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Could they try again Chainfire Oct 2020 #1
+1 dalton99a Oct 2020 #5
It isn't done yet! niyad Oct 2020 #11
No it is not done yet. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #31
My spells haven't worked. He's still breathing. 58Sunliner Oct 2020 #2
I'm offended by the sexism. Throck Oct 2020 #3
I know a number of male witches who are working on this as well. niyad Oct 2020 #13
I do too. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #30
So very true. As I said in a post below, it is not just him, it is everything and everyone that led niyad Oct 2020 #38
i have a fantasy. I'm a Hybrid .. Vampire Witch. I time travel before 2016 and Bite Trump Trueblue1968 Jun 2021 #44
It was... Hugin Oct 2020 #4
+1 Ferrets are Cool Oct 2020 #10
Not me alone! There are many of us working on this! niyad Oct 2020 #12
! Hugin Oct 2020 #14
Oh, you have NO idea! niyad Oct 2020 #16
One thing I've always admired about wiccans... Hugin Oct 2020 #18
We are indeed! niyad Oct 2020 #19
That was a test. Hugin Oct 2020 #23
Ahhh, but you forget. We have many tools! niyad Oct 2020 #24
One of the advantages of pantheism. Hugin Oct 2020 #28
MMMP BB niyad Oct 2020 #29
Blue moon on Halloween! Rinse and repeat soothsayer Oct 2020 #6
Indeed. Blue moon on Halloween. BComplex Oct 2020 #20
My birthday is the 30th. Devil's night they call it. tavernier Oct 2020 #25
Tax Cheatos! soothsayer Oct 2020 #27
Mine is the 29th. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #32
And an early Happy Birthday to you as well. Magic is indeed afoot! niyad Oct 2020 #40
... Celerity Oct 2020 #34
Well the, an early Very Happy Birthday to you. Cheetos for your cauldron, eh? niyad Oct 2020 #39
Over a very hot fire tavernier Oct 2020 #41
Oh, that will be such fun! niyad Oct 2020 #43
LOL Gothmog Oct 2020 #7
What is that on the ground? . .. Iliyah Oct 2020 #8
A fire niyad Oct 2020 #15
Good try! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2020 #9
Although significant, don't forget that it isn't just him. The entire support system has to go as niyad Oct 2020 #17
I'm in. BComplex Oct 2020 #21
The best time to do binding spells this month Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #22
thank you kpete Oct 2020 #26
The image for this article is from the 1996 movie The Craft. Niagara Oct 2020 #33
Kick! Hekate Oct 2020 #35
Well Alsteen Oct 2020 #36
LOL!!! diva77 Oct 2020 #37
As pointed out earlier, it is not that simple, because it is not just him. He is simply the most niyad Oct 2020 #42
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