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87. Thank you! Why do so many not understand what that word means? Or...
Sun Aug 23, 2020, 08:40 AM
Aug 2020
The base of a party consists of those voters it can count on without reservation. Voters who do not say they have to be tickled just right to do the right thing. People who come out and support the party's candidates, come rain or shine.
Thank you! Why do so many not understand what that word means? Or, perhaps a better question would be "why do so many intentionally misuse that word?" The word "base" is not a synonym for "the furthest left of the left" and it's not a synonym for "purer than thou".

Oh well, all we can do is keep trying to teach them.
Oh no! Democrats in disarray again? (Sarcasm) Walleye Aug 2020 #1
The DNC went all in on racial justice. Voltaire2 Aug 2020 #2
+1,000,000 George II Aug 2020 #13
This Insistence No Bread Is Better Than Half A Loaf, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2020 #3
Well said PatSeg Aug 2020 #18
+1000 TexasTowelie Aug 2020 #23
Great To See You Posting, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2020 #52
This Hekate Aug 2020 #35
" bank the gain and consolidate it, before insisting on another bite" denem Aug 2020 #39
What a biased poorly researched & awwful article Fire these writers . Inflamatory lies Budi Aug 2020 #4
Poorly writing inflamatory lies is what they were hired to do JHB Aug 2020 #7
HA Otterbein's twitter feed isn't much better. Her agenda is clear... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #9
That's an impressive award. Budi Aug 2020 #11
Ah, I missed the byline when I first read the post PatSeg Aug 2020 #19
The "local writing club" you are dismissing was founded by... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #22
Aw, that's nice. NurseJackie Aug 2020 #26
So was the University from which I graduated DFW Aug 2020 #33
But the the club in question was founded 102 years after Benjamin Franklin died. George II Aug 2020 #42
Ah, a minor difference DFW Aug 2020 #48
My first chuckle of the day, at 6:30 on a smoky evening Hekate Aug 2020 #60
The Pen and Pencil Club was founded in 1892. George II Aug 2020 #41
I stand corrected. JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #45
Sorry! A few years off but still the oldest. Anyway thanks! Here's the link to them... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #56
Same guy and his friends BGBD Aug 2020 #77
One of those writers is the OP's daughter. hedda_foil Aug 2020 #20
Thanks! But it seems many don't like any news that does not exactly fit their ideals. JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #21
Actually, it's more accurate to say that we simply have higher standards... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #31
OMG don't hold yourself back, Jackie -- tell us how you really feel... Hekate Aug 2020 #64
... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #81
+1 nt Kahuna Aug 2020 #86
Read on, MacDuff! The votes are in... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #34
Awww. I had hoped you might feel better! JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #40
It's not about me. NurseJackie Aug 2020 #54
You know I will!... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #59
LOL NurseJackie Aug 2020 #80
How is this relevant? NurseJackie Aug 2020 #28
who cares!? call out Politicos BULLSHIT agenda SiliconValley_Dem Aug 2020 #30
Everyone is somebody's daughter or son. MrsCoffee Aug 2020 #84
+++ still_one Aug 2020 #73
Predictable negative crap from Politico's ace-reporter Holly Otterwhine. NurseJackie Aug 2020 #5
I Suppose The rePubs Will Offer Much More Substance At Their Convention JimGinPA Aug 2020 #6
SMDH. What crappy bullshit. As usual. Squinch Aug 2020 #8
falls under juvenile journalism and I value the opinion about s much as rush limbaughs beachbumbob Aug 2020 #10
I doubt Biden is going to commit to doing things he can't legally do Takket Aug 2020 #12
Politico stirring the pot again. 'Democrats in Disarray" bullshit emulatorloo Aug 2020 #14
Politico is Russian for "Ratfuck" maxrandb Aug 2020 #15
A whole lot of words that can be reduced to two letters: BS StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #16
Keep stirring the pot, Politico. SMC22307 Aug 2020 #17
Sweet Jesus. What the fuck. ismnotwasm Aug 2020 #24
LOL "But if someone's expecting him to turn into Bernie Sanders" betsuni Aug 2020 #50
Well that doesn't sound progressive. sheshe2 Aug 2020 #67
But he got arrested at a protest once in college and heard one of MLK's speeches, so... betsuni Aug 2020 #75
Dayum. sheshe2 Aug 2020 #76
Uninformed article...all conventions are "lip service", policy is not made in this forum. unitedwethrive Aug 2020 #25
ANOTHER SHITTY article from POLITICO dragged here SiliconValley_Dem Aug 2020 #27
another politico attempot to divide people in our party bigtree Aug 2020 #29
Another poorly written Politico article Gothmog Aug 2020 #32
Defunding the police is not a widespread movement hack89 Aug 2020 #36
Thank you DU! JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #37
Not this shit again🥱 we can do it Aug 2020 #38
Fuck this disinformation campaign GeorgiaPeanut Aug 2020 #43
I question the motivation of people who post such articles AmericanCanuck Aug 2020 #44
We need to know when our BLM sisters and brothers care about because they are part of our... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #46
The people that were interviewed were some fringe people just claiming to belong to BLM AmericanCanuck Aug 2020 #47
I've been around a bit, so I've been known as fringe too. JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #49
We need a couple of white Politico writers to tell us what "our BLM sisters & brothers care about"? StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #51
I don't think that Laura would think of herself as "white Politico writer"... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #53
Correction: a couple of non-black Politico writers StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #55
I meant that BLM are part of... JoeOtterbein Aug 2020 #58
Actually, Sir, No, They Are Not The Magistrate Aug 2020 #63
+1000 sheshe2 Aug 2020 #65
Thank you Sir. Boomerproud Aug 2020 #70
Perfect Description of who is and who is NOT our base, Cha Aug 2020 #71
Well said! cwydro Aug 2020 #83
Thank you! Why do so many not understand what that word means? Or... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #87
Some BLM members are part of the base, some are not StarfishSaver Aug 2020 #69
I never remember you posting in The African American Forum. sheshe2 Aug 2020 #74
Look at the shit from Politico on Harris before she was announced as vp pick JI7 Aug 2020 #57
That writer sucks AmericanCanuck Aug 2020 #61
Commit to defunding the police, and lose the election handily. Crunchy Frog Aug 2020 #62
Yes. Useful idiots want Democrats to lose. Maru Kitteh Aug 2020 #66
Depends on the "they" in question. I doubt this article speaks for anyone not on the fringe... Hekate Aug 2020 #68
Trashing. sheshe2 Aug 2020 #72
How long before Miss Otterbein resurrects Tara Reade again? Kahuna Aug 2020 #78
Damn, I hate when this happens. Captain Stern Aug 2020 #79
Like dessert, there's always a little more room for mocking silly shit. betsuni Aug 2020 #82
... SidDithers Aug 2020 #85
Guess we should all vote Repuke, then mcar Aug 2020 #88
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