be Halloween Cartaphelius Jun 2020 #40
Link to evidence of that. former9thward Jun 2020 #59
I do not have time to cite all the articles Jarqui Jun 2020 #64
Thank you for taking the time to post all that! Hermit-The-Prog Jul 2020 #71
You are cut/pasting headlines of stories that have no meat in them, former9thward Jul 2020 #72
Gov Newsom is saying, "Do not have any family gatherings!!!" BigmanPigman Jun 2020 #18
Family gatherings is the simple source, but ... aggiesal Jun 2020 #41
Newsom is going to enforce new restrictions announced tomorrow. BigmanPigman Jun 2020 #44
I just hope Newsom closes the beaches MR. ELECTABLE Jun 2020 #57
Big jump? ... aggiesal Jul 2020 #66
I've thought 250,000k by election day since we hit 100,000k lettucebe Jun 2020 #19
That was me I predicted between 230 and 250 k Garion_55 Jun 2020 #20
250k by November if we are lucky AlexSFCA Jun 2020 #24
I predicted 350K in March. plimsoll Jun 2020 #26
The top asshole does not take responsibility. warmfeet Jun 2020 #27
Back of the envelope numbers say at least 205,000 by then Maeve Jun 2020 #28
I believe we will see 200k by August Woodwizard Jun 2020 #32
More like 200,000 by Labot Day. niyad Jun 2020 #33
Trump just got us banned from Europe. SunSeeker Jun 2020 #34
we are outcasts in the world. bdamomma Jun 2020 #54
Just take 1918 and multiply it for population growth and raise bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #39
Is there a betting line in Vegas on number of deaths? BarbD Jun 2020 #42
there will be a lot of nervous people Roc2020 Jun 2020 #47
I must b the most pessimistic person here. marie999 Jun 2020 #48
some of the big states have someone at the wheel (NY, CA for example) Demovictory9 Jun 2020 #60
Jesus, take the wheel! Sogo Jun 2020 #62
175,168 COVID-19 deaths based on Current projection scenario by October 1, 2020 progressoid Jul 2020 #65
Mitch and the GOP own this catastrophe. We can't let trump's enablers get away with this ecstatic Jul 2020 #74
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