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6. I don't remind anyone of campaign promises not kept
Sun Oct 7, 2012, 02:35 PM
Oct 2012

I never mention things like the Public Option Obama claimed any healthcare reform would have to include before he'd sign it, or how he stated he'd put the healthcare negotiations on CSPAN so everyone could see who was 'at the table.' Stuff like that.

I don't say a word

lol.. good poll Voice for Peace Oct 2012 #1
let's have Obama's back Liberal_in_LA Oct 2012 #8
You left out, "Lots more postings on DU." Coyotl Oct 2012 #2
lol Liberal_in_LA Oct 2012 #4
sometimes I can't resist to pick the "bad" poll option quinnox Oct 2012 #3
.. Liberal_in_LA Oct 2012 #5
I don't remind anyone of campaign promises not kept leftstreet Oct 2012 #6
I would save that until after the election. Zalatix Oct 2012 #7
Yep leftstreet Oct 2012 #9
We need millions of Democrats to get out and rally after the election. Zalatix Oct 2012 #10
What fire? leftstreet Oct 2012 #11
And do our best to give him Dems in the House now siligut Oct 2012 #17
Dems in the House now, Leftists in the Statehouses starting 2014. Zalatix Oct 2012 #18
My interest is in keeping Romney from getting elected - nothing more. n/t Dawgs Oct 2012 #12
Well, I definitely won't be voting for Romney. Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2012 #13
Working for down-ticket Dems. nt patrice Oct 2012 #14
I've got campaign signs in my front yard also and bumper stickers on my car. nt. glacierbay Oct 2012 #15
My daughter scored two new Obama yard signs yesterday. I haven't seen a single rMoney one yet. HopeHoops Oct 2012 #16
great news Liberal_in_LA Oct 2012 #20
For the President, money (most I have ever donated), internet, word of mouth mick063 Oct 2012 #19
My state is a lock for the prez also. Giving money to the national org. Liberal_in_LA Oct 2012 #21
I'm working on a congressional race tabbycat31 Oct 2012 #22
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