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Kid Berwyn

(15,609 posts)
Wed Jun 1, 2022, 08:41 AM Jun 2022

Where would you like to live, Canada or USA? [View all]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze handgun sales in order to prevent his nation from becoming an armed madhouse.

While I won’t abandon or betray my country, the United States, I would rather have it also become a handgun (and, hopefully, assault weapon) free zone.

52 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
35 (67%)
10 (19%)
7 (13%)
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A lot of relatives on my fathers side came from Canada, many still there. katmondoo Jun 2022 #1
After the Revolution, my ancestors took two roads. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #27
I love Canada Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #2
Absolutely great people and nation. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #28
I love Detroit too Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #29
I grew up in the Detroit area. shrike3 Jun 2022 #63
Another Detroit here bif Jun 2022 #71
Yeah, and Windsor isn't as friendly as the rest of Ontario towards Americans Johnny2X2X Jun 2022 #73
Canada does not welcome everyone to make a permanent move there. sinkingfeeling Jun 2022 #3
Most countries don't... brooklynite Jun 2022 #7
The wealthy are welcome. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #30
1986? That type visa is severely limited now Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #32
I'm just going by what I remember and can source... Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #42
Yes, the Vancouver area has a huge population of Hong Kong and mainland China immigrants Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #45
I taught in Hong Kong Dorian Gray Jun 2022 #77
They are more welcoming of immigrants than the US Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #31
Besides work requirements age is a big one too. PortTack Jun 2022 #37
Oh, definitely. shrike3 Jun 2022 #61
My Canadian relatives all live in the US. I lean towards vote for better leaders here. NOW!!!!! IA8IT Jun 2022 #4
Excellent suggestion. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #39
If the stars align 48656c6c6f20 Jun 2022 #5
Workcation Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #54
Hear good things about Argentina. shrike3 Jun 2022 #64
New Zealand A HERETIC I AM Jun 2022 #6
Unless you have a specific professional skill they need, they don't want you... brooklynite Jun 2022 #9
I once again looked into moving there shortly after Trumpy was elected. A HERETIC I AM Jun 2022 #16
Next time with more condescension, please. BannonsLiver Jun 2022 #49
Facts are condescending? brooklynite Jun 2022 #50
No, not the "facts" BannonsLiver Jun 2022 #52
NZ is nice if you can afford it..If you don't have a skill they need you need a bucket load of cash mitch96 Jun 2022 #19
.... A HERETIC I AM Jun 2022 #20
Yup, we are in the same boat...nt mitch96 Jun 2022 #24
I feel tempted to go to Canada because I am a nurse and I can . But, I'm also a bit older and mucifer Jun 2022 #8
The National Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #67
I'm happy where I am, this is home Amishman Jun 2022 #10
Ben Franklin's adopted state. Kid Berwyn Jun 2022 #68
I almost went to Canada in the 80s. luvs2sing Jun 2022 #11
Oakland wryter2000 Jun 2022 #12
France or Spain CurtEastPoint Jun 2022 #13
When are we going house hunting? mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #22
I swear I look at houses 2-3x/week! CurtEastPoint Jun 2022 #55
I've given up the idea. mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #59
that a huge consideration! CurtEastPoint Jun 2022 #60
It's not betrayal if you choose to leave the country luv2fly Jun 2022 #14
I like where I live in Eastern North Carolina. asa4ever Jun 2022 #15
I just drove Hwy 701 from Clinton to Hwy 17 to Charleston mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #21
British Columbia is like a second home, I still have friends there - haele Jun 2022 #17
Someplace warm, not hot with no flooding, no high winds... Near rural settings and some mitch96 Jun 2022 #18
Aix-en-Provence Celerity Jun 2022 #38
Ok, you have twisted my arm...😁..I'll go, I'll go.. I had friends who lived there many moons ago mitch96 Jun 2022 #41
DU'er Gone Off Shore and wife mnhtnbb Jun 2022 #57
Tnx, I'll check it out..nt mitch96 Jun 2022 #58
"I won't abandon my country" Bucky Jun 2022 #23
Exactly. Do people who come to the US "betray" their home countries? Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #33
Where would I like to live... sarisataka Jun 2022 #25
Canada is too cold! The Great White North? No way, give me the beach, lol Shanti Shanti Shanti Jun 2022 #26
Vancouver Island has beautiful beaches and the mildest weather in Canada Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #34
My sister lives in Bellingham WA, rain, rain, cold, rain, cold, I live in FL, 10 min from the beach Shanti Shanti Shanti Jun 2022 #40
Bellingham has 85 degree water? I don't think so Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #43
Wha? I said we have 85 degree water here in FL. Beaches are beautiful, been here 20 years Shanti Shanti Shanti Jun 2022 #51
Yeah, but...it's Florida. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #65
Mild weather sucks Polybius Jun 2022 #70
You might find that kind of weather in BC's interior, away from the coast. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jun 2022 #75
At least in Canada you'd get healthcare as a basic human right. n/t area51 Jun 2022 #35
I'm all good with where we are at (Sweden, & we can always go back to London, or anywhere in the EU) Celerity Jun 2022 #36
California seems nice. Good thing I'm already here. Hekate Jun 2022 #44
I'm too old, too poor, and too cranky to pick up and start again. Midnight Writer Jun 2022 #46
The weather is miserable in Canada. former9thward Jun 2022 #47
Some like it hot Polybius Jun 2022 #48
Newfoundland. sarcasmo Jun 2022 #53
In the last couple of years, I have really started to not feel safe in this country. Initech Jun 2022 #56
Climate change will be a world wide catastrophe. There's no place to run to. Kaleva Jun 2022 #62
I chose Canada because I'm so pissed at this country right now. Elessar Zappa Jun 2022 #66
I'm staying in California n/t PasadenaTrudy Jun 2022 #69
I lived in Spain for 17 years. I wouldn't mind going back at some point. SKKY Jun 2022 #72
Canada, and it's not even close. Xavier Breath Jun 2022 #74
I live in Northeastern New York, a lot closer to Canada than New York City Rhiannon12866 Jun 2022 #76
Canada, hands down, if they'd take me (which they won't) Silent3 Jun 2022 #78
USA 🇺🇲 most definitely Raine Jun 2022 #79
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