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22. That's the SOP.
Wed Nov 24, 2021, 01:39 AM
Nov 2021

Invite some vile weasel into their home to get the all-important bigot and imbecile vote

Remember Kyle Kashuv? Guy who got accepted into Harvard and then the racist rants he posted were revealed? And so Harvard rescinded their acceptance offer? And who got invited to the White House? To sit in a photo-op with famed Einstein Visa recipient, Melania? Yeah, that guy.

By the way, where’s Melania in that photo? Rittenhouse is there with his mother, but no Melania?

Two peas in one fucked up pod Blue Owl Nov 2021 #1
+2 more peas Pachamama Nov 2021 #10
It's a shame a young person like Kyle wants to be like that old disgusting dictator! n/t napi21 Nov 2021 #2
Trump needs more like him. Turbineguy Nov 2021 #3
Self defense or not Mz Pip Nov 2021 #4
he loves taking pictures with murders mshasta Nov 2021 #5
I guess when at least half of country despises you, Hoyt Nov 2021 #6
He thinks he'll be trump's himmler in the trump Schutzstaffel PSPS Nov 2021 #7
Great move, Kyle! LuckyCharms Nov 2021 #8
He really needed Busterscruggs Nov 2021 #9
It's time to paint the GOP as the party of Nazis and murderers. Initech Nov 2021 #11
Trump killed more people without going to jail Johonny Nov 2021 #12
Of course he did shanti Nov 2021 #13
Not a surprise at all. Racists of a feather burn crosses together or something like that. LonePirate Nov 2021 #14
It's Like Going To Visit WHITT Nov 2021 #15
A racist to the bottom. dchill Nov 2021 #16
+1 live love laugh Nov 2021 #19
Just when i think i can't be disgusted more UTUSN Nov 2021 #17
OP up for an hour and no responses from the pro Kyle crowd? Diablo del sol Nov 2021 #18
Of course.. he would feel comfortable with TFG mvd Nov 2021 #20
Maybe Trump will end up in the same Georgia prison as the McMichaels, and they'll take a group sop Nov 2021 #21
That's the SOP. Grins Nov 2021 #22
Trump having a photo of Kim Jong-un on his wall is so painfully on brand LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2021 #23
Lookin' tacky as always in his shitty, self-curated hall of fame Blue Owl Nov 2021 #24
I'm surprised onethatcares Nov 2021 #32
It appears that Kyle's thumb is even smaller than donnie's thumb. panader0 Nov 2021 #33
That's 15...14...13...12...minutes of fame...and counting, Kyle. sop Nov 2021 #34
It's fitting. Maraya1969 Nov 2021 #25
And sickening Captain Zero Nov 2021 #26
Carlson, TFG. The Rittenhouse victory tour is just beginning Norbert Nov 2021 #27
Trump Jugend/Jungvolk no_hypocrisy Nov 2021 #28
Genau. Kid Berwyn Nov 2021 #35
This is why Trump should never be elected President again. UCmeNdc Nov 2021 #29
This is why Trump should never be elected President again. UCmeNdc Nov 2021 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author douglas9 Nov 2021 #31
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