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No SmittyWerben Mar 2022 #1
That is the argument that Lawrence O'Donnell was making tonight JohnSJ Mar 2022 #10
It's a good one. nt crickets Mar 2022 #28
Here's Lawrence O'Donnell: Rhiannon12866 Mar 2022 #42
PUH LEASE with the "no fly zone" !! Long and short range AA do WAAAAAY better than no fly zone with uponit7771 Mar 2022 #2
I'm with you on that. They need to be able to defend themselves from the aerial assault. gldstwmn Mar 2022 #6
Yep but aerial assault is from Putrids punk ass move to go after civilians with unguided muntions uponit7771 Mar 2022 #7
What's FOSINT? relayerbob Mar 2022 #20
Free Open Source Intel uponit7771 Mar 2022 #34
Thanks relayerbob Mar 2022 #38
I got to Twitter to get info but APIs are common for satellites for your own use uponit7771 Mar 2022 #39
Got a link? relayerbob Mar 2022 #43
yep uponit7771 Mar 2022 #44
Excellent, thanks again relayerbob Mar 2022 #46
"Foundations of Open Source Intelligence and Security Informatics" lastlib Mar 2022 #31
Thanks relayerbob Mar 2022 #37
Agreed, especially needed are long range AA n/t AntiFascist Mar 2022 #12
Agreed relayerbob Mar 2022 #18
I think its possible thse positions could change BootinUp Mar 2022 #3
Absolutely not!!! MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #4
+++ JohnSJ Mar 2022 #5
Only a handful of votes supporting a nuclear Holocaust in this one. BannonsLiver Mar 2022 #8
I see No is clearly winning, so we're OK with putin killing 40 million people? krawhitham Mar 2022 #9
Nobody fucking said that, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #11
43,295,254 people in Ukraine, they will not give up and putin will not back down krawhitham Mar 2022 #15
7,931,294,345 in the world sarisataka Mar 2022 #49
Thank-you. Too many are not thinking the long run. I wonder how many here for implementing a JohnSJ Mar 2022 #17
I did, I was in High School at the time and I well remember MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #25
same here. I remember coming home from school and saw my parents looking so worried JohnSJ Mar 2022 #26
I did, in Key West, FL. 2naSalit Mar 2022 #29
You were right in the middle of it JohnSJ Mar 2022 #30
Yup. 2naSalit Mar 2022 #32
It isn't that simple. A no-fly zone is equivalent to a declaration of war. Going alone without JohnSJ Mar 2022 #13
I understand why it's labeled a "reckless action", but putin will not stop with Ukraine krawhitham Mar 2022 #19
You are assuming Russia will win this war relayerbob Mar 2022 #24
What makes you think Putin is going to win? MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #27
Putin is having a hard time in Ukraine. I couldn't imagine him trying to extend his military even Sapient Donkey Mar 2022 #48
Ukraine would be the absolute first to get hit, 100% certain relayerbob Mar 2022 #21
No because I llke low cost 48656c6c6f20 Mar 2022 #14
Do you want WWIII? Because that's how you get WWIII. Spider Jerusalem Mar 2022 #16
A no fly zone would be a declaration of war against Russia. No one should be OK with that JohnSJ Mar 2022 #23
This is a hostage situation Metaphorical Mar 2022 #22
Covert action, yes. BlueWavePsych Mar 2022 #33
Anyone promoting escalation on this site should think twice and then think some more. ConflictResolution Mar 2022 #35
You are spot on. MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #40
Other. Maru Kitteh Mar 2022 #36
Here's Lawrence O'Donnell, for those who missed this segment: Rhiannon12866 Mar 2022 #41
not only no, but fuck no. Calista241 Mar 2022 #45
No. I think there is merit to the idea that would be a gift to Putin at this time. Sapient Donkey Mar 2022 #47
No LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2022 #50
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