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44. i have a fantasy. I'm a Hybrid .. Vampire Witch. I time travel before 2016 and Bite Trump
Sat Jun 12, 2021, 07:42 PM
Jun 2021

The world is better in my alternate witchy universe after Mr. Trump has been drained. That's what happens in Vamp books. Folks get the bite.

Well, sometimes the fantasy takes care of my bad insomnia and I get my much needed rest.

Could they try again Chainfire Oct 2020 #1
+1 dalton99a Oct 2020 #5
It isn't done yet! niyad Oct 2020 #11
No it is not done yet. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #31
My spells haven't worked. He's still breathing. 58Sunliner Oct 2020 #2
I'm offended by the sexism. Throck Oct 2020 #3
I know a number of male witches who are working on this as well. niyad Oct 2020 #13
I do too. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #30
So very true. As I said in a post below, it is not just him, it is everything and everyone that led niyad Oct 2020 #38
i have a fantasy. I'm a Hybrid .. Vampire Witch. I time travel before 2016 and Bite Trump Trueblue1968 Jun 2021 #44
It was... Hugin Oct 2020 #4
+1 Ferrets are Cool Oct 2020 #10
Not me alone! There are many of us working on this! niyad Oct 2020 #12
! Hugin Oct 2020 #14
Oh, you have NO idea! niyad Oct 2020 #16
One thing I've always admired about wiccans... Hugin Oct 2020 #18
We are indeed! niyad Oct 2020 #19
That was a test. Hugin Oct 2020 #23
Ahhh, but you forget. We have many tools! niyad Oct 2020 #24
One of the advantages of pantheism. Hugin Oct 2020 #28
MMMP BB niyad Oct 2020 #29
Blue moon on Halloween! Rinse and repeat soothsayer Oct 2020 #6
Indeed. Blue moon on Halloween. BComplex Oct 2020 #20
My birthday is the 30th. Devil's night they call it. tavernier Oct 2020 #25
Tax Cheatos! soothsayer Oct 2020 #27
Mine is the 29th. MontanaMama Oct 2020 #32
And an early Happy Birthday to you as well. Magic is indeed afoot! niyad Oct 2020 #40
... Celerity Oct 2020 #34
Well the, an early Very Happy Birthday to you. Cheetos for your cauldron, eh? niyad Oct 2020 #39
Over a very hot fire tavernier Oct 2020 #41
Oh, that will be such fun! niyad Oct 2020 #43
LOL Gothmog Oct 2020 #7
What is that on the ground? . .. Iliyah Oct 2020 #8
A fire niyad Oct 2020 #15
Good try! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2020 #9
Although significant, don't forget that it isn't just him. The entire support system has to go as niyad Oct 2020 #17
I'm in. BComplex Oct 2020 #21
The best time to do binding spells this month Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #22
thank you kpete Oct 2020 #26
The image for this article is from the 1996 movie The Craft. Niagara Oct 2020 #33
Kick! Hekate Oct 2020 #35
Well Alsteen Oct 2020 #36
LOL!!! diva77 Oct 2020 #37
As pointed out earlier, it is not that simple, because it is not just him. He is simply the most niyad Oct 2020 #42
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