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Kid Berwyn

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37. What Navy personnel photographed...
Sun May 23, 2021, 10:27 AM
May 2021
Here's what USN Chief Delbert Newhouse filmed -- on dry land in 1952.

When a dozen luminous, disc-shaped objects flashed across a clear blue sky on July 2, 1952, near Tremonton, Utah, Navy Chief Delbert C. Newhouse pulled his car off the road, grabbed his 16mm movie camera and filmed what he knew was a bizarre sight.

Newhouse, who had more than 1,000 hours of aerial photography mission experience, shot 1,200 frames of one of the objects, which has been described as "two pie pans, one inverted on top of the other."

After rigorous examination of the 75-second film, Navy analysts concluded that the objects were not conventional aircraft, but some sort of "intelligently controlled" vehicles. They stopped short of calling them space vehicles. The Air Force, however, called them "possible birds."

Source: https://www.stripes.com/news/is-the-sky-falling-this-man-says-maybe-not-1.130358

With the Argentine armada in the International Geophysical Year of 1958...

The Trindade Island UFO Incidents and Photographs

Brent Raynes, Classic UFO Cases
original source | fair use notice

Summary: On January 16, 1958, while a Brazilian Navy ship known as the Almirante Saldanha sat anchored off the south coast of Trindade, a small rocky island located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, it seems that a most remarkable event transpired.

On January 16, 1958, while a Brazilian Navy ship known as the Almirante Saldanha sat anchored off the south coast of Trindade, a small rocky island located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, it seems that a most remarkable event transpired. Forty-eight (48) crew members and passengers onboard at the time were witnesses. What made the event even more memorable, besides the large number of eyewitnesses, were the remarkable photographs taken by a skilled civilian photographer at the time. The incident began at 12:15 p.m., when an airborne object was spotted approaching the island. The photographer, Almiro Barauna, described as a member of the Icarai Club for Submarine Hunting, was the official photographer assigned to this unit because of his skill in underwater photography. In October 1957, the island had become a scientific research station for oceanographic and meteorological studies for the International Geophysical Year (IGY). Before that it hadn’t been occupied since World War II, when it had been used as an American and Brazilian anti-submarine base.

In a statement made soon afterwards to the Jornal Do Brasil, a newspaper in Rio de Janeiro, Barauna described how he was up on deck when a Amilar Vieira and retired Air Force Captain Jose Teobaldo Viegas began pointing toward the sky, yelling about a bright object that was moving toward the island. Barauna was trying to see it when Lt. Homero Ribeiro, the ship’s dentist, came running excitedly in his direction, also pointing skyward and yelling about some kind of object. After about 30 seconds of looking, he was finally able to see it. By this time, the object was close to the island. Barauna was able to detect it on account of a flash it emitted. He described how it glittered at certain times, and he wasn’t certain if this was the reflection of sunlight or the object’s own light.

Barauna shot two pictures of the object just before it disappeared behind a certain Desejado Peak. After several seconds the object reappeared. It was closer, flying lower and faster, and moving in the opposite direction. He then shot his third photograph. This was followed by a fourth and a fifth attempt that proved unsuccessful on account of being pushed and nudged by others also trying to observe the UFO. As a consequence, those two photographs only contained the sea and the island.

The object was then flying back out to sea, from the general direction it had arrived from. For a brief time it seemed to hang in mid-air. This was when Barauna shot his last picture, which had also been the last one on the film. About 10 seconds later, the UFO began to move off into the distance again and soon disappeared from sight.

The object was described as metallic looking, dark gray in color, was solid-looking but was surrounded by a greenish, phosphorescent haze or mist. There was also a ring around its mid- section that gave it an appearance similar to the planet Saturn.



The Chilean Navy in 2014

Chilean Navy helicopter pilot shoots video of UFO


On Nov. 11, 2014, a Navy captain and technician were on a routine daytime patrol mission flying north along the Chilean coast, west of Santiago, and filmed an unidentified flying object.

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article125629429.html#storylink=cpy

Video here: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article125658529.html

