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In reply to the discussion: She seems nice: [View all]
She seems nice: [View all] tblue37 Feb 2021 OP
Salt of the earth (Nt) FreepFryer Feb 2021 #1
She sure is being salty! tblue37 Feb 2021 #2
lolol Celerity Feb 2021 #5
Little known fact - posting to social media about violence while drinking... FreepFryer Feb 2021 #7
I couldn't help it. As soon as I saw "Salt of the earth," this scene from Blazing Saddles came alwaysinasnit Feb 2021 #10
LOLOLOLOL! Thank you FreepFryer Feb 2021 #15
You're welcome! alwaysinasnit Feb 2021 #16
Good choice. nt Blue_true Feb 2021 #36
mmhmm. I can think of another word that starts with S. paleotn Feb 2021 #28
Aw the bravado that must be Jack talking. StClone Feb 2021 #3
big talk, no action, QMAGAt! Celerity Feb 2021 #4
Drunks and dropouts, the puke base. pwb Feb 2021 #6
"Every Breath You Take" bigendian Feb 2021 #8
I guess they did know where she was. rsdsharp Feb 2021 #9
but onethatcares Feb 2021 #48
She needs to work on her lighting Siwsan Feb 2021 #11
She needs at least one more bare bulb. :) n/t brewens Feb 2021 #19
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire has a startling kick and really burns Shermann Feb 2021 #12
She seemed to take a pretty big gulp of that stuff. I jumped thinking about the burn. Maraya1969 Feb 2021 #17
It's OK. They don't serve that in Federal Prison. theneworiginal Feb 2021 #51
is it similar to Fireball? nt yellowdogintexas Feb 2021 #24
Yep! ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #50
Why does she "need a drink" aka liquid courage. Seems awfully brave to me. live love laugh Feb 2021 #13
Yupper,another one of them Very Fine People. Wellstone ruled Feb 2021 #14
I don't see a wedding ring gratuitous Feb 2021 #18
I think vercetti2021 Feb 2021 #22
Is there a third option? Cirque du So-What Feb 2021 #30
Cut it off all together vercetti2021 Feb 2021 #32
Nahh, the knife might be too dull. Blue_true Feb 2021 #41
Omg vercetti2021 Feb 2021 #45
... Marie Marie Feb 2021 #38
No different than most of the trumpers in my area. Bluethroughu Feb 2021 #20
Lmao vercetti2021 Feb 2021 #21
Detox and prison seems to be the future for most trump traitors. MerryBlooms Feb 2021 #23
IF any ARE real alcoholics, I hope they get mental health care riversedge Feb 2021 #49
A real beautiful (...sarcasm...) personality there. Lock. Her. Stupid. Ass. Up. Now. nt iluvtennis Feb 2021 #25
OMG! James48 Feb 2021 #26
They are constitutionally incapable of grasping facts or learning from mistakes. onecaliberal Feb 2021 #27
That will play really well in court on the big screen and stereo speakers.... KY_EnviroGuy Feb 2021 #29
Hope she doesn't mind drinking toilet hooch for the next 20 years aeromanKC Feb 2021 #31
Back in the day I used to really like Jack every once in a while, but... thenelm1 Feb 2021 #33
Might as well have one last black-out drunk before your Maru Kitteh Feb 2021 #34
No sense of drama and action JHB Feb 2021 #35
A gun hippie, eh? marble falls Feb 2021 #37
No money for lawyers, but plenty of money for guns. Renew Deal Feb 2021 #40
And some stash. marble falls Feb 2021 #42
That's a good way to get a swat team to show up. Renew Deal Feb 2021 #39
She's gulping poison Mountain Mule Feb 2021 #43
Now that is a special kind of STUPID! nightwing1240 Feb 2021 #44
Throwing down the bullshit flag on this bitch. flying_wahini Feb 2021 #46
She must be one of those Hstch05 Feb 2021 #47
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