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28. Ideally the monument of such an extraordinary man should have been made in America.
Sat Jan 14, 2012, 03:24 AM
Jan 2012

An African-American artist should have been chosen. At the very least they should have chosen an artist who was not only talented but had progressive values at heart so as to convey Dr. King's message of tolerance.

The thought that it was outsourced to China, a country which is known for its racism against minorities, and where it was probably built with slave labor is appalling.

GAH!!!!! Who made that decision? grasswire Jan 2012 #1
New MLK Monument: Did we keep the receipt? limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #2
REally??!! They couldn't find an american sculptor here in thew US?? Ecumenist Jan 2012 #3
I vaguely remember an article addressing the question Quantess Jan 2012 #21
I thought he looked like Mao's baby brother. Now I know why! MADem Jan 2012 #4
He is posturing like a Chinese general in the statue. Quantess Jan 2012 #22
+1 nt MADem Jan 2012 #26
If he could comment... Fridays Child Jan 2012 #5
I think cyglet Jan 2012 #12
"Doesn't look a damn thing like me" maybe? nt MADem Jan 2012 #27
I guess it was one of those jobs americans didn't want to do Confusious Jan 2012 #6
It's horrible. JDPriestly Jan 2012 #7
Who was in charge of this mess? Doremus Jan 2012 #8
They should be arrested for fraud. aquart Jan 2012 #10
That horrible statue WAS NOT MADE BY AN AMERICAN? Or in America? aquart Jan 2012 #9
Whenever ANY new monument has been erected, Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #11
It's a good statue. It reflects MLK's true militancy. David__77 Jan 2012 #13
don't you mean Mao's true militancy? provis99 Jan 2012 #14
No, I do not. David__77 Jan 2012 #17
I searched for pictures of MLK with his arms folded like that and could not find one csziggy Jan 2012 #15
I actually like that one. David__77 Jan 2012 #18
Here is the photograph that inspired the monument... countryjake Jan 2012 #19
They got it exactly, including the intensity. Good job Chinese sculptors. joshcryer Jan 2012 #23
I posted the "inspiration pic" elsewhere in this thread MADem Jan 2012 #25
"Feint hearted" suggests deception. I think you were going for "faint hearted." MADem Jan 2012 #24
So much face palm jsmirman Jan 2012 #16
I was outraged about this back when they commissioned the artist. Quantess Jan 2012 #20
Ideally the monument of such an extraordinary man should have been made in America. TigerToMany Jan 2012 #28
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