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11. Mitt unveils his new mentalism magic act...
Tue Oct 30, 2012, 04:14 PM
Oct 2012

"Folks.... for my first trick.... can someone loan me a bill of any denomination?"

"Thank you, miss. And now I, the Great Romnini, will determine the denomination of this bill without even looking at it."

"With just a few flicks of my reptilian tongue... (thup, thup, thup) Yes... I believe its a twenty. ...Do they still make those?"
THey're letting him handle the money?? barnabas63 Oct 2012 #1
The bottom one is vomitocious flamingdem Oct 2012 #2
Yeah, seriously. GoCubsGo Oct 2012 #20
Look at all those old white folks he would eviscerate BeyondGeography Oct 2012 #3
Romney should offer $5,000,000 in matching donations. Fresh_Start Oct 2012 #4
Must be a Ward fund raiser!!! Wellstone ruled Oct 2012 #5
"They come in 20 dollar denominations?" sadbear Oct 2012 #6
He's going to Politicalboi Oct 2012 #7
A leader is leading. A pretender is campaigning. onehandle Oct 2012 #8
A folded up "bill". If you've ever been to a religious collection, they fold up the $1 bills so you libdem4life Oct 2012 #9
THIS IS NOT CAMPAIGNING! You got that? TwilightGardener Oct 2012 #10
. Kadie Oct 2012 #21
Mitt unveils his new mentalism magic act... Chiyo-chichi Oct 2012 #11
to the old lady holding the "Don't Tread on Me" flag maryellen99 Oct 2012 #12
How much did he pull out of his pocket? notadmblnd Oct 2012 #13
"Hey Ohio voters, look how much I care about people!" moondust Oct 2012 #14
This Ohio Voter Voted rbrnmw Oct 2012 #19
I got an idea-RAISE MITT ROMNEY'S TAXES Johonny Oct 2012 #15
oh look, a bunch of old white rich people, and some reporters in suits. progressivebydesign Oct 2012 #16
The man has no class! Wind Dancer Oct 2012 #17
God I hate him. n/t RiffRandell Oct 2012 #18
I live near Dayton & he was on our local news tonight. He was so giddy & smiling while he A Brand New World Oct 2012 #22
I saw that - he was smiling and half chuckling nadine_mn Oct 2012 #23
"Ten thousand dollars? wanna bet ten thousand dollars?" Is that a ten thousand dollar rustydog Oct 2012 #24
That man is deeply mentally disturbed. Tennessee Gal Oct 2012 #25
Any media tracking the truck to see where it really goes? krawhitham Oct 2012 #26
EWWWWW!! Is he drooling????? sirbarksalot Oct 2012 #27
If nothing else ends his freakshow campaign, I hope the last pic does ecstatic Oct 2012 #28
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