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Mon Nov 1, 2021, 07:54 PM Nov 2021

As a Democrat, Do you own a gun? [View all]

146 votes, 7 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I own a gun
92 (63%)
Hell no. I do not own a gun.
44 (30%)
I would buy a gun if the situation in the US became more dire.
10 (7%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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As a Democrat, Do you own a gun? [View all] texasfiddler Nov 2021 OP
Don't have a gun, don't want a gun Sherman A1 Nov 2021 #1
Out in the sticks of west texas, gay texan Nov 2021 #2
Or rattlesnakes n/t TexasBushwhacker Nov 2021 #81
I leave rattlesnakes alone mostly. hunter Nov 2021 #104
My rattlesnake frogmarch Nov 2021 #113
I have a True Dough Nov 2021 #3
If you use it to shoot flaming projectiles, it's literally a firearm Bucky Nov 2021 #42
Multiple drexelkathy Nov 2021 #4
Ahhh, ok?? USALiberal Nov 2021 #23
It was a poll drexelkathy Nov 2021 #40
No, and I wouldn't own a gun even if I were 'merely' independent. elleng Nov 2021 #5
Many marie999 Nov 2021 #6
Don't have one don't want one, but neither will I say never. Maru Kitteh Nov 2021 #7
Never have Never will!! aeromanKC Nov 2021 #8
Nope - they are not allowed on my property period FreeState Nov 2021 #9
Multiple forthemiddle Nov 2021 #10
Several, mostly inherited but some bought. Shrike47 Nov 2021 #11
Will never own a gun. rownesheck Nov 2021 #12
Have we seen you in action True Dough Nov 2021 #30
Buckaroo Banzai nt sarisataka Nov 2021 #45
Please just keep this in your fantasies Woodswalker Nov 2021 #31
😂 Duppers Nov 2021 #75
That's all? LiberatedUSA Nov 2021 #103
When I was a kid my mom went berserker on a fool holding a rifle. hunter Nov 2021 #106
Agreed. Caliman73 Nov 2021 #138
I grew up hunting... VarryOn Nov 2021 #13
I have no problem with responsible gun ownership. I have never desired to own Arkansas Granny Nov 2021 #14
I have no political reason for not having a gun-- it has just never come up. TreasonousBastard Nov 2021 #15
Yes Timewas Nov 2021 #16
I am armed due to the magat infestation. Ya never know... nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #17
I'm not in the hell no category cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #18
We had them in the house when I was a kid. Mr.Bill Nov 2021 #19
No. No reason to. Demobrat Nov 2021 #20
if gun owners would just stop shooting people, wouldnt need a gun nt msongs Nov 2021 #21
Uh neh WaterSong1951 Nov 2021 #22
No not a gun GusBob Nov 2021 #24
Yes vercetti2021 Nov 2021 #25
I have owned many, right now I have two... Enter stage left Nov 2021 #26
Don't have a need zipplewrath Nov 2021 #27
What does one sarisataka Nov 2021 #28
I own a gun ex husband left with the property alittlelark Nov 2021 #29
First thing is to "have it checked" to see if it's loaded... yagotme Nov 2021 #133
It is FAR more likely sarisataka Nov 2021 #135
Yes, I was assuming the poster had some knowledge of the firearm in question. yagotme Nov 2021 #136
Back in the day sarisataka Nov 2021 #137
Yeah, a "gun class" with no shooting would be BOOOR-INGGG... yagotme Nov 2021 #139
I'm a true Blue Dem and Woodswalker Nov 2021 #32
Never had one, but not ruling it out. Haggard Celine Nov 2021 #33
I did have one that I used for target shooting, but got rid of it Poiuyt Nov 2021 #34
No, but I probably would never own one regardless of political leaning LeftInTX Nov 2021 #35
Yes liberaltrucker Nov 2021 #36
I own a Walther P99 compact SA, look into it, wonderful action... Enter stage left Nov 2021 #43
Thanks, I'll check it out liberaltrucker Nov 2021 #51
Mr Lake sold nine guns when we moved to Costa Rica are not banned but hard to get. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #37
recreational shooting is somethine me and my teenage son enjoy. SYFROYH Nov 2021 #124
Yep it's not really how many guns. Although they are beautiful pieces of machinery. LakeArenal Nov 2021 #125
Yes. Many several. MontanaFarmer Nov 2021 #38
Not me...hubby has and needs for utility work in NorCal. Works often deep in Emerald Triangle. MenloParque Nov 2021 #39
That sucks. hunter Nov 2021 #109
My husband has a couple shotguns from his dad who passed away some years ago. Wingus Dingus Nov 2021 #41
there's a question. Igel Nov 2021 #44
I am not a gun enthusiast. I am just curious. That is a tough situation. texasfiddler Nov 2021 #60
Its your gun. former9thward Nov 2021 #64
Technically EVERYTHING is in probate fescuerescue Nov 2021 #99
Yep, got a gun... Septua Nov 2021 #46
Yes but only if you include antique 22cal. rifles not fired in decades. KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2021 #47
So I'm surprised by the results and posts in this thread. Calista241 Nov 2021 #48
I've noticed that many of the posters in this thread almost never post here. Crunchy Frog Nov 2021 #71
Yeah, but there's a whole lot of posters here with very high post counts. Calista241 Nov 2021 #72
