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138. please stop lying about what I said
Wed Mar 3, 2021, 12:13 PM
Mar 2021

I never, not once, said it was his job or he had to say anything. I said he didn't say something. AND HE DIDN'T. You are calling me a liar based on what I NEVER SAID.

Post removed Post removed Mar 2021 #1
Manchin was not the only one. Sanders started it with his scold and demand for apology. LizBeth Mar 2021 #4
Manchin lead the charge on the dem side jorgevlorgan Mar 2021 #7
Sanders started the charge on the Dems side at the committee hearing. LizBeth Mar 2021 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author jorgevlorgan Mar 2021 #10
it's not as though the tweets weren't going to come up at the hearing w/o Sanders mentioning them fishwax Mar 2021 #15
Looking over those glasses, and scolding her. Yes, he could have said any number of things to LizBeth Mar 2021 #18
I don't see anything wrong with him addressing the tweets fishwax Mar 2021 #20
Right, he was simply the victim. There was no "two sides of the story" in this scenario, for sure. LizBeth Mar 2021 #23
he wasn't the one intervjewing for a job fishwax Mar 2021 #48
Yes, I found it offensive once again as I watched that finger wagged at a woman demanding apology. LizBeth Mar 2021 #49
Brava! We know whaat happened.. Cha Mar 2021 #85
Sanders would have voted for her, because he supports Biden. Manchin would never vote for her. Autumn Mar 2021 #16
I do not know that to be true. Regardless, he started the tone. LizBeth Mar 2021 #19
Regardless, Bernie supports the Democratic agenda that Biden wants. Manchin is kneecapping him. Autumn Mar 2021 #24
Sanders was the very one that kneecapped Tanden. Manchin just kicked her while she was down. LizBeth Mar 2021 #27
So? He still said he would vote for you. You can blame Manchin, who said he wouldn't vote for her. Autumn Mar 2021 #33
So? Ya right LizBeth Mar 2021 #35
I don't think he did say he would vote for her dsc Mar 2021 #71
From the article rogue emissary Mar 2021 #117
From another article Autumn Mar 2021 #129
"would have been" rogue emissary Mar 2021 #139
"she dropped out". Know who else didn't officially endorse her? Your Democrat, Joe Manchin. Autumn Mar 2021 #164
You are wrong. White House sources said that Bernie said he would vote for her Autumn Mar 2021 #128
It was said after, though not by him publicly dsc Mar 2021 #130
Let it go. You're wrong. Bernie said he would vote for her, he supports Biden's agenda. Manchin Autumn Mar 2021 #133
No I am not wrong dsc Mar 2021 #136
HE doesn't have to say he would vote for her in public. HE TOLD THE WHITE HOUSE Autumn Mar 2021 #137
please stop lying about what I said dsc Mar 2021 #138
I NEVER SAID you said it was his job. You are accusing me of lying about what you posted. Autumn Mar 2021 #143
... jcgoldie Mar 2021 #132
Where in this article does it quote him or his staff on the record? rogue emissary Mar 2021 #141
Oh I see the game now jcgoldie Mar 2021 #149
Do you mean the game where you can't quote him or his staff saying he'd vote for her? rogue emissary Mar 2021 #151
No jcgoldie Mar 2021 #152
Let me be clear, I blame them both for tanking Tanden's nomination. rogue emissary Mar 2021 #158
"people were lying" jcgoldie Mar 2021 #160
Yes, that includes their trash article which is more click bait than an article. rogue emissary Mar 2021 #162
Bullshit jcgoldie Mar 2021 #168
+1. It truly amazes me the insistence to vilify Manchin and the exoneration or Sanders. It is what LizBeth Mar 2021 #153
Exactly, they both held Tanden to a level they didn't for many of Donny's nominees. rogue emissary Mar 2021 #159
Whats petty jcgoldie Mar 2021 #167
No one in the thread absolved Manchin's role except the people that want to wipe out Sanders role. LizBeth Mar 2021 #170
I posted that link. But Bernie never said it PUBLICLY. Autumn Mar 2021 #144
Kind of ironic the "real democrat" Manchin harpooned her nomination. Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2021 #42
Sanders harpooned it, Manchin joined in. LizBeth Mar 2021 #45
Exactly, and they know that. Nixie Mar 2021 #52
+1 LizBeth Mar 2021 #57
The man as chairman made it about mean tweets instead of issues JI7 Mar 2021 #73
This. He started the ball rolling then sit back and let others do. Now we see his signature is not LizBeth Mar 2021 #76
Yes, and it was a pathetic display Nixie Mar 2021 #147
Post removed Post removed Mar 2021 #56
A friend said this morning, razor thin margins in the senate means we need to be prepared to Autumn Mar 2021 #127
First of all, as pointed out below, you're not correct. But, how is this different Cuthbert Allgood Mar 2021 #134
Yep. seaglass Mar 2021 #31
