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19. Appreciate your submission!
Wed May 4, 2022, 03:54 PM
May 2022

I try to make a pilgrimage there every year and was just there this morning for some of the events. However, one little correction to the photo narrative - the circular plaques (such as the one pictured for Alan Canfora) are a recent addition to the site to recognize the locations of the nine wounded students. Although installed two years ago, they were officially dedicated this week. The memorials in the parking lot are for the four students that were killed (i.e. by homicide) on May 4th. Incidentally, the sister of Alan Canfora (now deceased) was one of the scheduled speakers this year.

Intense Duncanpup May 2022 #1
It is, especially for me Diamond_Dog May 2022 #2
Thank you for sharing. hamsterjill May 2022 #3
You are welcome, hamsterjill Diamond_Dog May 2022 #4
What happened there that day needs to be remembered pandr32 May 2022 #5
I couldn't agree more. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #6
Thank you for these photos. yardwork May 2022 #7
I remember it well, too Diamond_Dog May 2022 #8
It is frightening to know that the government can and has shot non-violent protesters just because. yardwork May 2022 #11
I was tear-y when I took those photos. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #18
I'm so sorry. yardwork May 2022 #21
Thank you. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #22
Question Duncanpup May 2022 #9
There were a lot of complicated undercurrents. yardwork May 2022 #13
Ok thanks for explanation I was four at this moment Duncanpup May 2022 #14
The protesters were provoking the guard Diamond_Dog May 2022 #15
So they do a massacre over rocks Duncanpup May 2022 #16
Yes Diamond_Dog May 2022 #17
I was married to a guy in the Ohio National Guard. llmart May 2022 #28
Thanks for sharing. As I recall there were plans in the late 70s to develop some of these areas. Auggie May 2022 #10
It absolutely was a big deal, Auggie. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #12
Appreciate your submission! Wuddles440 May 2022 #19
Thank you Wuddles440 Diamond_Dog May 2022 #20
There's been events running... Wuddles440 May 2022 #23
Totally awesome Diamond_Dog May 2022 #24
Oh... TY for these poignant photos, your memories!... electric_blue68 May 2022 #25
Thank you so much electric_blue68 Diamond_Dog May 2022 #26
YW, and Totally Understandable electric_blue68 May 2022 #33
I've never been back to Kent. Last time I was there was when my sister got her masters in 1969. sinkingfeeling May 2022 #27
One of these days I'll get around Diamond_Dog May 2022 #30
We just got back from KSU Ohiya May 2022 #29
Awesome Diamond_Dog May 2022 #31
Yes, we had been there a few years ago, but it was worth revisiting. Ohiya May 2022 #32
Thanks for sharing these Raine May 2022 #34
It certainly does, Raine. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #35
Thank you for capturing the emotion of it all. livetohike May 2022 #36
Thank you livetohike. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #37
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