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I would flee the state just for my survival. Beakybird Jul 2020 #1
No. marble falls Jul 2020 #2
NO, NO, and HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! MyOwnPeace Jul 2020 #3
Ditto (in those exact words) n/t DonaldsRump Jul 2020 #5
Given that the worst is obviously yet to come, and hard guage, empedocles Jul 2020 #4
Yes, if I were an illogical xian RWNJ parent who hated their own children and wanted to spread the erronis Jul 2020 #6
My younger Granddaughters are at risk .... ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2020 #7
That's the secret to his survival. lpbk2713 Jul 2020 #22
No. Possible life time brain damage. No. LizBeth Jul 2020 #8
I would have homeschooled. I am very worried abt my college kid. GreenPartyVoter Jul 2020 #9
I don't know Bettie Jul 2020 #10
Today... no JT45242 Jul 2020 #11
Florida did not mandate school attendance in August. Mariana Jul 2020 #12
ok edited nt steve2470 Jul 2020 #16
Absolutely not. n/t Lucinda Jul 2020 #13
Nope gollygee Jul 2020 #14
No plan, No kids. spanone Jul 2020 #15
If I were young enough to have school age kids and none of us had co-morbidities, I would, but... LAS14 Jul 2020 #17
Sure, just as soon as the promised Covid-19 testing is available Brother Buzz Jul 2020 #18
I wouldn't risk my health to return to work in any school. procon Jul 2020 #19
No. Even the university my children attend is online for fall. onecaliberal Jul 2020 #20
Absolutely not! ananda Jul 2020 #21
No MFM008 Jul 2020 #23
I feel it's a rock and a hard place situation forthemiddle Jul 2020 #24
If jail is too dangerous for Manafort school is too dangerous for kids uponit7771 Jul 2020 #27
82 kids at a summer camp just got COVID and they were outdoors most of the time, so NO WAY BamaRefugee Jul 2020 #25
Being outside most of the time is obviously not a guarantee of avoiding it Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2020 #28
Nope Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2020 #26
No! Come what may. mdelaguna Jul 2020 #29
any sane person would say bdamomma Jul 2020 #30
I'd have a hard time going along with this peggysue2 Jul 2020 #31
Not without consulting one of our resident DU epidemiologists. BannonsLiver Jul 2020 #32
No. Not only for the sake of my kids, phylny Jul 2020 #33
Not after this just happened in my county. Crunchy Frog Jul 2020 #34
No. No matter what they come up, I do not believe they can follow social distancing guidelines jmg257 Jul 2020 #35
My grandkids Texas not going marlakay Jul 2020 #36
Our district is giving us the option...and we have decided to keep the kids home and do virtual cbdo2007 Jul 2020 #37
With the plan that our district has in place, possibly. Caliman73 Jul 2020 #38
It will depend on what the school is doing to protect the children and staff. marie999 Jul 2020 #39
Hell to the no. Demsrule86 Jul 2020 #40
I'm in Arizona StarryNite Jul 2020 #41
Not hypothetical, 9yo will do virtual JCMach1 Jul 2020 #42
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