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I love the way Kelly looks at his wife. greatauntoftriplets Jan 2012 #1
Yup, if Giffords and Obama hadn't been such dirty libruls..... ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2012 #2
Are you privy to some information Riftaxe Jan 2012 #11
In what respect, Charlie? ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2012 #12
In the fact that Loughner was from all reports Riftaxe Jan 2012 #22
I think that was sarcasm. yardwork Jan 2012 #39
Again, I'm only speaking of this man in the article's state of mind ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jan 2012 #49
The man himself stated he is ultra conservative obamanut2012 Jan 2012 #15
And he refused a visit from the President while in hospital. He's got issues, and they predate this MADem Jan 2012 #18
Exactly obamanut2012 Jan 2012 #24
Heh heh--that was ME! MADem Jan 2012 #29
Oh! hahaha obamanut2012 Jan 2012 #37
Hold on a sec RZM Jan 2012 #53
As per his own words, that isn't why they were going obamanut2012 Jan 2012 #63
I don't think that matters much RZM Jan 2012 #64
Funny, I would love for GW to visit me in the hospital SaintPete Jan 2012 #65
Ideologically speaking RZM Jan 2012 #66
I wasn't really serious, you know SaintPete Jan 2012 #67
he's 77 and tried to save his wife, failing. I give him slack. PTSD. roguevalley Jan 2012 #48
I doubt PTSD made him "ultra-conservative." Bake Jan 2012 #72
No it didn't and I agree he was probably a dork for a long time but his wife of all roguevalley Jan 2012 #73
I feel for the loss of his wife; but his anger and/or stupidity is directed at the wrong people. LonePirate Jan 2012 #3
What else could be expected from a racist asshole TeaNut. Piss on him. His loss is no excuse. RBInMaine Jan 2012 #27
I hear Walmart has a sale on hearts...maybe you should get in line. rustydog Jan 2012 #35
I saw that on the Daily Mail Online. It even had a picture of him. Sorry ole fool. If he wants southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #4
so he didnt like her before and still doesn't like her after JI7 Jan 2012 #5
Apparently, he sustained brain damage in the shooting... Ecumenist Jan 2012 #6
methinks it was a "pre-existing condition" ... zbdent Jan 2012 #43
I wish nothing but peace for this man MattBaggins Jan 2012 #7
You're a good man MattBaggins. madmax Jan 2012 #16
MattBaggins, I agree Mimosa Jan 2012 #33
You are right... YvonneCa Jan 2012 #60
The hatred was there before he was shot. But I still wouldn't wish that suffering NYC Liberal Jan 2012 #68
So, he went to fuck with the Congresswoman and got way more than anyone deserved, yet he blames HER? MADem Jan 2012 #8
Hate will get ya to that "State"...Oh the Irony opihimoimoi Jan 2012 #9
This is the reason for the saying: Bless his heart. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #10
Isn't "Bless your heart" Southernese for zbdent Jan 2012 #44
not necessarily. so much depends on inflection. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #51
Sometimes. Still Blue in PDX Jan 2012 #75
Ugly emotions, but I'm sorry for his loss. Even more sorry that his bitterness is so misplaced & hlthe2b Jan 2012 #13
I am very srry his wife died and he was injured obamanut2012 Jan 2012 #14
How many DU'ers in the same situation would meet with bush The Straight Story Jan 2012 #17
I might not have had nice things to say about him privately..... marmar Jan 2012 #20
You can't know what you'd do if you were shot, the love of your life murdered... Mimosa Jan 2012 #36
If anyone got shot along with me, I'd be more concerned about getting better than perpetuating a MADem Jan 2012 #23
I honestly don't know but I would hope Raine Jan 2012 #30
In the sense of "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything" ... zbdent Jan 2012 #45
I hate to say it but I think I could imagine deutsey Jan 2012 #54
i sure wouldn't say "she/he makes me sick" about someone who was shot and a victim JI7 Jan 2012 #55
They are. But no one would know them... YvonneCa Jan 2012 #62
Proof positive that grief doesn't cure meanness. aikoaiko Jan 2012 #19
I hope he can find some respite from the grief bigtree Jan 2012 #21
If he wanted peace, he wouldn't be talking to the media Major Nikon Jan 2012 #38
that kind of behavior has roots in some tragedy bigtree Jan 2012 #46
His warped sense of reality has a lot to do with it also Major Nikon Jan 2012 #58
Bless his heart. If he hadn't insisted on going trolling with his The Second Stone Jan 2012 #69
sorry the old guy lost his wife in that tragedy but he sure is carrying a lot of hate book_worm Jan 2012 #25
Sounds like he is stuck in the anger phase of the grieving process, pair that with arthritisR_US Jan 2012 #26
I'll cut him slack because he's grief stricken Raine Jan 2012 #28
Poor Old Geezer has a screw loose somewhere. . . . BigDemVoter Jan 2012 #31
You watch, he's going to try and sue Politicalboi Jan 2012 #32
Ouch. So he might be to blame for his wife being there... gulliver Jan 2012 #34
Obviously loves guns and ammo more than life itself. Loudly Jan 2012 #40
I'll take "People who learned absolutely nothing" for $500, Alex. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jan 2012 #41
None of us can know the kind of grief this man feels, yet some are quick to judge... cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #42
He seems genuinely angry that Gifford survived. TwilightGardener Jan 2012 #47
The context was pretty clear to me, YMMV Major Nikon Jan 2012 #61
I wish him peace. emilyg Jan 2012 #50
I can't get angry at this man Marrah_G Jan 2012 #52
I feel sorry for him pipi_k Jan 2012 #56
Sounds like a really stupid motherfucker. n/t tabasco Jan 2012 #57
I'm very sorry this man lost his wife and I'm sorry he was shot himself. mysuzuki2 Jan 2012 #59
You know the reaction, even if he rationalizes it as political nadinbrzezinski Jan 2012 #70
Well said Puzzledtraveller Jan 2012 #74
I think it's sad this thread has so many comments... ellisonz Jan 2012 #71
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