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Martin Eden

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28. That was foremost among the multiple occasions I had in mind
Sat May 28, 2022, 07:48 AM
May 2022

Perhaps it didn't work because that creature has no soul.

omg... he did that stupid dance? Demovictory9 May 2022 #1
I watched CBS Saturday Morning earlier, they showed Trump reading the names, with the bell, BUT dem4decades May 2022 #16
Why do they always protect him? Boomerproud May 2022 #18
Don't want to offend anyone that likes that piece of shit, it's always about audience size -money. dem4decades May 2022 #26
CBSABCNBC...they control the vertical and horizontal...root of all the problems still remaining. Alexander Of Assyria May 2022 #25
Like they say, it's a mental health problem Walleye May 2022 #2
+1. Emile May 2022 #10
Proof positive. kentuck May 2022 #39
A real President: mobeau69 May 2022 #3
And of course the real president spoke those lovely words at a community memorial service Tanuki May 2022 #20
A real major news network would cover the fake crocodile tears with the derision it deserves. Alexander Of Assyria May 2022 #27
I didn't see it nor will I ever watch shithole . .. . Lovie777 May 2022 #4
Webster defines sprinkleeninow May 2022 #5
Depraved Kid Berwyn May 2022 #6
WTF? Why are they Smiling? cayugafalls May 2022 #7
A photo op. Kid Berwyn May 2022 #17
That sprinkleeninow May 2022 #34
He did a little jig at the NRA... Kid Berwyn May 2022 #35
Just when one thinks/assumes the realm of revulsion has been depleted, sprinkleeninow May 2022 #37
I can't watch the performance. And that's what it is. He would only give 2 shits about gun Vinca May 2022 #8
If the God of the Bible actually exists Martin Eden May 2022 #9
+1 2naSalit May 2022 #11
God tried... FailureToCommunicate May 2022 #14
That was foremost among the multiple occasions I had in mind Martin Eden May 2022 #28
Dementia Donnie doesn't have one redeeming value. n/t area51 May 2022 #12
Did anybody throw fruit. The Jungle 1 May 2022 #13
Dancing on their graves is more like it Captain Zero May 2022 #15
The Devil dances on the graves of children...here he is. Alexander Of Assyria May 2022 #30
The two short videos at the link are truly horrible. The despicable POS literally oozes evil. sop May 2022 #19
Sick...sick and twisted Docreed2003 May 2022 #21
It was just another rally to him. GoCubsGo May 2022 #22
Worse fucking human on earth. Hands down. spanone May 2022 #23
Him, putler, and kimmie. niyad May 2022 #24
Keep those kid's names out your fucking mouth TalenaGor May 2022 #29
Why in GODS name did he read the deceased names killed by a Military weapon at a GUN Convention? Smackdown2019 May 2022 #31
I wasn't aware he had a "signature move".... SergeStorms May 2022 #32
What was the Nra crowd reaction? Still all for trump? empedocles May 2022 #33
Cruelty is the point maxrandb May 2022 #36
TY. That crowd would know what the child bodies looked like during the carnage. empedocles May 2022 #38
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