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Thu Oct 22, 2020, 11:51 AM Oct 2020

OMFG- Trump posted the 60 mins: Its nuts - Updating as more comes in - the 2 handed glass is back. [View all]

How the 60 Minutes tape posted by Trump begins:

Stahl: You ready for tough questions?
Trump: Just be fair.
Stahl: Last time you were like bring it on.
Trump: "No, I'm not looking for that."
Stahl: "...But you're OK with some tough questions?"
Trump: "No, I'm not."

Dementia Drinking is back and it looks even worse.

In the '60 Minutes' interview Trump posted, Trump says he hopes the Supreme Court ends the Affordable Care Act.

In the '60 Minutes' interview Trump posted, a great deal of the discussion is devoted to Trump complaining that Stahl hasn't gone after Joe Biden enough. Stahl eventually asks: "Why are you asking me about going after Biden? You've asked me 5 times."

In the '60 Minutes' Trump posted, Stahl asks Trump about the health care plan he has never released. He says he has one, but won't release it yet. He then changes: "We will come up with a plan." He then changes again: "We have large sections of it already done."

The only way I can explain
releasing this entire video is:

1. He insisted on it over the objections of his comms team.

2. His comms team is either so incompetent or so deluded that they agreed that releasing this video was a good idea.


Its even better than we wished, he's batshit in it.
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Kick, Honestly, I understand why he stormed out, he's looney tunes, forgets everything. sunonmars Oct 2020 #1
Not compos mentis to start but is it Covid Brain Fog? StClone Oct 2020 #35
It doesn't matter what it is BKDem Oct 2020 #52
My suggestion for the 60 Minutes producer of that segment. Mike 03 Oct 2020 #2
I mean honestly WTF is this..... sunonmars Oct 2020 #3
Not the same but I was thinking that 60 minutes should re-edit it too LiberalLovinLug Oct 2020 #30
Great idea! The Lincoln Project could have some fun with that too! Along with some Looney Tunes Illumination Oct 2020 #37
I would go completely opposite stopdiggin Oct 2020 #49
I agree flying rabbit Oct 2020 #65
How did he get his own copy to air ahead of the broadcast? Aristus Oct 2020 #4
This looks like filmed from the corner. He wants to lose, no other explanation for THIS sunonmars Oct 2020 #5
He is a control freak. He may have insisted on having his own person videotape it as a condition. Statistical Oct 2020 #7
I think he insisted that his people be allowed to video MineralMan Oct 2020 #8
Why do people give in to this hamhock?!? Aristus Oct 2020 #10
I have no answer for that, except that they MineralMan Oct 2020 #14
Yeah you are probably right LiberalLovinLug Oct 2020 #31
I really think the plot was to entrap Leslie Stahl and re-edit her interview CharleyDog Oct 2020 #36
His team filmed it too Brother Buzz Oct 2020 #9
They allowed it because WH said it was marlakay Oct 2020 #26
He is always collected everything that shows him. lunatica Oct 2020 #45
He can't have a library! Wawannabe Oct 2020 #46
That explains why he wants videos lunatica Oct 2020 #48
It may not have been authorized - the sound is horrible, like an echo chamber. George II Oct 2020 #53
Authorized? PTWB Oct 2020 #56
Aw..... George II Oct 2020 #57
Raw... PTWB Oct 2020 #58
LOL! NurseJackie Oct 2020 #59
Trump was surprisingly honest in that opening exchange. Statistical Oct 2020 #6
Yeah it covers everything but the government only pays $10 copay, you pay the rest /nt bucolic_frolic Oct 2020 #11
Trumpy-Boy is in search of a PR stunt. That's how he sees the debate. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2020 #12
The fucking idiot releases video of him saying he wants SCOTUS to kill the ACA--BEFORE the debate? TheBlackAdder Oct 2020 #13
Biden has enough material from this to hammer him into the ground tonight. sunonmars Oct 2020 #15
AND Wawannabe Oct 2020 #47
He is truly delusional thinking this makes him look better obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #16
He must think that everything he does makes him look good or strong or tough or smart. BKDem Oct 2020 #27
They are all so incompetent hibbing Oct 2020 #50
Now he's claiming he has "a BIG surprise for CBS Totally Tunsie Oct 2020 #17
He is just utterly nuts, he sees enemies everywhere. sunonmars Oct 2020 #18
I know, right? Totally Tunsie Oct 2020 #19
Fox interview opposite 60 mins this Sunday? uncle ray Oct 2020 #23
He'd be preaching to the choir. Totally Tunsie Oct 2020 #29
Wasn't something like this part of that "Baghdad Bob's" schtick TommyCelt Oct 2020 #32
By the way these are not the biggest rallies malaise Oct 2020 #20
The rallies look small greenjar_01 Oct 2020 #22
Petard. Hoisted. tanyev Oct 2020 #21
Hardly tough questions. Tough questions would have to do with his tax returns, Chinese wiggs Oct 2020 #24
Strongly agree nt intrepidity Oct 2020 #63
Crybaby with his little sippy cup Blue Owl Oct 2020 #25
I think he is hoping to cut ratings on Sunday marlakay Oct 2020 #28
There's no hiding the batshit crazy. CharleyDog Oct 2020 #33
Trump has suffered some mini strokes and that is why he cannot drink water with one hand Gothmog Oct 2020 #34
Biden should make it a point to very visibly drinking water with one hand tonight (nt) mr_lebowski Oct 2020 #43
I'll say it again - Trump's internal polling ScratchCat Oct 2020 #38
Yeah its obvious, GOP internal polling is apparently bloodcurdling. sunonmars Oct 2020 #40
I wanna know what was in the big binder. Empty sheets or Obama's Healthcare Plan topped with a few chowder66 Oct 2020 #39
Twitter reply : Rhiannon12866 Oct 2020 #41
KnR. Gawd Hekate Oct 2020 #42
Rule of Claw is vindicated! nt Wawannabe Oct 2020 #44
Hah! Looks like you're right! lagomorph777 Oct 2020 #55
Correcting Mr. Rupar -- Trump fake health care plan announced Feb 2016 Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2020 #51
WTF? Why is he publicizing something so incredibly damaging to himself? lagomorph777 Oct 2020 #54
It was hardly even an interview, and that was probably the goal? Brainfodder Oct 2020 #60
Trump must be a big fan of the musical, "Annie" Yavin4 Oct 2020 #61
His comms team is tired of arguing with him Captain Zero Oct 2020 #62
Oh MAN, is this one ever a KEEPER! calimary Oct 2020 #64
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