+1. Thank you LizBeth Mar 2021 #36
Why would he vote for her if Manchin and no Republicans would cross over to vote for her? Autumn Mar 2021 #37
Make up your mind. You just posted that he would have voted for her. seaglass Mar 2021 #38
Which part of Manchin said he would not vote for her, Republicans would not cross over to vote for Autumn Mar 2021 #44
He should have announced she was withdrawing her nomination and there would be no vote? Or lied? Autumn Mar 2021 #51
The last I saw he refused to say if he'd vote for her. rogue emissary Mar 2021 #113
Right. Thank you. LizBeth Mar 2021 #115
He said it was true jcgoldie Mar 2021 #131
Depressing. n/t Laelth Mar 2021 #2
According to CNN she requested that her name be withdrawn. Still depressing. marmar Mar 2021 #3
Boiler Print. mobeau69 Mar 2021 #28
Neera Tanden's Exit brought to you by the following white men liskddksil Mar 2021 #5
Sanders was first to step up and call out her out with his scold. Why are we forgetting Sanders LizBeth Mar 2021 #6
Because Sanders would have voted for her and didn't cost us vital Senate races nt liskddksil Mar 2021 #8
This. marmar Mar 2021 #11
+10,000 jorgevlorgan Mar 2021 #14
Glad he would have voted for her, but he didn't need to say anything kcr Mar 2021 #26
Really? He didn't seem as sure as you are. seaglass Mar 2021 #32
Sanders' part in a lot of things is forgotten Skittles Mar 2021 #54
Yes. LizBeth Mar 2021 #58
+ JI7 Mar 2021 #82
Always find a way to blame Bernie wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #70
Sanders was the first to scold a grown woman on being mean to him, on record. LizBeth Mar 2021 #72
Sanders didn't out and out announce he won't vote for her wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #77
That's the line you are standing on? LizBeth Mar 2021 #78
Why are you caping for Manchin anyway? wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #79
All about gaslighting. Pretending Sanders didn't start it all and certainly had his part in this and LizBeth Mar 2021 #80
This is about Manchin, not Sanders wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #81
Tou totally misread the poster.. she Cha Mar 2021 #86
The poster was clearly trying to deflect blame from Manchin to Sanders wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #87
Blame Manchin. Sanders started it and he gets equal blame. This is not a tough one. LizBeth Mar 2021 #89
Don't bothsides this wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #92
I am on Tanden side. I do not know why you do not get that. LizBeth Mar 2021 #94
Then aim your vitriol at Manchin wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #96
I disagree with you as I have argued thru out this thread. LizBeth Mar 2021 #98
Sounds like you just want an excuse to dump on Bernie wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #101
Poor picked on Sanders defending himself to the point of scolding a woman on record because she LizBeth Mar 2021 #102
Tanden is mature enough to own those tweets and apologize for them wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #105
Like I said.. she is giving the timeline of Cha Mar 2021 #106
No.. she was Clearly Not "trying to Cover Cha Mar 2021 #104
Well, Tanden certainly had a reason to apologize. Sanders was scolding her on record at the LizBeth Mar 2021 #109
Yes, for the reason you stated.. but Cha Mar 2021 #122
But she did apologize for her tweets wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #110
He was holding the job over her head. Are you for real? Damn this would not be the hill I stood on. LizBeth Mar 2021 #111
You're on the hill of blaming Bernie or bust wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #114
I am calling out Sanders actions that were in part to the ousting of Tanden that I found to be very LizBeth Mar 2021 #116
Tanden put herself in that position with her tweets wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #119
Exactly.. like I said Cha Mar 2021 #124
Yes, I read she "apologized".. she was left with Cha Mar 2021 #123
You're okay with people insinuating that Democrats and allies wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #145
Not only did Sanders own it, he then blamed HRC for not addressing it. A pattern. LizBeth Mar 2021 #146
Reverse it. If Sanders had tweeted about Tanden what she did Cuthbert Allgood Mar 2021 #135
Let's be honest. These people love exacting political revenge for anyone who said anything... Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2021 #142
Here's the thing about being a grownup. You have to conduct yourself as one on social media. Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2021 #148