PS: Wish I was a better photographer, too. I’ve never seen a saucer or photographed one, but I imagine it would be difficult to frame a moving subject that may be shocking to experience in person, relatively small at a distance, exhibits a bright glow, covered by what appears to be shiny or rumpled metal, might be observable/unobservable on radar, from far away...Great we have images at all.
Here's the thing. OAITW r.2.0 May 2021 #1
Why would you assume they need one? Happy Hoosier May 2021 #6
You'll know the mother ship when you see it, it'll be hanging in the air the way that bricks don't. Towlie May 2021 #7
Jacques Vallee also says the extraterrestrial hypothesis is inadequate. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #8
I was just re-reading Passport To Magonia (1969) this morning. Midnight Writer May 2021 #18
Great record of the long history, written a decade before "Messengers of Deception." Kid Berwyn May 2021 #50
Would be a mistake to apply the typical alien movie narrative to whatever is going on. BannonsLiver May 2021 #16
They could be interdimensional Generic Brad May 2021 #27
Why do you assume they are terrestrial? elevator May 2021 #32
Not sure where it is right now... tonedevil May 2021 #34
The mother shop will be in Detroit June 14th 48656c6c6f20 May 2021 #39
All from Monroe, Michigan would be there if we could. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #45
If there was some department in the government that really know about the UFOs captain queeg May 2021 #2
Excellent points, Captain. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #11
Broken clock. edhopper May 2021 #3
What if the clock is broken, yet runs? Kid Berwyn May 2021 #13
Vallee certainly is. edhopper May 2021 #14
He's got a PhD in computer science from Northwestern. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #20
Using Hynek as a recommendation edhopper May 2021 #41
He had a PhD in astronomy from U Chicago... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #57
I am well aware of who they are edhopper May 2021 #58
Why do you write that? Kid Berwyn May 2021 #61
Carl Sagan edhopper May 2021 #62
Pioneer 10 Kid Berwyn May 2021 #67
Biden just said something like "ask Obama" when asked about UFO's Polybius May 2021 #4
Fox Noise reporter asked, President Biden responded... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #19
Reid, was a smart man and I daresay, far ahead on this issue to SWBTATTReg May 2022 #87
I believe today's hearings accomplished their primary goal. Kid Berwyn May 2022 #88
You're right, this was just a 'show' and no way was really going to reveal anything of importance. SWBTATTReg May 2022 #89
The one I saw has not been duplicated as far as I know. Kingofalldems May 2021 #5
Sounds like what I saw in Texas in 1964 left-of-center2012 May 2021 #17
I had an uncle in Ohio who saw that phenomena around 1925 Captain Zero May 2021 #38
Pretty much what I saw. Kingofalldems May 2021 #43
Close Encounter I Kid Berwyn May 2021 #30
It was dark pretty much. Kingofalldems May 2021 #42
You're going to need ... Xoan May 2021 #9
What Navy personnel photographed... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #37
OK, I've got 2 UFO stories Trailrider1951 May 2021 #10
Please report these to MUFON Beaverhausen May 2021 #25
I once saw something similar but with multiple lights looking like stars zig zagging BSdetect May 2021 #40
Goodyear blimp has caused many a report. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #44
Who or what could survive the great distances they would need to travel. rickford66 May 2021 #12
I think Clarke's three laws apply if we're going to speculate on what extraterrestrial highplainsdem May 2021 #15
"What can be conceived, can be created." -- Enzo Ferrari Kid Berwyn May 2021 #48
Think about the technology we had on earth just 150 years ago compared to today. Then what doc03 May 2021 #21
Technological progress seems to be accelerating. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #54
Man I wish Frank Zappa were still alive! Initech May 2021 #22
Me, too. Every day. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #55
Here is an honest theory about UFOs..Yes there is a strong possibility of some alien race exceeding Stuart G May 2021 #23
Ok, I'm sold, I'll believe anything from now on! Nt USALiberal May 2021 #63
I don't know what UFOs are or if anything is possible. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #64
How do we know that these things are not just debris that enters the earth all the time? Maraya1969 May 2021 #24
UFOs as alien spacecraft really doesn't explain things. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #68
Early in my lifetime, computers were a dream...Sci Fiction.. Stuart G May 2021 #26
A police officer I worked with for years told me something amazing... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #72
The Known Universe Is Enormous colsohlibgal May 2021 #28
I agree completely...The thought that it is only us.."ludicrous" Stuart G May 2021 #31
Very few people claim "it's only us" brooklynite May 2021 #49
Passport to Magonia Kid Berwyn May 2021 #85
Another possibility. roamer65 May 2021 #29
Black holes as an "EXIT" from one Space-Time to another. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #71
Pffft that's not a UFO, that's Batman. Volaris May 2021 #33
A Poem Kid Berwyn May 2021 #76
I think you run into a problem when you use Trump to norm-reference human behavior Bucky May 2021 #35
Compared to everyone else, Trump is the bottom of the barrel. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #77
You can't prove a negative. ananda May 2021 #36
Logically so. However, there are tapes. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #78
Tapes mean nothing. ananda May 2021 #80
Tapes and photographs are evidence. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #82
I tried. Lord knows I tried. Iggo May 2021 #46
I know. And I appreciate it. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #79
The real reason Trump was dismissive about UFOs: area51 May 2021 #47
The Thing Kid Berwyn May 2021 #73
Who has more credibility? The fool who is the most prolific liar in US history, Roisin Ni Fiachra May 2021 #51
Absolutely credible USN witnesses. Truly fascinating reports, theirs. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #74
There are no UFOs as stupid trump thinks. He is fooling you all to make you think akbacchus_BC May 2021 #52
Harry Reid in May 21 NYT wrote there is something to it. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #81
We live in a time where there are high def cameras in literally everyone's pocket. Dave Starsky May 2021 #53
Have you ever tried to film a plane or chopper? ecstatic May 2021 #65
Still not buying it. Dave Starsky May 2021 #66
+1000!!! Silly people believe bad proof! Nt USALiberal May 2021 #75
Some of the best photos were taken by Rex Heflin, a government employee... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #84
"But people are saying they're seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly." Caliman73 May 2021 #56
Excellent points. What some science people said... Kid Berwyn May 2021 #69
Definitely. Science, even with its flaws, is the best method that humans have of discovering fact. Caliman73 May 2021 #70
thanks, that's two things i've heard more than enough about. uncle ray May 2021 #59
Check out today's (Friday, May 28) POLITICO mag, then go through the thread. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #86
Then he went on to create the space force for some unknown reason... Mr. Sparkle May 2021 #60
Dr. Jacques Vallee should be science program director. Kid Berwyn May 2021 #83
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