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That's My Take as Well, he Would Need to Do it in WI, MI and PA and they all have Dem governors who Skraxx Sep 2020 #1
2018 will win us 2020! Johnny2X2X Sep 2020 #4
2019, too. We flipped VA blue. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #13
Thank you! Just_Vote_Dem Sep 2020 #2
Thank dog for a voice of reason and truth. The endless ways folks try to convince us voting is a Hoyt Sep 2020 #3
Who is trying to convince anyone that voting is a waste of time? Jillgirl Sep 2020 #49
Just vote, rather than worrying about all the scenarios the COULD occur. We have Democratic poll Hoyt Sep 2020 #50
Worry has a purpose. Jillgirl Sep 2020 #53
It's just another piece in the PSYOP. n/t rzemanfl Sep 2020 #5
PSYOPS is exactly what it is PNW-Dem Sep 2020 #9
This! n/t MFGsunny Sep 2020 #23
Trump has shrewdly laid the ground work for legal and popular mood challenges. kiri Sep 2020 #6
I call bullshit. The Killer Clown will not get away with anything. Tommymac Sep 2020 #17
Biden's campaign and the Democratic Party have lawyers too... cheezmaka Sep 2020 #32
the post is about substituting electors stopdiggin Sep 2020 #38
Why would you want to counter panic-stricken hyperbole with facts and common sense? brooklynite Sep 2020 #7
I know, right? What good does that do? reACTIONary Sep 2020 #27
ruining a perfectly good meltdown! (nt) stopdiggin Sep 2020 #39
Thank you for this sensible article cp Sep 2020 #8
Thanks for this, Thunderbeast. K&R crickets Sep 2020 #10
Appreciate your words, Thunderbeast. Well said. Firestorm49 Sep 2020 #11
What does your article say about Ohio? Doremus Sep 2020 #12
I didn't read the article, personally, but Mike Dewine is not a governor who would be onboard with jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #15
He is using the "tipping point" model Thunderbeast Sep 2020 #28
Yeah I get it, but I while those three states will be an unknown jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #29
Also Florida's stat legislature is in play. If the Dems take it, they are sworn in the next day per jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #31
Plus Florida is only in session once a year MoonlitKnight Sep 2020 #33
Unless the numbers change drastically before election day the margin is going to be razor thin Doremus Sep 2020 #55
I don't think DeWine would sign a bill to change the law. jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #56
We need to fight this misinformation. jorgevlorgan Sep 2020 #14
I remember Karl Rove's face in 2008 when they announced Obama won. Tommymac Sep 2020 #18
Precisely Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #45
Fyi Trumpocalypse Sep 2020 #46
537 votes MoonlitKnight Sep 2020 #34
There is nothing physically stopping the Republican legislatures from sending alternate electors. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2020 #16
Concern noted StarfishSaver Sep 2020 #20
I read it. I also read the piece written in 2019 in The Loyola Law Journal Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2020 #22
no. what we thought was that the arguement was around stopdiggin Sep 2020 #40
Democratic governors will veto any alternate elector bullshit. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #41
All-Republican government in a couple of important swing states Jillgirl Sep 2020 #51
We don't need those states if we win the blue wall states which all have Democratic Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #58
How do you figure? Jillgirl Sep 2020 #59
The "rules" for making laws in those states onenote Sep 2020 #64
+ 1000 n/t MFGsunny Sep 2020 #24
Infantile hyperbole Tarc Sep 2020 #30
Yes, but it was good for a week's worth of DeminPennswoods Sep 2020 #66
And there's nothing stopping the governor and SOS from sending their own electors Wanderlust988 Sep 2020 #35
Nope. The president of the senate opens and counts in the presence of congress Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2020 #37
Wr are likely to win the Senate. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #42
So if we don't win a sizable election it they might steal it so it's not a fantasy. I agree. Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2020 #54
I don't see Trump stealing anything...I think we may be looking at a realignment election... Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #57
Thank you! StarfishSaver Sep 2020 #19
This! n/t MFGsunny Sep 2020 #25
It is not but could demoralize voters. people play into Trumps hands when they Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #43
Excellent source of info! UserNotFound Sep 2020 #21
Good read. nt flying rabbit Sep 2020 #26
Bookmarked.. TY Thunderbeast! Cha Sep 2020 #36
Thanks for posting Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #44
FYI Trumpocalypse Sep 2020 #47
And what is the motivation for those here to post things that claim we are doomed and Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #48
Great Q & A on at that link - thanks for posting! gristy Sep 2020 #52
Not seeing it JeaneRaye Sep 2020 #60
Here is the static link to the story Thunderbeast Sep 2020 #61
Voter suppression and challenges to vote counting ARE real threats... AntiFascist Sep 2020 #62
Color me skeptical. not_the_one Sep 2020 #63
With respect to the article's overview of the Dred Scott decision Fortinbras Armstrong Sep 2020 #65
Bad link - goes to letters from readers about multiple topics. Correct link here: Fiendish Thingy Sep 2020 #67
Much confusion on link. Thunderbeast Sep 2020 #68
As I expected. honest.abe Sep 2020 #69
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