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17. Yes for the sake of the dying and horribly ill and those treating them.
Thu Aug 12, 2021, 12:55 PM
Aug 2021

Of course the bastards who “govern” those states would not likely return the favor as they and a too large chunk of their people follow the NeoConfederate credo of “we hate you and the founding principle of the US Constitution” that the primary duty of the federal government is to promote the general welfare of all people, but, ironically gladly take the tax dollars of we who believe in that principle. That said, since we believe in that ethos we must adhere to it, even for the ungrateful, although I wager the majority of patients in those ICU wards would be grateful, and certainly the medical staff who are being subjected to inhuman stresses because of this human conflagration certainly would. The latter group who chose human service as their life’s calling certainly never anticipated they would be in the midst of such hell and certainly never conceived that their state governments would be their enemy in this struggle. They need all the help we can give them.

However, my caveat would be this, along with the aid comes a request that these Merchants Of Death who “govern” those states and are responsible for this catastrophe because they have knowingly endangered their citizens with their murdeous orders, exercise some of that sacred personal responsibility they prattle on about endlessly but never practice, and demand they rescind those orders at once. If not, and they likely wouldn’t, as it allows them to pander to the knuckle dragging fascists they service, then we federalize their national guards and put them into Public Health Service, deduct the cost of such aid from the money they would receive from the Covid relief money already appropriated to those states, or from future infrastructure money, and the Justice Department should intervene in every legal case on behalf of all local governments who are challenging the murderous mask prohibitions. So Abbott and DeathSantis pay some price for their wretched actions since they are chiefly responsible for this.

Depends on the help requested Auggie Aug 2021 #1
Actions and choices must have consequences. Wingus Dingus Aug 2021 #2
Good question - but not easy for me to answer JustAnotherGen Aug 2021 #3
We can offer help but that doesn't mean it will be appreciated, or even taken Siwsan Aug 2021 #4
I really do want to say fuck'em. TheRealNorth Aug 2021 #5
Yeah, the 19th century version of MAGATS shot him for that. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #11
Same. I soooooo bamagal62 Aug 2021 #23
Not that they would return the call. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #6
The frustration is dwarfed by the verbal & sometimes physical abuse HCWs are facing by anti-vaxxer hlthe2b Aug 2021 #7
I remember having blue states stillcool Aug 2021 #8
Help them expel their governors; help by voting out as many Reptilians as possible... lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #9
Yes, the kids. JoanofArgh Aug 2021 #10
And, for the sane, vaccinated people who are stuck in these states, who mignt GoCubsGo Aug 2021 #27
If they have spare medical personnel pinkstarburst Aug 2021 #12
There are still too many who will become vectors MurrayDelph Aug 2021 #13
The Blue State/Red State schism is an invalid construct. Harker Aug 2021 #14
Real life is not so binary. milestogo Aug 2021 #15
it is like giving a liver transplant to an alcoholic DBoon Aug 2021 #16
Yes for the sake of the dying and horribly ill and those treating them. benfranklin1776 Aug 2021 #17
Gee, thanks a lot obamanut2012 Aug 2021 #18
Please note that many of us including me believe that we need to help all period. Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #25
Add me to the "help anyone we can" hamsterjill Aug 2021 #28
Um . . . . to whom are your comments addressed? Stinky The Clown Aug 2021 #32
Yes, we should help people. It's not about who they are - it's about who we are. Solly Mack Aug 2021 #19
+ 10000000 Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #26
I voted yes but not because I am in any mood to help those people. totodeinhere Aug 2021 #20
+1 nitpicker Aug 2021 #21
Some of these States were throwing away outdated vaccines Greybnk48 Aug 2021 #22
Of course, we are Americans and there are kids involved. If we don't help, we are no better than Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #24
We are still one country Sympthsical Aug 2021 #29
Red state/ Blue state Sunsky Aug 2021 #30
The sick kids in red states. It's not their fault their parents are morons oasis Aug 2021 #31
Only for those who chose to be vaccinated or ... Xoan Aug 2021 #33
Yes, but charge them through the nose for the assistance. Pharlo Aug 2021 #34
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