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16. Definitely
Fri Oct 2, 2020, 06:00 PM
Oct 2020

You know, it's funny. I was going to say that when things get bad, I whip into action.

And that's bullshit. When Trump was elected, I went on a news blackout. I think I avoided DU, I avoided the news, I just retreated into a null state.

However, here and there, I noticed that others were taking action. I didn't get involved, but I financially supported them. And then 2018 happened and I got SUPER excited. I began to believe that we could get rid of Trump in 2020.

But this required coming out of my shell. And in coming out of my shell, I saw that he had a LOT of support. And I got scared again. The idea of Trump winning terrifies me - it is a blank check for white supremacists everywhere to attack and kill people of color. Me and my family. My community. My friends. No longer safe. It's really terrifying.

So, what I have done, in addition to donating, is to post the Biden and Lincoln Project ads on my Facebook page. I think I have flipped a friend. I have posted messages about voting. I have checked to make sure the people I love have a voting plan. (I will contact every one of my Facebook friends by Messenger this weekend.)

I *wish* I could campaign. I have a mental illness that prohibits it. But I can and do encourage others.

SO: Gloom and Doom are motivating me.

I wish I could be like you. Able to break through negativity and envision positive outcomes, and then work toward them. I think I do that sometimes.

I think part of what I remember is thinking that Hillary would win. And being complacent. And not pushing. I don't ever want to do that again.

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DeSantis says I can run them down in my car if they block me. NightWatcher Oct 2020 #14
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