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18. Cipollone was not
Tue Jul 12, 2022, 05:57 PM
Jul 2022

Dump's personal lawyer. He was the WH lawyer and it's a good thing he didn't resign before January 6 and was there to at least try to talk some sense into the out-of-control pResident and stop a complete disaster.

Fuck them all. [View all] kpete Jul 2022 OP
They believed they could get away with it. grumpyduck Jul 2022 #1
+1 2naSalit Jul 2022 #2
Why WOULDN'T they believe that? evolves Jul 2022 #4
ReThugs are great at grabbing the narrative, though robbob Jul 2022 #43
Amen! evolves Jul 2022 #41
+1 dalton99a Jul 2022 #5
This is the truth. onecaliberal Jul 2022 #10
And they are gearing up for the next coup. They think we are weak. Missn-Hitch Jul 2022 #49
I agree entirely....Thank you, Rude One. spanone Jul 2022 #3
Because they thought they needed to control him underpants Jul 2022 #6
They thought they could reason with him. Poor judgement. I am glad they are testifying emulatorloo Jul 2022 #8
He was the epicenter of power. I should have asked "Why were they there in the first place?" underpants Jul 2022 #13
Cipollone and his team "believed" in overturing the election? They fought Flynn, Eastman, Powell, emulatorloo Jul 2022 #7
They continued to aid and abet the attempted coup Voltaire2 Jul 2022 #12
Please cite specifically how they 'aided' and 'abetted' the coup when they all pushed back hard on emulatorloo Jul 2022 #14
If we fail to claudette Jul 2022 #22
Any one of these that were 'pushing back'....... MyOwnPeace Jul 2022 #42
Agreed! A decent person would have come forward as soon as they heard - before it happened. Cassidy Jul 2022 #44
Exactly! MyOwnPeace Jul 2022 #46
Not all of them claudette Jul 2022 #19
Yep. They aren't heroes, they are only trying to cover their own asses. relayerbob Jul 2022 #9
Yup. Every last one of them would have eagerly served Voltaire2 Jul 2022 #11
They had to believe that Trump might actually pull of a successful coup. Chainfire Jul 2022 #15
Q level conspiracy you got going on there. "They secretly wanted the coup, so that's why they emulatorloo Jul 2022 #16
I don't know where that came from. Chainfire Jul 2022 #20
It came from your lack of logic and baseless speculation . Additionally you are letting Flynn et al emulatorloo Jul 2022 #23
I agree that one of us has an issue with logic. Chainfire Jul 2022 #24
Where are your citations and facts to back up your outlandish theory? You dont have any. emulatorloo Jul 2022 #25
3/4 of everything on this forum is speculation, not fact; Open discussion among adults, the free Chainfire Jul 2022 #26
Happily DU is predominantly fact based. See "Trump 'watched for several hours as the White House" emulatorloo Jul 2022 #31
The best witnesses in a major criminal case are seldom good guys Maeve Jul 2022 #17
Well said. emulatorloo Jul 2022 #21
Cipollone was not claudette Jul 2022 #18
welcome! Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #29
Thank you!! claudette Jul 2022 #39
Totally agree. They would have been totally fine with dicktator Drumpf. Cowards and traitors all. nt Evolve Dammit Jul 2022 #28
When it's all said and done, I don't see how either Cheney or Kinzinger can stand to stay Republican ancianita Jul 2022 #30
Well, Cheney's politics are still odious. No doubt. She's a chip off the old Dick Cheney block. PatrickforB Jul 2022 #33
Indeed, but whatever the motives, we are learning the PatrickforB Jul 2022 #32
Ban them from government service... ultralite001 Jul 2022 #34
I think ShepKat Jul 2022 #35
Fuck them all but nine... Wounded Bear Jul 2022 #36
Don't forget the road guards yes! Baked Potato Jul 2022 #38
Full fucking agree! Baked Potato Jul 2022 #37
These deathbed conversions are BS. BlueIdaho Jul 2022 #45
agree YoshidaYui Jul 2022 #47
Most who would resign refused to join in the first place. Hortensis Jul 2022 #48
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