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Kid Berwyn

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12. It's what they did to Hypatia.
Thu Apr 28, 2022, 06:57 PM
Apr 2022

Hypatia is famous for being the greatest mathematician and astronomer of her time (ca. 350-370 to 415 AD), for being the leader of the Neoplatonist school of philosophy in Alexandria, for spectacularly overcoming the profound sexism of her society, and for suffering a violent death at the hands of ignorant zealots. — GOOGLE

A resource: https://poindexters.com/hypatia-alexandria-mathematician/

Count not the day lost. Thanks. nt Atticus Apr 2022 #1
You are most welcome. niyad Apr 2022 #2
That's a highly appropriate word for these crazy days, my dear niyad! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2022 #3
I do agree. I love learning new words, but sad that this one is so needed. niyad Apr 2022 #4
Good word! MuseRider Apr 2022 #5
I don't have podcasts. But I very much appreciate any interview that I run niyad Apr 2022 #6
I just don't see how this slide into national dementia The Unmitigated Gall Apr 2022 #7
I think that you just described it perfectly, "a slide into national dementia". niyad Apr 2022 #8
Sadly, I agree. mountain grammy Apr 2022 #9
Thanks! Good word. Sophiacide begins with lingo noise that crowds out, then tries to kill, signal. ancianita Apr 2022 #10
My favorite cartoon. I put this up on my locker at work about 25 years ago. Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #16
It's palpable, pernicious, and prevalent. Hugin Apr 2022 #11
Sadly, no. I wish that I had some answers, some great ideas. But mostly what I niyad Apr 2022 #21
It's what they did to Hypatia. Kid Berwyn Apr 2022 #12
Thank you for reminding us of this amazing woman. niyad Apr 2022 #19
My niece will not like this... Ohio Joe Apr 2022 #13
I can understand that. Sophia is Greek, meaning Wisdom. niyad Apr 2022 #20
So this is a proposed new word? nt Shermann Apr 2022 #14
No. As I pointed out, I found it in Mary L. Trump's book, "The Reckoning". niyad Apr 2022 #18
Sadly true Joinfortmill Apr 2022 #15
As a student of Gnosticism, I appreciate this. Midnight Writer Apr 2022 #17
Thank you. niyad May 2022 #24
RWNJs have long promoted ignorance, as knowledge is an existential threat Dark n Stormy Knight May 2022 #22
"belligerant ignorance" is an excellent description. niyad May 2022 #23
It strikes me that way, too. Years ago, a friend of mine had a band called the Belligerent Brothers. Dark n Stormy Knight May 2022 #25
Sadly, your last paragraph is absolutely correct. The anti-knowledge, niyad May 2022 #26
Your last single sentence describes them perfectly! Stuart G May 2022 #27
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