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K&R Odin2005 Oct 2012 #1
kick ItsTheMediaStupid Oct 2012 #2
Shhh, that's an inconvenient truth... polichick Oct 2012 #3
Yeah...it's like I've seen all this in a movie somewhere deutsey Oct 2012 #126
No doubt edhopper Oct 2012 #4
No, that's not how it works rock Oct 2012 #5
It is how it works edhopper Oct 2012 #7
Exactly. TahitiNut Oct 2012 #64
Everything must always be couched in ambiguous weasel words Speck Tater Oct 2012 #9
I agree with you. This is what happens when the ozone is compromised by pollution. These radical and The Wielding Truth Oct 2012 #38
I can't believe how people can't understand that the earth is warming AAO Oct 2012 #58
We know it. We can see the truth. We will get the votes. Reason must overcome propaganda! The Wielding Truth Oct 2012 #82
You are right ! AAO Oct 2012 #91
Nope. Sorry, but garybeck Oct 2012 #11
Good points all rock Oct 2012 #12
With climate change, the weather variations become more pronounced. JDPriestly Oct 2012 #16
True, they predicted that it would take decades to get change with statistical significance. reusrename Oct 2012 #30
Thanks for the link rock Oct 2012 #33
suggestion: read what the experts say. garybeck Oct 2012 #36
Well, I see I haven't been clear enough in my posts, and that's my fault rock Oct 2012 #47
It's true that different people give different weights to different types of evidence. reusrename Oct 2012 #55
you are assuming garybeck Oct 2012 #70
I once knew a guy named Doug rock Oct 2012 #81
Weather events are, by definition, variations in the weather. reusrename Oct 2012 #87
It's called the Union of Concerned *Scientists*. read what they say. garybeck Oct 2012 #115
"global warming" is a correct term MH1 Oct 2012 #101
personally I like the term "global warming" garybeck Oct 2012 #116
that's because deafskeptic Oct 2012 #79
Ah, yes! That's super important. reusrename Oct 2012 #89
If the oceans weren't warming BainsBane Oct 2012 #28
well heaven05 Oct 2012 #32
This is part of the trend nadinbrzezinski Oct 2012 #25
Define "extremely gradual" NickB79 Oct 2012 #41
Agree with you. This is the gradual part. So if we can start to see some of the extreme effects grantcart Oct 2012 #48
Just a slight increase in global temperatures Chemisse Oct 2012 #86
Keep denying that it exists, RoccoR5955 Oct 2012 #94
Gradual? Arctic sea ice will be gone in 5-10 years. joshcryer Oct 2012 #109
I do WilliamPitt Oct 2012 #6
Good piece, Will..... prairierose Oct 2012 #31
All is well WilliamPitt Oct 2012 #53
Megastorms on the coasts and droughts on the plains are what we need to get used to. FVZA_Colonel Oct 2012 #8
ha! garybeck Oct 2012 #18
BIG K&R Hell Hath No Fury Oct 2012 #10
There are hundreds of weather modification corporations providing services around the globe RepublicansRZombies Oct 2012 #13
Well, I've done some research myself, and.... AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #68
K&R octoberlib Oct 2012 #14
It is an inconvenient truth that Al Gore was instrumental in shipping US jobs overseas RepublicansRZombies Oct 2012 #15
You don't buy all your products from countries that pollute and then point the finger at them AlbertCat Oct 2012 #17
Absolutely! n/t AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #69
Good post. You can add mining, drilling, forestry etc ChillZilla Oct 2012 #78
Yup Bigredhunk Oct 2012 #19
It's not possible to tie any specific weather event or even an apparent pattern to climate change slackmaster Oct 2012 #20
yes it is. garybeck Oct 2012 #34
TBH, Gary, I can't help but agree 100% with this. AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #61
Welcome to the new normal caraher Oct 2012 #21
I think climate change is affecting the oldbanjo Oct 2012 #22
Of course it is. MoonRiver Oct 2012 #23
I almost didn't rec because freedom fighter jh Oct 2012 #24
HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Oct 2012 #26
Human excellerated and exacerbated Kalidurga Oct 2012 #27
Definitely recommending. calimary Oct 2012 #29
Rec. Been through all kinds of storms here in NY, but these gigantic monsters are new, Chorophyll Oct 2012 #35
Recommended AnnieK401 Oct 2012 #37
k and r, and: Duh! amborin Oct 2012 #39
Of course it is and anyone that denies it doesn't deserve a seat at the table. nt Comrade_McKenzie Oct 2012 #40
How could it not be? Junkdrawer Oct 2012 #42
Romney sneers at talk of Climate Change flamingdem Oct 2012 #43
