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Sherman A1

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24. We are simply seeing more now courtesy of cellphone video
Fri Jul 10, 2020, 02:38 AM
Jul 2020

This crap has been going on since the 1980s and the Era of St. Ronnie Reagan as we headed into his new Gilded Age. It is caused by the stress of income inequality and fed by the divisive tactics of the 1% who want us all fighting amongst each other for the table scraps while they laugh all the way to their Cayman Islands Bank.

Trump as obnoxious as he is isn’t the cause, he is a symptom, but certainly one that figured out how to play the media like a fiddle to exploit the underlying divisions that already existed.

What will she throw when Trump loses? katmondoo Jul 2020 #1
I just do not understand this rage against wearing a mask. riversedge Jul 2020 #2
If Democrats said we don't need masks.... LakeArenal Jul 2020 #3
Contrarians to the end, right or wrong. (Always wrong) czarjak Jul 2020 #17
Masks have somehow become a political statement. Buns_of_Fire Jul 2020 #6
Toxic & Weaponized Selfishness,... magicarpet Jul 2020 #19
They think they are entitled to violently assault workers when having a tantrum over masks lunasun Jul 2020 #4
This was going on long before the mask thing Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #9
No - this is a new snowflake trump cult hostility. nt AnotherMother4Peace Jul 2020 #14
No, it was going on long ago Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #15
Gotta disagree Sherman A1 - trump cult rage is a new "call arms" AnotherMother4Peace Jul 2020 #18
I disagree Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #22
I agree with you totally bedazzled Jul 2020 #21
We are simply seeing more now courtesy of cellphone video Sherman A1 Jul 2020 #24
Some degree of assault and also of battery, no? RockRaven Jul 2020 #5
Seems Like Simple Assault, At Least ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #20
She will get her comeuppance. They saw the car plate and have video. drray23 Jul 2020 #7
These people need jail time. n/t marie999 Jul 2020 #8
Is it possible there's some bonus for making videos of such tantrums? lostnfound Jul 2020 #10
MAGAts are losing, acting out. nt NCjack Jul 2020 #11
Some people are just always looking for an excuse to be angry. struggle4progress Jul 2020 #12
They feel left out. WestLosAngelesGal Jul 2020 #13
Didn't you know throwing tantrums is a constitutional right? captain queeg Jul 2020 #16
It was a good day...I only had three of these in my store on swing shift today pecosbob Jul 2020 #23
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