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Wed Dec 9, 2020, 10:16 PM Dec 2020

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the United States? [View all]

And if so, what should we be doing right now?

I don't know what to make of the 18 states asking the Supreme Court to invalidate my vote and millions of others.

Then we have the death threats and incitement to violence coming from the very top.

What exactly are we observing right now?

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This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #1
We had to shoot a few million Nazis in the head 75 years ago Saboburns Dec 2020 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #7
Well voting seems not to persuade them SoonerPride Dec 2020 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #11
yikes! I can't believe we're at this point right now! nt ecstatic Dec 2020 #27
We're not. This is nonsense internet panic. Sympthsical Dec 2020 #51
Thank You. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2020 #62
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #84
Yes, confrontation is inevitable and best ASAP Ponietz Dec 2020 #42
No, a few million Nazis were NOT shot in the head canetoad Dec 2020 #26
Somewhere around 5-6 million give or take, took 6 years, then the rest straightened up nicely. Saboburns Dec 2020 #34
I'm well aware of mortality numbers in WW2 canetoad Dec 2020 #36
Not a fantasy if it really happened now is it? Saboburns Dec 2020 #38
I guess canetoad Dec 2020 #39
Total deaths in war ≠ "shooting them in the head". Crunchy Frog Dec 2020 #41
I advocate nothing of the kind. Saboburns Dec 2020 #43
Ummm - define "a small number" Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2020 #82
To break the backs of the Nazi's, we had to kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children Kaleva Dec 2020 #66
I think it's the beginning of the end. nt cry baby Dec 2020 #2
It appears we are close to being a failed State edhopper Dec 2020 #3
I am thinking on similar lines. With almost half of people that vote in this country IsItJustMe Dec 2020 #24
Interesting davekriss Dec 2020 #4
With what money? 986racer Dec 2020 #10
Funny you should ask davekriss Dec 2020 #14
And now I can't help but wonder: Did those states take orders from trump ecstatic Dec 2020 #19
The AG of MI asks, on Chris Hayes show, davekriss Dec 2020 #21
They are helping Trump in return for pardons and other favors. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2020 #64
Not sure what to do. This will play out over the next 4 to 12 years. marylandblue Dec 2020 #6
I am all in for hope bdamomma Dec 2020 #12
The end of the US as a major power, yes BainsBane Dec 2020 #9
Our elections are part of the compact between the states, the Constitution. roamer65 Dec 2020 #13
Support for Trump shows that if things go bad, bad recession or whatever, Trump or a Doodley Dec 2020 #15
This nation has undergone "growing pains" since its inception. Alex4Martinez Dec 2020 #16
It's possible - since WW I countries have been getting smaller and more numerous Klaralven Dec 2020 #17
Hoping that Biden and Harris get sworn in, and Crunchy Frog Dec 2020 #18
I'm not prepared for this at all. I've loosely joked about moving ecstatic Dec 2020 #22
There are better areas of the country to live in for it. roamer65 Dec 2020 #52
I live in a better area. I don't want us to be on American soil for this. Crunchy Frog Dec 2020 #61
Yes. We've never seen something like this. Azathoth Dec 2020 #20
The problem is white racism JI7 Dec 2020 #23
The problem is the electoral college Yeehah Dec 2020 #77
and fuck this poll, we will make it through this Demonaut Dec 2020 #25
Oh no kidding!! Too many here immediately go to doom and gloom REPEATEDLY Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #31
The GOP supreme court will decide ecstatic Dec 2020 #46
No, they'll do the self-interested thing Sympthsical Dec 2020 #53
This is the end result of valuing capital over human beings Yavin4 Dec 2020 #28
+1 n/t area51 Dec 2020 #30
I agree, consumerist fascism Beringia Dec 2020 #68
I voted Yes canetoad Dec 2020 #29
We won't know until a year or two after Trump dies Poiuyt Dec 2020 #32
Maybe. moondust Dec 2020 #33
No, I think the demographics are shifting too much against the hard right Quixote1818 Dec 2020 #35
Some might say the Renaissance was the peak of intellectual art and philosophy. cachukis Dec 2020 #37
Democracy died with Citizens United GusBob Dec 2020 #40
Democracy died with Citizens United and the Fairness Doctrine in Media removal UCmeNdc Dec 2020 #44
If SCOTUS takes that case. YES Thrill Dec 2020 #45
If we don't start prosecuting and charging these criminals, consider it gone. Initech Dec 2020 #47
10:07 pm MST and it's tied 59 even GusBob Dec 2020 #48
Was 62 even, now 64 up GusBob Dec 2020 #56
Canned food and shotguns Sympthsical Dec 2020 #49
One thing the left and right seem to agree on is that this country is f#cked inwiththenew Dec 2020 #50
It's the beginning of the end unless we can vastly expand the size of the House (to mitigate the EC, Celerity Dec 2020 #54
If congress doesn't accept the election results....what then? lindysalsagal Dec 2020 #55
Say hello to acting President Pelosi for the near future. SoFlaBro Dec 2020 #63
Ok. Awesome. Thanks. Whew! lindysalsagal Dec 2020 #76
Yes. Our Constitution is fatally flawed. Maven Dec 2020 #57
I agree. meadowlander Dec 2020 #60
We beat nazis before vercetti2021 Dec 2020 #58
No. We're well into the middle of the end. Bordering on the beginning of the end of the end. meadowlander Dec 2020 #59
Let's see what happens when Trump is gone budkin Dec 2020 #65
I have been listening to scholars on the ancient poets of Iran like Hafiz and Saadi Beringia Dec 2020 #67
It'll stumble along like it always does, but not as a major player in the 21st century. betsuni Dec 2020 #69
The general trend is toward Idiocracy, but in this election the actual power structures have held Alhena Dec 2020 #70
It's an incompetent coup. denbot Dec 2020 #71
The US is not remotely the world's first democracy. Celerity Dec 2020 #72
Sorry, worlds first modern democracy.. denbot Dec 2020 #74
it is not being pedantic at all, it was correcting a fundamental factual error Celerity Dec 2020 #75
Yes I do believe Meowmee Dec 2020 #73
At the very LEAST, we (our country) have witnessed a very REAL WARNING of what could happen!! bluestarone Dec 2020 #78
Steve Schmidt warns that America is one election away from losing its democracy UCmeNdc Dec 2020 #79
If we had not held the House, it'd have ended now. Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2020 #81
There's a lot to unpack in that question Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2020 #80
Those are some really interesting ideas that I had not considered prior to your post ecstatic Dec 2020 #83
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