Perhaps, but you can also click the link in the poll to see who voted on each answer petronius Nov 2021 #79
It's really depressing, if true. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #111
Since I've NEVER lived in a household without a gun forthemiddle Nov 2021 #115
I am for very strict gun control obamanut2012 Nov 2021 #123
There's nothing wrong with responsible gun ownership GusBob Nov 2021 #128
Got a lil .22 for the fun of target practice Bucky Nov 2021 #49
Interesting statistic... Septua Nov 2021 #50
Ever hear of "google"? LOL traitorsgalore Nov 2021 #52
Ever hear of Google isn't everything? LOL texasfiddler Nov 2021 #55
I have... Septua Nov 2021 #78
No, and don't plan to mvd Nov 2021 #53
No. I would be a hypocrite to own a gun and also be against guns. Doodley Nov 2021 #54
I live in trump-red north dakota with all the racists/white supremacists... cntrfthrs Nov 2021 #56
Where the entire population of North Dakota BumRushDaShow Nov 2021 #62
At this point I probably would if I didn't have kids. Crunchy Frog Nov 2021 #57
gun toting liberal here dsp3000 Nov 2021 #58
Nope. Never. NewHendoLib Nov 2021 #59
My neighbors think I have a gun Generic Brad Nov 2021 #61
Why do your neighbors think you own a gun? Sapient Donkey Nov 2021 #65
When we moved out here in the country MuseRider Nov 2021 #63
I ran the numbers. Statistically I decided my family would be less safe with a gun around Quixote1818 Nov 2021 #66
I have 10 at this time nt doc03 Nov 2021 #67
In the middle of nowhere with 30 minute police response time Amishman Nov 2021 #68
My hubby loves his CZ75B Single Action. He says it's butter smooth. MenloParque Nov 2021 #114
More than one UpInArms Nov 2021 #69
We go hiking in remote areas and have physical limitations. Baked Potato Nov 2021 #70
I've owned guns all my life ripcord Nov 2021 #73
Having downsized my collection a great deal, I now only have 14. Dial H For Hero Nov 2021 #74
Many madville Nov 2021 #76
I own 3 KentuckyWoman Nov 2021 #77
Two .22 pistols Rob H. Nov 2021 #80
As a person who lives with depression TexasBushwhacker Nov 2021 #82
this day and age... myohmy2 Nov 2021 #83
If Republicans trust God to take care of them during covid Tribetime Nov 2021 #84
It's too much work to get one in NYC Polybius Nov 2021 #85
Nope: there are too many people I'd like to see lined up against a wall and shot. struggle4progress Nov 2021 #86
Several. Shotgun for bird hunting. Other for duck hunting GulfCoast66 Nov 2021 #87
I am neurotically terrified of the things. So no. nolabear Nov 2021 #88
I have several, all kinds Raine Nov 2021 #89
I have quite a few. Straw Man Nov 2021 #90
I do not value this life so much that I would harm another in order to keep it wackadoo wabbit Nov 2021 #91
Nope. I think have guns tend to attract other people with guns In It to Win It Nov 2021 #92
No. No guns. PERIOD Scottie Mom Nov 2021 #93
Own them and am proficient in their usage. Ligyron Nov 2021 #94
as a farmer living in hurricane country bluecollar2 Nov 2021 #95
I used to. bluedigger Nov 2021 #96
No. Aristus Nov 2021 #97
i own several rdking647 Nov 2021 #98
Why do I need a gun? I have Spot. hunter Nov 2021 #100
Interesting that the comments are predominately negative, but the poll is positive MisterProton Nov 2021 #101
No. tavernier Nov 2021 #102
Can't get one without jumping through a lot of very necessary hoops here. GoneOffShore Nov 2021 #105
I live in Germany DFW Nov 2021 #107
If accurate, this poll result is incredibly depressing. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #108
It's an internet poll krispos42 Nov 2021 #120
Don't forget to factor in the multiple firearms owned by a typical US gun-owner Devil Child Nov 2021 #121
Eeesh. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #122
What a curious statement GusBob Nov 2021 #127
Then I have some worse news for you. LiberatedUSA Nov 2021 #129
Nice NRA talking points. lagomorph777 Nov 2021 #132
We don't have an... LiberatedUSA Nov 2021 #134
What do you think the issue is? Happy Hoosier Nov 2021 #131
Most Democrats Elessar Zappa Nov 2021 #141
We haven't done this in a while, but it usually comes out about 50-50. SYFROYH Nov 2021 #110
I have two Shrek Nov 2021 #112
Yes, we have these in the fields around us DashOneBravo Nov 2021 #116
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2021 #117
My daughter gave me a gun because I live way out in the country womanofthehills Nov 2021 #118
I'd suggest a compressed-air rifle for your needs. No gunpowder, fine for small/medium game. n/t Decoy of Fenris Nov 2021 #119
I thought you could only own a gun as a gun owner. Iggo Nov 2021 #126
Yes... quite a few. Happy Hoosier Nov 2021 #130
I own sporting firearms. Act_of_Reparation Nov 2021 #140
Yeah, but just an old-fashioned lever action sir pball Nov 2021 #142
Don't. Did one/once. My government trained me 2 major occasions. Support drivers license type rules. UTUSN Nov 2021 #143
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