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Wed Mar 31, 2021, 08:00 PM Mar 2021

Can't help but speculate ... [View all]

The GOP was convinced that Trump would be re-elected, one way or ‘another’.

And as a result thereof, Barr’s DOJ would be free to pursue or quash any investigations currently underway – including the activities of Matt Gaetz.

In other words, such Barr-sanctioned investigations would be gathering kompramat on high-profile Republicans that could be used to ensure their loyalty to Trump in future, no matter how out-of-control his actions might be during his expected second term.

I can only wonder how many other Republicans Barr’s DOJ were “investigating” in the belief that the details of such investigations would never surface publicly, but would serve as a compelling incentive to toe-the-party-line for many GOPers, under the threat of having such details revealed if they refused to go-along-to-get-along.

After four years of Trump, I have learned to be extremely suspicious – and with good reason. And I have a feeling that Biden’s win has thrown the proverbial monkey-wrench into what the powers-that-be in the GOP were convinced would never go beyond the internal workings of the Trump party’s machinations.

I believe that Gaetz is just the first of many high-profile Republicans who will be outted as a result of the kompramat their own party put together to ensure their loyalty to the Former Guy – never realizing that there might be a new sheriff in town who would uncover the details of the offences the GOP were convinced would never see the light of day thanks to Trump’s expected second term in office.

Gaetz is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. And every high-profile Republican currently in office is shitting themselves at the thought that the kompramat their own party has on them will now be used against them by the new political regime.

There are a million stories to be told – and Matt Gaetz’s story is just one of them. Others are bound to follow – and some of them will make Gaetz’s tale of woe seem trivial by comparison.