Here is something else about being a grown up. Recognizing and acknowledging the different standards LizBeth Mar 2021 #154
Remember when AOC got her Covid vaccination? That was epic too. Autumn Mar 2021 #165
Agreed - it's like people think people should have their cake and eat it too - get plaudits for Midwestern Democrat Mar 2021 #171
VERY much deserved Skittles Mar 2021 #83
Tanden did herself no favors with the Bernie mean tweets wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #84
Now you acknowledge Sanders part in ousting Tanden then blame Tanden. Just like LizBeth Mar 2021 #88
Bernie had every right to address the mean tweet wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #90
Again you acknowledge Sanders scolding and are good with it. I am not. LizBeth Mar 2021 #95
Yes, nobody can say anything about her mean tweets wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #99
Yes Sanders wagged the finger scolding her and giving her a stern look over his glasses eliciting LizBeth Mar 2021 #107
Tanden put herself in that position wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #112
That tweet is factual and not mean at all. radius777 Mar 2021 #91
Tanden suggested that Bernie got foreign help wellst0nev0ter Mar 2021 #93
But our intelligence agencies suggested that Bernie's movement radius777 Mar 2021 #103
Exactly.. it was well documented .. it can't be Cha Mar 2021 #125
Yes, exactly. And why I refuse to just walk on by. Yes. You said it well. LizBeth Mar 2021 #97
I know.. it's Horrible. No need to Cha Mar 2021 #120
yes, telling the truth is not always a great idea Skittles Mar 2021 #163
Sanders would have voted for her BradAllison Mar 2021 #150
Sanders issue was certainly personal also. He brought it to the forefront in a committee hearing LizBeth Mar 2021 #155
But it was Joey Boy's deal breaker. BradAllison Mar 2021 #156
I have not minimized Manchin's participation in sabotaging Tanden. I refuse to ignore Sanders LizBeth Mar 2021 #157
Bloomberg had nothing to do with Toomey winning Deminpenn Mar 2021 #47
: onecaliberal Mar 2021 #12
If this were to become a standard going forward, that would be one thing dsc Mar 2021 #13
+1 LizBeth Mar 2021 #21
They are considered uppity women and should know their place. sheshe2 Mar 2021 #34
+1 uponit7771 Mar 2021 #60
Yup, did those who scolded her for tweets say anything about Josh Hawley ? JI7 Mar 2021 #75
Yes, this is pretty depressing. Sucks to be a woman. Men are not held to the same Biophilic Mar 2021 #17
one word bdamomma Mar 2021 #22
That won't be a problem. nt mobeau69 Mar 2021 #30
Biden & Team will pick a highly qualified alternative. Kaleva Mar 2021 #25
Agree. Hortensis Mar 2021 #40
Sounds like Biden will find a non-confirmation position for her. BlueCheeseAgain Mar 2021 #29
Welcome to DU! bdamomma Mar 2021 #41
Yes, and oh yes. It could be noted I suppose that Sanders Hortensis Mar 2021 #46
+1 uponit7771 Mar 2021 #61
Welcome to our DU family. niyad Mar 2021 #66
There are a whole lot of fragile, easily bruised egos in the senate. BannonsLiver Mar 2021 #39
Yup, bitterness over multiple losses which they claim were rigged JI7 Mar 2021 #74
Yeah, they think their Cha Mar 2021 #121
I thought Presidents had an absolute right to appoint their own people? gratuitous Mar 2021 #43
It should be that way Nasruddin Mar 2021 #59
They do, the advise and consent doesn't extend to blocking. Same with SC justices ... uponit7771 Mar 2021 #62
She'll be fine Deminpenn Mar 2021 #50
Damn!!! I love her laugh, wit and experience. BigmanPigman Mar 2021 #53
I understand why Neera Tanden withdrew, but it's a shame a competent/experienced person couldn't iluvtennis Mar 2021 #55
Too bad. She was great. I guess different standards apply to us. mahina Mar 2021 #63
After 4 years of the garbage mouth "insulting Insult"....? Hulk Mar 2021 #64
Well... that didnt take long quakerboy Mar 2021 #65
This is sad. But she will land on her feet. PatrickforB Mar 2021 #67
I still think she was the sacrificial lamb. Calista241 Mar 2021 #68
If we keep folding without a fight they will challenge every nominee until we fold. usaf-vet Mar 2021 #69
Math is math. tritsofme Mar 2021 #108
Sure, it's the middle aged brown woman responsible for the toxic online culture. radius777 Mar 2021 #100
+1 LizBeth Mar 2021 #118
You are confusing supporters with the Principal Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2021 #140
Yeah, "let's blame it on Neera Tanden".. that should Cha Mar 2021 #161
Well known? AZProgressive Mar 2021 #166
Yes I saw it with my OWN EYES.. nobody Cha Mar 2021 #169
What will Tanden's new position in the Biden admin be? Hortensis Mar 2021 #126
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