The Sneer joesdaughter Oct 2012 #104
Oh the pain, the pain flamingdem Oct 2012 #107
Well, they've been warning us about sea level changes LeftInTX Oct 2012 #44
It is tragic that anyone could still somehow manage not to see this. redqueen Oct 2012 #45
There is absolutely no evidence that climate change is happening. Hugabear Oct 2012 #46
just have a look at this crazy time sequence of air traffic around the world... Whisp Oct 2012 #49
interesting map marions ghost Oct 2012 #77
An elderly lady interviewed by my local "newspaper" queenjane Oct 2012 #50
2 years in a row a hurricane has hit the east coast and not the southeast. What more evidence do you craigmatic Oct 2012 #51
Funny how the rich own all of the ocean front property.... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2012 #52
Bye bye polar ice caps. lpbk2713 Oct 2012 #54
Only a moran would think otherwise! n/t AAO Oct 2012 #56
K&R! burrowowl Oct 2012 #57
Even if it is not human-caused salinen Oct 2012 #59
ACC is no doubt playing a major part in today's problems. AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #60
I find myself sorry to think this wake-up call will not wake-up the clueless as.... Amonester Oct 2012 #65
It's not too late. AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #67
I say it's too late because, given the "current" state of affair (the damn money)... Amonester Oct 2012 #90
The only sure way that nothing will happen is if we throw in the towel. AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #97
This image said it all. SleeplessinSoCal Oct 2012 #62
I'm convinced it is and this isn't new, from the director of the classic "It's a Wonderful Life" Uncle Joe Oct 2012 #63
That's a great video! reusrename Oct 2012 #80
Kind of shocking isn't it? Eisenhower was President Uncle Joe Oct 2012 #113
I don't THINK it, I KNOW IT!! n/t onecent Oct 2012 #66
I had heard that other planets felix_numinous Oct 2012 #71
That and the scifi channel giving the storm ideas... RedCloud Oct 2012 #72
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar - unsure about this storm, but climate change is a problem. Politicub Oct 2012 #73
Pretty much where I stand. AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #99
That's like saying "rec this thread if you are NOT A MORAN". nt 99th_Monkey Oct 2012 #74
. BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2012 #75
Until someone can tell me what human-caused conditions melted the North American Ice sheet ChillZilla Oct 2012 #76
As a geologist meeshrox Oct 2012 #83
K&R! I believe that it is human caused, man4allcats Oct 2012 #84
Unbelievable LW1977 Oct 2012 #85
Kick! sarcasmo Oct 2012 #88
Anyone who thinks the ocean isn't rising The Wizard Oct 2012 #92
K&R You know it is! n/t RoccoR5955 Oct 2012 #93
Ja think? radiclib Oct 2012 #95
Climate change is a religion. Zax2me Oct 2012 #96
What? I'm sorry, but What? AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #98
K and fuckin R! BobbyBoring Oct 2012 #100
So we can know who the painfully uninformed people are? (nt) harmonicon Oct 2012 #102
Now all we have to do is turn Rethugs & energy folks into believers and we can get down to business. Auntie Bush Oct 2012 #103
Since when does DU show who recommended a thread? BelgianMadCow Oct 2012 #105
I am a climate change scientist and I approve this message. Aldo Leopold Oct 2012 #106
like. :) garybeck Oct 2012 #119
My Mormon father in law's go to about climate change and carbon Phlem Oct 2012 #108
That must be the latest thing meeshrox Oct 2012 #128
Kick and a 'doh' rosesaylavee Oct 2012 #110
K&R. blackspade Oct 2012 #111
K&R nt abelenkpe Oct 2012 #112
accumulated evidence, not just this unprecedented storm... BREMPRO Oct 2012 #114
Hurricane Texas-Limerick Oct 2012 #117
Carl Sagan was talking about this in 1989. Manifestor_of_Light Oct 2012 #118
I remember the times on DU Duppers Oct 2012 #120
Welcome to the new normal tavalon Oct 2012 #121
I have to agree, but...... AverageJoe90 Oct 2012 #123
That photo above reminds me of AsahinaKimi Oct 2012 #122
o my GOD myshofer Oct 2012 #124
Google "Hurricane Catarina," "Super Cyclone Gonu," "Tropical Storm Delta"....... Gabby Hayes Oct 2012 #125
And maybe it's time to not live on the coast line. BlueToTheBone Oct 2012 #127
Definitely a contributing factor get the red out Oct 2012 #129
Me Liberalynn Oct 2012 #130
K&R ! GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #131
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