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F.Y. and your "super predator" bullshit. denbot Nov 2021 #1
So what do you call a man who beats and rapes woman and children by the score? cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #2
Was Kyle Rittonhouse a.. denbot Nov 2021 #3
The term is from the 1994 crime bill. I don't think Kyle was alive. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #4
Yet you decided to breathe life back into the term. What, the "N" word to obvious? denbot Nov 2021 #7
Denbot I hate to break it to you but criminals come in all colors and sexes cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #8
You don't know the history of "superpredators"? dpibel Nov 2021 #11
He does, and it is intentional. denbot Nov 2021 #19
No. The word was coined by John Dilulio in his 1995 essay, "The Coming of the Super-Predators" betsuni Nov 2021 #22
Fair enough I thought it predated the bill. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #23
+100 Celerity Nov 2021 #13
The "vast majority" of crime is NOT committed by "very few people" RockRaven Nov 2021 #5
Actually repeat criminals are responsible for the vast majority of offenses. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #6
No, no, no. No shifting of goalposts. Vast majority, very few people, you said. RockRaven Nov 2021 #10
No goalposts have been moved. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #12
Now "crimes" becomes "serious crimes" and you say you aren't moving goalposts? RockRaven Nov 2021 #15
Well I am not talking about traffic tickets, pot smoking or Check Kiting here cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #17
"I think the studies" dpibel Nov 2021 #18
Here is just one that focuses on first degree murder convictions. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #20
Reasonable try, but still a fail dpibel Nov 2021 #21
"hundreds of lives each"? dpibel Nov 2021 #9
Yeah hundreds of lives. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #14
You have a rather broad definition of "destroy" dpibel Nov 2021 #16
Can't believe I'm reading "superpredators" on DU n/t leftstreet Nov 2021 #24
Well this is an interesting bit of Hysteria Bucky Nov 2021 #25
Brooks appears to be a troubled individual who radius777 Nov 2021 #26
He was give a thousand dollar bail. jimfields33 Nov 2021 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Torchlight Nov 2021 #28
No. Fuck that racist bullshit. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2021 #29
To quote Chris Rock: "Whatever happened to "Just plain crazy?'" Greybnk48 Nov 2021 #30
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