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Can't help but speculate ... [View all] NanceGreggs Mar 2021 OP
Great post malaise Mar 2021 #1
Wasn't that the way J. Edgar Hoover supposedly operated? Kompromat? SharonAnn Apr 2021 #78
Supposedly? malaise Apr 2021 #80
You are so right bluestarone Mar 2021 #2
I Sooooo Hope You're Right SoCalDavidS Mar 2021 #3
Get the Corporate Triple Pack Can - plain, caramel, and cheddar! 😁 electric_blue68 Mar 2021 #6
Ooooo, I hope you are so right! It's certainly quote plausable! electric_blue68 Mar 2021 #4
"o" "i" don't think that was what you meant to say. rzemanfl Mar 2021 #11
Oops lol electric_blue68 Apr 2021 #84
Can I quite you on that? robbob Apr 2021 #73
Lol ooopsies! :D electric_blue68 Apr 2021 #85
I agree with your speculation..... Heartstrings Mar 2021 #5
this is very much like J. Edgar Hoover agingdem Mar 2021 #7
You read my mind exactly! Karadeniz Mar 2021 #10
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Golden Raisin Mar 2021 #27
The list is long. sheshe2 Mar 2021 #8
That's more or less what J. Edgar Hoover did. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #9
... Nevilledog Mar 2021 #12
Bingo! You've been reading my mind. Bo Zarts Mar 2021 #13
My sympathies to you. Glad that I have wnylib Mar 2021 #20
Lindsey and his about face True Blue American Apr 2021 #56
Did you mean Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin? usaf-vet Apr 2021 #62
EXACTLY! murpheeslaw Mar 2021 #14
That would be interesting to know. wnylib Mar 2021 #22
When did Mitch retire? News to me. fwvinson Apr 2021 #79
Basically I'm assuming, until someone proves otherwise, Mr.Bill Mar 2021 #15
They seem to be more afraid of Kompromat, than getting assassinated by the Trump mob. lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #66
I think the Cheney link is crucial here. TheRickles Mar 2021 #16
Gaetz' affront to Liz hit a nerve. Eyeball_Kid Mar 2021 #42
Let hope he used some on Jr. gldstwmn Apr 2021 #53
I agree. When I heard when the investigation started, I thought along the same line. c-rational Mar 2021 #17
I'm disappointed in myself that it did not wnylib Mar 2021 #26
Yeah, same here. Mickju Apr 2021 #69
Everything you said, plus there are hundreds of CD roms that were Politicub Mar 2021 #18
We should assume Barr destroyed or buried anything with Chump's name on it FakeNoose Mar 2021 #32
We know Barr visited Epstein several times True Blue American Apr 2021 #57
Yes, agreed. That was the most blatant coverup we've seen in a long time. TheRickles Apr 2021 #60
No, Barr kept the juicy Trump bits in his personal briefcase. lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #67
Spot on, as ever. niyad Mar 2021 #19
Brilliant! liberalmuse Mar 2021 #21
Very sordid. From the time of the ancients. cachukis Mar 2021 #23
K&R, IE the reason the new AG was delayed uponit7771 Mar 2021 #24
And, when one considers that SO MANY Republicans are morally and legally compromised and Atticus Mar 2021 #25
Republicans ARE the conspirasy they warned us I_UndergroundPanther Mar 2021 #28
Well. Lindsay Graham has been pretty quiet lately. nt Blue_true Mar 2021 #29
🇺🇸K&R🇺🇸 spanone Mar 2021 #30
Very good thought...and the only think I can say is "Amen" Escurumbele Mar 2021 #31
Thanks for this astute analysis FakeNoose Mar 2021 #33
Now THAT is MOST interesting! calimary Mar 2021 #34
Good point dlk Mar 2021 #35
I like the way you think! BadGimp Mar 2021 #36
Good framing of power maintenance that can work across administrations. Thanks! ancianita Mar 2021 #37
I love it! Joinfortmill Mar 2021 #38
Best Post of the YEAR so far. Tommymac Mar 2021 #39
Drunk with power samplegirl Mar 2021 #40
I immediately thought of Moscow Mitch...... MyOwnPeace Mar 2021 #41
lindsey G MFM008 Mar 2021 #43
Yes, Barr was involved from the beginning with his ties to Epstein And Trump. flying_wahini Mar 2021 #44
Brilliant. Bookmarking. nt Ilsa Mar 2021 #45
Yep. The asshole actually said he was 'entitled' to at least three terms dalton99a Mar 2021 #46
That is an excellent theory. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #47
Your argument is pretty compelling Schmice3 Mar 2021 #48
The tRumpers intended that the organs of government would become.... lastlib Mar 2021 #49
Nunes and Jordan next please. Pepsidog Apr 2021 #50
I just go with the assumption that most, if not all, GOP are vile cockroaches eom/ Backseat Driver Apr 2021 #51
I remember early on in 45's Presidency Sogo Apr 2021 #52
Are you suggesting bucolic_frolic Apr 2021 #61
Open the FloodGaetz Blue Owl Apr 2021 #54
Then there's Ivanka... Daughtergate.... lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #68
Sure explains True Blue American Apr 2021 #55
some are going to want to spend more time with family. scarytomcat Apr 2021 #58
The guy with fake licenses including some foreign ones bucolic_frolic Apr 2021 #59
I agree Trump may have Roc2020 Apr 2021 #63
I remember all too well Karl Rove's reaction to Obama's second victory. RVN VET71 Apr 2021 #75
Compromising incidents in one's personal life are a qualifying feature to run for federal office. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2021 #64
I think Kompromat is a major component of Trump's grip on the GQP. lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #65
Right on! randr Apr 2021 #70
I hope to soon see Gaetz perp-walked across our televisions. n/t iscooterliberally Apr 2021 #71
That's a very good theory. And it' what Putin would do (does). Texin Apr 2021 #72
I hope Garland shines a bright spotlight exposing all of them IronLionZion Apr 2021 #74
Trump had made it clear he wanted a partisan DOJ from the beginning, ShazamIam Apr 2021 #76
"...will make Gaetz's tale of woe seem trivial" Grins Apr 2021 #77
The Republican Party is a gang. hunter Apr 2021 #81
Bill "Land the Plsne" Barr? Laura "We Won" Ingraham? czarjak Apr 2021 #82
NanceGreggs.... Upthevibe Apr 2021 #83
Plausible and Hell yeah I hope it's right! Evolve Dammit Apr 2021 #86
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