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36. Their Afghan war, against a mostly disorganized enemy
Mon Mar 7, 2022, 07:56 PM
Mar 2022

with no real sense of being a country and little motivation to defend anyone from rival tribes, cost them enough lives to destabilize the USSR. It fell and Ukraine tasted 30 years of relative freedom, building its forces, training its population, and gaining a real sense of itself as a separate country.

Per Wikipedia, the Afghan war lasted 9 years with under 15,000 killed. In the first week of this war, the estimate is that about 5,000 Russian troops have been killed. They are fighting a force with superior training on their home turf and the slaughter is and will continue to be enormous. Russia and the SSRs had no stomach for the Afghan war. I doubt they will buy the propaganda for this one when those bodies start to be shipped home.

Ukraine is not going anywhere. If anything, this is their war for independence, and the Russian bloodletting will continue even as the Russians bomb buildings to rubble. It's just not going to work, not even if the entire Russian army is sent in to guard every single pile of rubble over a meter high. Ukrainians will eventually kick them out.

One hopes Putin will be satisfied with a neutral Ukraine without NATO troops and missiles on his doorstep sooner rather than later. If not, everyone else in Russia and in the Kremlin will lose their appetites for this war quickly. It is not only costing them too much, it is exposing their weaknesses rather badly. I'm hopeing all these factors make it short.

we may HAVE to go to war [View all] RussBLib Mar 2022 OP
"Seize their nuclear weapons"... AntiFascist Mar 2022 #1
Absolutely! SheltieLover Mar 2022 #11
Grab your helmet and weapon, Private Russ!! WarGamer Mar 2022 #2
Not until... LiberatedUSA Mar 2022 #61
awesome movie. WarGamer Mar 2022 #62
We may have to, but not yet and hopefully Sherman A1 Mar 2022 #3
I hope not at all RussBLib Mar 2022 #15
Brave words... regnaD kciN Mar 2022 #4
Exactly. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #22
I grew up next to Strike Zone Three. xmas74 Mar 2022 #54
thank you Locrian Mar 2022 #53
I thought Ukraine was kickin butt. jimfields33 Mar 2022 #5
They're doing amazing but we are not getting the full context. Russia is still advancing. femmedem Mar 2022 #16
so is there no atrocity horrid enough? RussBLib Mar 2022 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author RussBLib Mar 2022 #18
they ARE kicking ass Skittles Mar 2022 #23
Is that sarcasm aimed at DU? Kingofalldems Mar 2022 #52
Seldon does such an opportunity come along... OneBlueDotS-Carolina Mar 2022 #6
it wont work... im sure hes on a suicide mission samnsara Mar 2022 #9
ive been thinking the same thing.. we HAVE to stop him samnsara Mar 2022 #7
How are we going to take control of Russia? marie999 Mar 2022 #26
Magic!! Nt USALiberal Mar 2022 #30
magical thinking is running riot here lately Celerity Mar 2022 #45
"OK lol nt" Torchlight Mar 2022 #49
War rso Mar 2022 #8
By the way, for those who think we can just defeat and demilitarize Russia... regnaD kciN Mar 2022 #10
Lindsey Graham also like to throw bromides around about "kicking ass" BradAllison Mar 2022 #12
You can't get the snowybirdie Mar 2022 #13
Absent from this thread Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #14
true RussBLib Mar 2022 #20
Putin would be thrilled if we entered UKR territory. mahina Mar 2022 #19
Post removed Post removed Mar 2022 #34
Yuck mahina Mar 2022 #38
ugly, isn't it? nt RussBLib Mar 2022 #43
I don't think he'd be thrilled. Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #57
Whoopee we are all gonna die! Emile Mar 2022 #21
eventually, sure nt RussBLib Mar 2022 #32
Well, that eliminates some of the fear I have about my mid-year review with my smirkymonkey Mar 2022 #41
Viet Nam taught us that we shouldn't be the world's police force. Liberal In Texas Mar 2022 #24
I hope it's enough RussBLib Mar 2022 #35
And how are we going to kick Russia's ass and seize its nuclear weapons? marie999 Mar 2022 #25
The poster must have a plan! Nt USALiberal Mar 2022 #29
one can dream RussBLib Mar 2022 #46
Yeah, just like we took Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. Hoyt Mar 2022 #27
Lol, so you think it will really easy?? USALiberal Mar 2022 #28
no, not at all RussBLib Mar 2022 #31
How? marie999 Mar 2022 #40
Right behind ya general sarisataka Mar 2022 #33
what is it about Russia? RussBLib Mar 2022 #37
Their Afghan war, against a mostly disorganized enemy Warpy Mar 2022 #36
seize their nuclear weapons... like this lapfog_1 Mar 2022 #39
I have often thought RussBLib Mar 2022 #42
The OP is right, there may come a time when we have to go to war with Russia Chainfire Mar 2022 #44
well put RussBLib Mar 2022 #48
How exactly do you plan to do that? relayerbob Mar 2022 #47
Saving Ukraine isn't worth sparking a nuclear war madville Mar 2022 #50
What makes you think it would spark a nuclear war? Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #56
It would lead to nowhere but escalation madville Mar 2022 #63
Rule number one of war - hit the enemy's weakness - which we are doing. radius777 Mar 2022 #51
They can't be made a pariah state when their ally is China. former9thward Mar 2022 #55
One problem with that. Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #58
Russia is heavily intertwined with the West. radius777 Mar 2022 #60
The bad thing is that Putin has us fighting each other. Initech Mar 2022 #59
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